Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 27th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru gets off Mukhi’s bed. She says she was about to narrate him the events of whole days. She then asks him about the old factory. Mukhi says it has been shut since ages. Aru says there is story about ghosts, Mukhi says there is. Aru tells him about the mark on factory worker’s hands. Mukhi says it must be of something else. Aru says they must find out why it happens near factory only.
The next morning, Arjun hits Aru in the hall while she was looking for signals. Arjun says Rami invited him here. Rami had also come there. Aru discuss with Arjun about the pregnant ladies. Rami scolds Aru saying such matters are not to be discussed with brother in laws, she takes Arjun inside to speak to her. Arjun wonders if Aru remembers every single person she ever gets to see.
Aru forces Mukhi to sit on the couch saying he won’t go anywhere. Mukhi says his backbone would get stiff at home. Rami comes there and says he can walk on the floor. Aru suggests about going for a ride on his bike, Dulari. Rami thinks this is the right way to keep Aru away from work. She insists on Mukhi to go with Aru.
Outside near the bike, Aru tells Mukhi she will drive the bike. Mukhi says both will get hurt including Aru. Aru says it can never happen when Mukhi is around. They get on the bike, Dulari starts with a jerk. Aru tells him to hold it tight else he might fell down. Mukhi holds the stand behind, Aru tells him to keep his hands over her shoulders. Aru drives across the village, people call on Aru to drive carefully. Both smile looking at each other in the back view mirror.
Rami comes to the factory and walks upstairs. She walks into a store room with bottles around. Arjun was flirting with a girl. Rami tells him to stay in limits, she was with him in his business but won’t ignore any of his acts. Arjun jokes that Aru has known about everything. Rami clutches his collar. Arjun laughs and shows her the way this all can be transported. Rami tells Arjun its better this work continues this way. Arjun hurries the workers as the truck is about to leave soon. Rami says she sent Aru outside.
Aru and Mukhi ji stops at a stall. Mukhi pours the tea on a saucer. Aru asks if he will have tea outside on a saucer as well. Mukhi says a few things suit each other, like rice with karhi, pakoras in rain; similarly this particular sound with tea. He signals Aru to try it. Aru says she is fine then tries Mukhi’s habit. Mukhi asks her to make a noise as well. Both enjoys together. Aru looks towards Mukhi for a while, then hurries as she has to go for work as well.
In the factory, Aru watches the path of old factory. Talks of people echo in her mind, she thinks about going to see what’s there inside. Someone places a hand over her shoulder, it was a lady who forbids her do this mistake of going inside. She brings her outside. Aru asks about Arjun, the lady points towards a pathway at the back. Aru walks towards the backside. Inside, ladies were stuffing their bellies with bottles of liquor. Arjun told them to wait until truck arrives and load the material. Aru had walked outside. A man inside goes to open the door. A lady had come behind Aru and discuss a problem with Aru.
Inside, Rami goes to Aru and asks when she came here. Rami takes Aru aside to speak to her, she asks why Aru left Mukhi at home. Aru assures he won’t go anywhere. Arjun had opened the door of the hall. Aru suspects something wrong behind her as Arjun assists the people inside to go out. Rami apologizes Aru for being strict to her. Aru notices she is speaking to her with love. Arjun signals inside that the way is clear. One last lady was running across the corridor and hits a box in the way. Aru watches her run and thinks what is going on here.

PRECAP: Rami was curt as she watches Mukhi and Aru enjoying candle light dinner together.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nice to watch natural acting by mukhi and aru

  2. Beautiful Episode

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