Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

On the way, Mishri tells Aru that her family is really happy to hear about Mukhi’s wedding. She tells Aru to get ready. Aru demands Mishri to arrange for a bath first. Mishri takes her inside saying only this house has a hand pump. Aru was shocked to see the huge house, Mishri boasts it’s the biggest house in 20 nearby villages, the house of her brother.
Jamuna was determined not to let the Grahpravesh take place that may change the fate of Mukhi’s life and be his shield.
Aru was about the enter the house, she hits a can full of rice and jumps over Rangoli, her foot was colored read. She removes the color with her hand, the marks were left over the door.
Jamuna was not ready to take rest until the girl leaves without marrying Mukhi.
Aru spots a hand pump and moves towards her. Her foot marks left behind.
Kaka asks Jamuna what she is about to do. Jamuna says something is going on in her mind, she would share if she needs help.
Aru was washing herself, she hears Mukhi coming with Mastana angry how he could lose his child. Aru was shocked to hear this and was upset about her sister’s proposal with him. She comes to Mukhi and warns to file a case against him. Mukhi looks towards her and asks about her condition. Aru calls him a betrayer. Mukhi was worried about his child. Aru gets the word child, and calls him married already. Mukhi says it’s about his child, Chammo. Aru asks why he is remarrying then. Mukhi says he didn’t marry, he clarifies he is speaking about Chammo – the innocent goat. Aru remembers the goat and shutting it in a hut. She breaks into laughter, she tells Mukhi that Chammo isn’t really small, isn’t innocent. Mukhi comes to Aru and asks where Chammo is. Aru asks him to push the hand pump as she washes herself. Mukhi repeatedly asks her who kidnapped Chammo. Aru smiles she did it. She spots Mishri. Mishri was delighted about Aru’s mood change, Aru could foresee good times here. Mukhi goes to drop Aru to Panchait Guest House.
Jamuna agrees to Baba about her wrong doings, she did what not to turn her God-like brother to devil in people’s eyes. He snatched everything from her. She wanted to undo his decision being a Mukhyani. Baba asks how she would do this, Mukhi’s shield is also about here. Jamuna asks him for a remedy. Baba says the girl’s name starts with ‘H’. Jamuna says it’s Aru. Baba asks for her birth chart.
On the way, Mukhi tries to convince Aru that it’s a child. Aru says it makes one fearful. She tells Mukhi that Chammo is somewhere around. Mukhi looks around for Chammo. A lady comes to take Mukhi’s blessings for her child. Mukhi blesses the child and again asks Aru about Chammo. Aru points towards a shop, Mukhi looks around for Chammo again. Aru laughs towards him. The men there gather looking for Chammo. Mukhi assures he would find Chammo and disperse them all for their work. Aru was impressed. Mukhi says Chammo is a child, he has to sing a lullaby to Chammo. Aru makes fun of Mukhi and watches the guest house. She assures Mukhi he would find out about Chammo in the right time. Mukhi was curt. Aru says she may stay here forever to tease him, but he isn’t as lucky.
Jamuna comes to Sanvi. Sanvi says Uma told her about the guests, she was preparing welcome thaal. Jamuna taunts Sanvi that Mukhi confronted his village for his childhood friend. Mukhi comes from behind and asks if Jamuna got to know about the news, Jamuna smiles saying she could get to know about it from anyone. Sanvi comes to thank Mukhi but he interrupts. Later, Jamuna welcomes Aru and family inside. She introduces Krishan, her son and Kailash, her husband. Dharmi photographs the house eager to make Anshu jealous.
Aru’s family was served well. Jamuna announces it’s a huge event, she invited her Swami ji for the wedding. Swami ji arrives then and there. Everyone stands to welcome her.

PRECAP: Swami announces that Mukhi’s life is in danger because of this marriage. Jamuna cries in front of Mukhi, requesting him not to do this marriage.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Shalini Senthil

    Awesome episode loved mukhi and aru cute nok jok…

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