Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aru comes calling her family and curses herself for forgetting the phone to Dharmi. She wonders who would take her to Mukhi.
In the car, Arjun reminds his companion not to be caught anyway. They come across Aru in the middle of the way and recalls meeting her in Dharamshala. He comes to her and reminds her about meeting in Ahmedabad Dharamshala. Aru remembers him and asks for his help. Aru says she came here for a matchmaking. He offers Aru to get in his car, he would take her there. Aru asks if in the jeep? Arjun assures it works well. Aru was reluctant to go with him and says she has spotted the right tree, she now remembers the way and leaves calling him cheap. Arjun whispers something in his companion’s ear. He comes towards Aru on cycle, Aru asks him about Panchait Guest House. He tells her about the wrong way. Aru reaches a house, Arjun had been waiting there. Arjun asks if she couldn’t find the right way and tells her to come along. Aru says she needs to find her parents first. She tries to avoid Arjun who doesn’t let her go and wonders who is marrying his sister. He gets a call from Uma. Aru turns to leave but Arjun holds her hand. Aru jerks his hand away and clearly tells him that she doesn’t want to come with him.
Jamuna was upset about Mukhi’s wedding. She recalls the man in jail, thinking if Mukhi is going to marry after running his real sister’s life. She recalls Mukhi announced in Panchait about his decision. Jamuna asked Mukhi if he wasn’t hurt at heart while announcing such a strict decision for his sister. She argued that none can be humane after having forgotten his relations. She curtly walks back.
Aru was upset about having lost. She step up the cow dung, then finds a grass nearby to clean her shoes. She spots some dry fruits nearby then feels it was goat’s feed. The goat runs towards Aru who tries to run, breaks the water pots and fell over cow dung again. The goat keeps on chasing her all across. She plans to shut the goat inside a hut. Outside, she asks some children about Mukhi’s place. The kids laugh at her. She goes to some more children who point towards the milk in a pot. She feels they were hungry and brings milk for them as Prasad. She spots a water hose and turns the tap on to wash herself. Jamuna reaches the temple then and was bathed by Aru as she couldn’t control the force of hose. The children there enjoy the scenario. Jamuna fumes and asks Aru who is she and what has she been doing in temple in such a condition, she was further shocked to see the children drink God’s milk. Aru comes to save them saying children are like Gods, what if they drink the milk. Jamuna scolds her to shut up and asks if her parents didn’t teach her to behave. Aru tells her not to go to her parents, else she would surely misbehave. She says Mukhi ji brought them there. Jamuna wonders if Mukhi is going to marry this girl. Aru goes cursing everything about this village. Mishri comes to Aru, Aru complains about her parents. Mishri watches Jamuna and introduces her to Aru. Jamuna asks if she came from city, and mocks her condition. Mishri says she is their eldest sister. Aru was shocked to hear. Jamuna wipes the water over herself and tells Mishri to take her home and make her bathe. She tells Aru to bring her parents’ home as well. Mishri takes Aru back home. Kaka comes to temple and complains Jamuna about Mukhi. He wonders when she would become the Mukhyani. Jamuna says she would soon be the Mukhyani, only then she would be able to do what she wants. Kaka was curt that Mukhi removed him from seat and has held the seat for past two decades. Jamuna tells Kaka that Mukhi is getting married. Kaka reminds her about her determination not to let anyone marry Mukhi. Jamuna says the girl has only arrived, but she won’t let this marriage take place.

PRECAP: Aru ruins everything around the house. The red color pot breaks outside the door, and as she steps in the foot prints are marked over the door and the stairs.

Update Credit to: Sona

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