Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 22nd June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the bathroom, Aru screams as she gets an electric shock. Rami goes away from the window while Mukhi hears the voice and hurries towards the washroom. Aru lay on the floor. Mukhi breaks the door was washroom after much difficulty. Mukhi brings the bed sheet to cover her body and carries her outside over his shoulder. He says he warned her already about the current. Aru takes a turn to place her arm around his shoulder. Mukhi was moved by the intimacy they shared. He finally straightens Aru up, cover her over with the bed sheet and goes towards his bed.
The next morning, Aru wakes up in bed. She notices herself naked and recalls getting the electric shock in washroom last night. She was moved to see Mukhi sleeping on the couch and wonders if Mukhi brought her out, she feels ashamed for Mukhi watching her in such condition and goes towards washroom. Aru comes out of the bathroom wondering if Mukhi brought her out of washroom or someone helped him, she decides not to confront Mukhi.
Mukhi wakes up and finds Aru was not in bed, she wonders if she again got a shock and goes towards the washroom. There inside, he looks intently towards the switch that was powered off, he wonders how Aru got the shock then. Rami comes to the room calling Aru, Mukhi calls from inside that she isn’t here. Rami wonders what he is doing in the washroom and spots the wire from window still hanging. She takes a chance to roll the wire and hide it under her dress. Mukhi tells Rami Aru got an electric shock from this switch, though the switch is turned off. Rami gets worried about Aru and says it’s the condition of electricity in the village. Mukhi says Aru has been going on any incidence since she came into the house. Rami says this is because Aru is always in a hurry. Mukhi wonders if there is some connection between the accidents with Aru and the green eyed man, if its Lal ji.
Mastana comes to the room and gives Mukhi his medicine saying Aru gave this for him before leaving for factory. Mastana notices the blood on his bruise and calls the doctor. Doctor says he forbid him to pull of any luggage. Mukhi smiles saying yes it was heavy.
At the factory, Aru couldn’t concentrate with her work. She was upset and thinks it would be difficult for her to spend a few days here now, what has she done. The ladies in the factory teases Aru why she feels shy, if she was thinking about some incident from night. Aru doesn’t get the taunt, she says she got faint. The ladies feel shy already. Aru dismiss the topic and tells them to get to work.
Rami was in the hut with Lal ji. She was worried that soon everyone here would discover she helped him here. Mukhi would break every relation with her then and kill him. Lal ji shows Rami the bomb he had tied to his body. Rami was worried but Lal ji says they have to fight the fear to realize how big it is. He tells Rami he would come to her home tonight and take the first bite with her hand in the kitchen.
In the evening, Mukhi was sitting in the bed with Aru’s diary. He calls Mastana and asks about Aru, if she got the lunch box and is fine. Mastana takes the leave. Mukhi watches the clock which struck 6.15. Later, it was around 8. Aru bids farewell to all the workers and thinks she would only leave after Mukhi has slept. She turns around to find the pregnant ladies who stare at her. Arjun comes there and asks Aru why is she here till late. Aru asks why these ladies are here till so late, Arjun also scolds the ladies, takes their bags and sends them. He tells Aru to go home and asks why she puts his job at stake by staying here till so late. He forces her to leave with her bag and scolds the driver for letting Aru here for late.
Later, Arjun calls the workers to finish their work till 4 am.
Aru comes home and hides herself behind a wall. Rami comes from behind her and asks why she has been spying. She calls her inside and asks about her day at work. She notices Aru was still there and tells her to go to her room, Mukhi must be worried. Aru was lost. Rami thinks as soon as Mukhi gets well she will push her out of the house.

PRECAP: Aru comes following Lal ji outside the house. Lal ji blows the bomb and there is a blast around the tree.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. wicked Rami i hate her, nice episode aru is shy that was so cute to go infront of mukhi.

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