Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharmi confesses to have written the note from Aru’s side. Mishri was fuming over Dharmi. Dharmi apologizes but Mishri takes Mukhi away. Mukhi says her anger is alright, but even Dharmista isn’t wrong. She was wrong but has accepted her mistake in front of everyone. He tells her to forgive her and leave. Aru clarifies to Dharmi that Mukhi is her client, she won’t let anyone hurt him. Dharmi tells them that Mukhi saved her life from suicide, she spoke to him and she met a man who really valued women and didn’t judge them anyway. She saw Mukhi carrying Papa to hospital in his arms, he took care of Papa just as a son would do. Why wouldn’t one like such a man?
Aru walks to roof. She tells Mukhi she told him she won’t let him leave without his aim fulfilled. Mukhi hands her some money. Aru says she would take the money but she wants to show him a single girl. She hands him a file with Dharmi’s photo in it. Mukhi says he has already denied this proposal. Aru says Mishri told her already and the reason as well, if she ever shared any of her problem with him. She didn’t even try to give her sister’s proposal to him because she wasn’t sure if she was the right girl for her client. She was afraid if Dharmi would ever be able to move on, but today Dharmi assured she is ready to move on in her life. Today, she is sure that nothing can be a better proposal for her client. She takes the guarantee of Dharmi, who would be the best wife. Mishri tells Mukhi that she and Aru wants to get another chance to Dharmi. Aru says only Mukhi has to take the decision, she can’t force him to marry and won’t ever do.
Mukhi tells Aru he came here because of Mishri and met Aru because of Slowly, she earned respect in his eyes and he decided he would only marry someone which makes Mishri happy while brings an approval on face of Aru. Mishri cheers that Mukhi is ready for the marriage. Mukhi conditions that this wedding would only take place in his village.
Aru’s family was driven by Mukhi to the village. Dharmi thinks she got a chance to prove herself in front of Anshu now. Aru thinks she must not forget to apply for job, she has to return in a while to city; what would she do without a job. Mummy asks Mukhi to tell something about his village. Mukhi boasts about his village and people. They watch a mob chasing a girl coming towards them. Mukhi races his jeep towards them. The lady runs towards the jeep. Mukhi jumps outside and roars at the crowd to stop them. Mukhi says this was a good welcome and shouts at them to move on, he wants to see the extent of rage in their minds. A man moves towards Mukhi and tells him everyone was ready to welcome him to village since yesterday. Mukhi asks what she did. Aru asks who this girl is. Aru says this is Mukhi’s childhood friend Sanvi and comes to her. Mukhi speaks to the villagers that whatever they all are doing is wrong. A villager accuses her to be a sinner, she is widow and pregnant. Mukhi looks towards Sanvi. The man wonders whose child is she bearing, she has no right to live. Mukhi shuts the mob up again and announces they aren’t the ones to decide who should live and who shouldn’t. Can’t they see this is Sanvi, a daughter of their village? He reminds each of them about the share of Sanvi in their lives, they know her since childhood. Kaka comes there and says he thinks Sanvi has no right to live. He confronts Mukhi.

PRECAP: Mukhi announces if someone raises a hand over Sanvi, it would be like raising a hand over his character. At home, Mishri cheerfully informs everyone about an impossible development. Jamuna knew earlier that Mukhi is going to get married.

Update Credit to: Sona

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