Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The boss shouts at Aru for being a betrayer. He tells Aru that the hard drive had a serial number and was sold to a competitor company for only 75 thousand. Aru was shocked to hear how Gautam betrayed her. The office employee tells Mukhi this is how Aru lost her job, he happily tells Mukhi that Aru has fallen down and has lost her dreams. Mukhi assures him that Aru will fly really high one day. Instead he mocks the employee being a clock bird who only makes noise in a while but is of no use.
At home Kaki receives a phone call but no one replies. She hears the other side and tells him to send the letter to her home. She turns around to see Lakshman coming, he was happy that Aru and family is shifting here. There, Papa and Savitri were packing. Dharmi writes Mishri a note from Aru’s side, suggesting her Dharmi’s proposal saying she was unable to speak about it face to face. Dharmi keeps the note in the magazine thinking she will handle Aru later.
There, Mukhi drives across the city to look for Aru. He finds Aru walking towards a grill near the cliff. He was shocked as Aru climbs up and runs towards her. He holds her back from her back, both fell on the floor; Aru shocked to see him. Mukhi shouts at her if she doesn’t care about her family, her parents and everyone; he asks if she would suicide. Aru tells Mukhi she came here in search of signals and looks for her phone. Mukhi wonders what kind of a girl is she. Aru shows him the cracked screen of her phone. It was Mishri’s call and was worried who would find a girl for him. Aru tells Mishri someone would come to their place from Dulha Dharmi comes with the magazine from behind.
Mukhi tells Aru he heard about her job loss so thought she would suicide. Aru was hopeful she would get another job, it’s the path that has been blocked not the destiny. She would surely find another path soon and goes to pick her bag fallen nearby. Mukhi was moved. Aru was determined to reach her destination, she would fell tired until she gets it. She is upset for being accused falsely, but she has no time to stay upset.
Dharmi gives the magazine to Mishri as Aru has given it. Kaka and Kaki come to take them. Kaka shows them a letter complaining they had hidden the news from him. Papa was unaware about it, Kaka complains they didn’t even share about the flat with them. He was hurt they didn’t share it with him. Papa tries to explain but Kaka tells them to carry their luggage upstairs, they must stay away when there is no trust between them.
On the way, Aru thinks she can’t bring any more trouble to her family. Papa tells Dharmi he is fine and forbids Dharmi to tell Aru about Lakshman. He doesn’t want to increase Aru’s tension. Aru turns around to see Mukhi staring at her and asks if she would stop somewhere. Aru tells Mukhi to leave for Dharamshala, she has some work to do. Mukhi tells Aru he is appointing her for a new job, she will find a proposal for him only. He will remain her client. Aru cheers. Mukhi says her new company didn’t get a name but a client. Aru thanks Mukhi for his trust, she accepts his offer at once and clarifies here, the work would be done differently. She goes to some ladies and introduces Mukhi to some women and tells them to find a proposal. In the bus, a lady was selling henna designs; Aru introduces Mukhi to the lady and asks for a proposal. The men there mock her. On the way, Mukhi was curt for the decision of being her client. Aru cheerfully says she is determined not to let him leave without getting married.
At night, Aru returns to Dharamshala and prays she can hide the news of job from her parents. She watches Mummy Papa standing upstairs. Papa says he would share with Aru in a few days. Aru comes upstairs and asks if kaka didn’t come. Papa says he would come in a day or two. Papa asks about Mukhi’s proposal.
In the room, Mishri shares Aru’s family problem with Mukhi. Mukhi was worried that Aru’s family has no place to live now.
Aru speaks to the cook in Dharamshala. She gets a call about two girls for Mukhi and leaves to meet them. Dharmi watches Mukhi and Mishri going upstairs towards their room and cheers.

PRECAP: Jamuna was warned by the astrologer that another protection for Mukhi is ready in the world.

Update Credit to: Sona

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