Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Rami attempts to kill Mukhi ji

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 17th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji tells Aru that Mishri is like a daughter, Rami must also have loved her like a daughter. Aru asks Mukhi ji to think where Rami would go at such an age. Mukhi ji goes to bring her back.
Mishri comes to the village in jeep. She stays at the temple and goes to pray for Mukhi’s life.
Mukhi and Rami stood face to face, Rami apologizes him for her hatred. She could only see badly in him, he must give her a chance to improve her mistakes. Mukhi says a sister is one’s pride, turban of one’s head. He never concentrated over her, he asks her to come home. Rami says she would only go when she has tied a Rakhi to him.
In the temple, Mishri prays for longer life of Mukhi ji. He gets a call from Aru who informs him about wearing his jhumkas. Rami brings out a stabber decorated in the plate under the cover, she drops the platter and attacks Mukhi ji with it. Aru comes outside for signals and gets a negative vibe on the call. Mishri was worried in the temple as something around was going wrong. Mukhi ji fell down unconscious. Aru wonders why is she so distressed. Mishri tells Mastana to start the car, they need to go home.
Arjun comes to Rami and tells her to attack him again so that he is dead. Rami says he must die after suffering from the pain. Arjun tells her to leave.
At home, Rami returns and asks Aru what happened. She tells Aru Mukhi didn’t come to her, he only called her asking her to return. Aru says she is much tensed. Mishri had reached home and asks Rami what tension? Aru goes to hug Mishri. Mishri asks Aru if everything is right. Both share their sense of distress. Rami says today is Rakhi, nothing will happen to Mukhi today. Rami tells Mishri to go and take rest. Mastana runs inside with the villagers who had come with blood filled dress of Mukhi ji. Mishri asks Mastana if this is some joke. Aru holds the Kurta crying and says he was wearing this same dress. She cries screaming Mukhi ji.
In the room, Aru sat with the dress and cries. Mishri comes to Aru, they discuss there is something wrong and gets to investigate about Mukhi ji, not ready to accept Mukhi ji is dead. Aru wonders where Dharmi is.
Dharmi comes to Rami and asks if she has returned? Rami says Mukhi brought her back, and now Dharmi has no place here. She must pack her bags.
Mishri comes to Aru’s room and finds Mukhi ji’s turban there. She hugs it tightly, then holds a photo on the side table and cries hugging it. Mukhi ji comes at the door and says Mukhi is right, nothing can happen to him today, her brother is here. He opens his arms while Mishri comes to hug him. Aru comes there too. Mishri realizes Mukhi ji was in pain and held his bandaged stomach. She was shocked to know someone attempted to kill him. Mukhi ji says Mishri must thank the one who saved him, Dharmi comes inside. They recall how Dharmi took Aru to a hut where Mukhi ji had been kept. Mishri asks who attacked Mukhi ji? Dharmi says it was Rami.

PRECAP: Aru wears the jhumki and shy. She and Mukhi ji share intimate moments together.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nice episode but hate rami wating for tomorrows episode the precap was awesome ???


    Full of thrill episode… but finally mukhi is fine and aru and mukhi will be one

  3. Sad the show is ending…loved the lead pair Mukhi and Aru…their chemistry was so good though poles apart….All the best to both of them….God bless!!! Will miss them and my fav show YMMKD ???

  4. Still having a glimmer of hope that YMMKD will be extended.

  5. Really disheartening to know that YMMKD is ending loved watching Mukhi Nd Aru their small cute fights filled with love Nd care for each other … badly going to miss them Nd d serial … hope they go part 2 with d same leads ????

  6. So sad this is going to send very soon. Loved YMMKD. Watched all the episodes twice or thrice. Mukhi ji and Aru’s chemistry was amazing loved their cute fights. I hope they will come back with sequel. Waiting to see them back soon

  7. Sad news the episode is going to end. Just loved the cute little fight between aru and mukhi. please rethink about the part 2 with same cast

  8. I want to know,why sony wants to finish the serial. Is it because of trp ratings. No i dont think so. May be another reason. Story line is very nice. Actors are doing their best. We want ymmd. Please continue serial from that savaria utsav episode. We want to forget these three episodes.

  9. Sad to c Rami attacking her own brother. How did Dharmi rescued Mukhiji is a mystery. Would love the programme to continue as it’s the best with Mukhiji n Aru. Ejaiz Khan u r the best actor.

  10. Sukhdev poriya

    Why did this serial end up so fast ??????? we want more of it

  11. Sukhdev poriya

    Pls tell me that the show is continuing pls pls pls pls pllllllsssss
    I would wait at 7 on Monday for YMMKD LOVE THIS SHOW

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