Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update; Mukhi ji extrudes Rami and Arjun

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mukhi ji looked towards Rami in rage, then questions why she did so. Rami was clueless. Mukhi ji says they only have one year of difference, they were brought up as twin. She handled everything after their parent’s death. He thought she was his friend, not a sister; when she turned to an enemy. Rami poses to be clueless. Mukhi holds her hand and asks why he did this to her brother. Rami asks what she did. Mukhi asks who opened the alcohol factory with Arjun, who planned that he never gets married, who arranged that he never connects to his wife. Uma hears this from the door and drops the Prasad plate. Rami says someone has filled his ears. Mukhi ji tells her to stop it now, he has even met her Baba. Rami says its good, it had to. She says Mukhi destroyed her life, he sent her lover to jail. She lost her child only because of him. She then married her to someone who had no backbone, he wanders around him only. He never loved her like a sister and only considers Mishri as a sister. He married her to an uneducated one while Mishri to an educated foreign settled person. She sometimes wanted to kill that Mishri who was an orphan. Mukhi ji shuts Rami up, she doesn’t know… Rami tells him to say he only loves Mishri and he hates her. She says its because she loved his biggest enemy. Mukhi ji agrees and says at that time it was her biggest mistake, now what she has done with Arjun is beyond limits. She tried to spread poisons in his village. He says it would have been better his sister hadn’t married anyone than Arjun. He, as Mukhi of this village dismiss them from the authorities of this house and this village. Rami says if Mishri was at this place, what would he have punished her with. Mukhi was sure Mishri had never done such an act, he tells her to leave this house. He goes to grab Arjun’s collar. Arjun fells into Uma’s feet and pleads to help her. Uma remember all his abuses and says she has seen for last ten years how innocent he is. Had she known about it all she must never have hidden her face bruises with makeup. Mukhi pushes Arjun out of the house. Rami looks towards Uma and Mukhi, then wipes her tears while leaving. Uma cries badly. Mukhi ji goes inside.
There at the office, Sanvi slaps Abhay. He calls what’s this misbehaviors. Sanvi questions what this medicine is, a symbol of a man’s coward. Abhay asks if he must have ruined his name, he doesn’t even know whose sin is this. Sanvi slaps him again and says this child doesn’t belong to him, she frees him from any responsibility. She would never let his shadow over her child. She will forget she ever knew him, slaps the medicine pack of his face and leaves the office.
Mukhi ji thinks about Rami’s words. Aru comes to the room and sits beside him and hugs him. Mukhi ji cries.
Rami was enraged and determined not to spare anyone. Arjun tells Rami he is left with no respect. Rami says she knows Mukhi well, he will only make up and will never tell anyone in the village about them. Arjun says Aru and Uma were also there. Arjun forbids Rami to do what she is thinking of. Rami says she wanted to be the Mukhyani, she will be one. Arjun turns to leave her side, then stays wondering where he would go now. Rami keeps a hand over his head and tells him to do what she asks him for.
Aru asks Mukhi ji if she must ask him something. A brother gifts sisters on Raksha-bandhan. Rami wronged with him, but in families if someone is mistaken, they must be forgiven. Hating someone is like placing coal over one’s chest, it burns one’s chest. Mukhi ji says he doesn’t understand why Rami did so, only because he didn’t let her marry Lal ji. She has such hatred for Mishri, she is unaware that… Aru asks what she doesn’t know about Mishri.

PRECAP: Rami attacks Mukhi ji with a stabber. Aru and Mishri sense something wrong around them.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. How can we get this show to stay on. I live in the U.S. and I want to know how these trp’s work and I want to rate this show.

  2. Beautiful serial. heartbroken that it’s coming to an end.

  3. What?! It’s going to end? So soon??! This was the only serial I liked except krpkab.!



  5. Please keep this show going. Don’t take away the good ones and leave the bad ones for viewing. I hope Sony is paying attention to publics views and feedback and will delay its closing.

  6. Surely as expected mishri is rami ben’s Daughter for sure. For the whole world not to raise questions in his sis he’s raising her Daughter as their Sister.. such a good show.. y they are closing

  7. Wonderful show it going to end? What about dharwi and her husband and her plans..if they end soon it will be positive in the minds of people ..

  8. Show coming to an end…unless they want to show Mukhiji and Aru becoming parents and raising kids….Uma becomes divorcee, Sanvi continue to become spinster, Dharmi forced to become maid, Rami become mentally unstable

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