Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update; Mukhi ji lets Madhur-Kaveri win the game

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhur and Kaveri come to Mukhi ji and Aru. They boast about being lucky to play with Mukhi ji and offer them sweet laddu. Aru was reluctant but Mukhi ji gives the Prasad to her as well. Mastana comes to push their hands and tells Aru to spit it. They had mixed something in it. Aru was irked, she says she knew they were cheating. Mukhi ji says if she needs to teach them a lesson she must win from them.
Sanvi comes to Abhay. Abhay says he talked to a doctor friend for her checkup, it is for his satisfaction. They come for the last game.
Madhur and Kaveri were disturbed to see Aru and Mukhi ji. Aru thinks no one can beat them through cheating. Arjun shows the last game with Mastana. It was about balancing the spouse over a sea saw, then cross a net by climbing it, then collect some bags and reach to break a pot. The game begin. Madhur and Kaveri lose their balance during the see saw, then finally com pass by.
Dharmi assures Rami she will prepare the Halwa for Mukhi and Aru. Dharmi says tonight, Aru will spend the night with her. Rami cheers that she would only witness the game now.
Aru was hurt while climbing over the net. Mukhi ji was worried about her bleeding hand, Aru neglects it. Mukhi ji helps Aru climb over the net. They hurry towards the next step. Mukhi ji goes to get herbal ointment for Aru’s bleeding hand. Arjun says Kaveri and Madhur have succeeded in their game. Aru attempts to gather the bags by herself. Mukhi ji returns to the game. Aru calls him but he only watches Kaveri and Madhur winning. Aru comes to say they don’t have to lose the game and drags him in. Aru has to call Mukhi ji for help again as he watches Madhur and Kaveri struggling. Mukhi ji was lost in his own thoughts and keeps Aru down. Kaveri had successfully broken the pot. Arjun announces them victorious. Aru furiously stares towards Mukhi ji but he leaves. Kaveri apologizes Aru for anything wrong, but they badly needed this money. Aru was annoyed. Madhur hugs their daughter who says Mukhi ji came to help her as she again got an attack. Madhur and Kaveri come to receive their gift prize.
Mukhi ji sat in the room lost in thoughts of the girl. Aru comes in annoyed and says their victory didn’t mean anything to anyone. Mukhi ji silently listens to her complaint. Aru says he couldn’t just hold her up, did she weight so much. Mukhi ji tells her to say whatever she wants to. Aru turns to him and says she had to win, they lost only because they couldn’t connect to each other. It was better she hadn’t come to Amboli with her. Mukhi ji says she shouldn’t say this again. There was nothing wrong, he got to know why was winning so important for them. He had seen Munni got a coughing attack, her grandmother told Mukhi ji that her parents are playing for her treatment; she has a hole in her chest. Tear rolls down Aru’s face. Mukhi ji asks whose need was bigger then?

PRECAP: Aru smiles watching Mukhi ji in the room. He comes to sit with her. She shyly says that the jumka’s would suit this dress of hers.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Emotional ending of episode and interesting precap.

  2. Is this programme coming to an end?? Hope not.

    So much they can do with this serial. This can be another Tarak Mehta. Just the way in there they bring current issus in city people. They can do similar with village issue. I though that’s the way this will go after toilet incident. Whqt say guys??

  3. I look forward to watching Mukhiji n Aru in this series as they r the best actors compared to some filmi actors.

  4. Janhvi Pandya

    I don’t want this show to come to an end…its way better than other shows on television… I hope this show continues…fingers crossed

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