Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Rahul tells Manvi that he accepts that he is indeed responsible for Harsh’s condition but this relation is over now. There is nothing left. You don’t like this house, its people and me then you should not keep any relation with us. Rahul brings Manvi to the main door of the house and closes the door on her face. She is stunned and shaken up. She walks out in trance while her marriage flashes before her eyes.

A few people see Manvi walking alone at the road. They surround her. She begins to talk about what all happened to her recently. They lie to her that her Dada only has sent them. She goes with them.

Sonali paces worriedly. Rahul tends to her wound. I am sorry from Manvi’s behalf. She asks him why he behaved like this with his wife. What were you thinking? He replies that he did what she and papa has taught him about life. I was blind in love. it was my mistake to trust her. I don’t want any relation with her. I saw it with my own eyes. she pushed your hand away. she dint feel bad. Sonali thinks otherwise. She had some misunderstanding. He says misunderstandings have come up since our wedding. I only have tried explaining all the time. I have been blamed all along. I am tired of doing it. It is enough. I want to breathe. She says relations are made with difficulty. You should sit and talk to sort it out. you have married her, loved her and committed to her. he reminds her that trust is the other word for commitment. What relation to make with the girl who said she wouldn’t have made this relation if she knew her Dada will die because of me? Your problem is you always think about everyone else. What about me? this decision wasn’t made just like that. I have thought it well. I will not keep any relation with her now. She says I will go and bring Manvi home. He keeps her hand on his head giving her his swear. I have taken this decision after a lot of thinking. I want to be happy. let me be it. Raj comes just then. Sonali asks him to explain it to Rahul that this is wrong. Rahul tells him what all Manvi said. If she is so unhappy here then let it be. Raj seconds Rahul. It is something else about pointing fingers at her but how could she disrespect you? I couldn’t sleep last night thinking what if the news goes to media. I ended my enmity with Upmanyu. The body came on time because of me. it is enough! I think Rahul is right. I am with him in this. Rahul adds that he does not want to stretch the matter anymore. The sooner you accept it the better. He leaves followed by Raj. Sonali is in tears.

Rahul comes to his room and is picks up the photo frame. He throws it on the floor angrily as he thinks of how his mom was hurt because of Manvi. He picks up her bangles next as he thinks of how she blamed him for his Dada’s death. He breaks stuff angrily in his room. He packs her clothes but then throws the box away. sad song plays in the background as he breaks down thinking about all their happy times together. I had never thought you will do this to me. I kept quiet when you blamed me. you shouldn’t have pointed a finger at mom. I can take anything but that. Why did you force me to do this!

The goons bring Manvi to some secluded place. She follows them inside as they say her Dada is inside. She is puzzled. What is he doing here? They say he is waiting for her only. She reasons that someone would have known about it in that case. They insist upon her to come in. She refuses. Joy Mukherjee notices them. He recognizes Manvi. Looks like she is not in her senses. Harsh might have done wrong to Protima but I have to tell Rahul Sir. He calls Rahul who refuses to talk to him hearing Manvi’s name. He cuts the call before Joy can tell him anything. I wont let anything affect me after what you have done to me Manvi.

Upmanyu tells Shilpa to close doors properly as the weather is not good. Where is manvi? She said she will come here only today. he gets Joy’s call. He informs Upmanyu what he saw. Upmanyu tells him to wait there only. I will just come. He does not say anything to Shilpa. She is worried that the tiger can attack again. he assures her he will be back soon. close the doors well. He leaves hastily which worries Shilpa. What is happening?

Upmanyu realises that as per Joy there can be more than one goon there. I would need some help. He asks a few passer-bys for help who refuse to help him or his family. You did not care when someone else’s daughter was in trouble. We will not help you. Upmanyu is highly tensed. A few boys (Harsh’s friends) see him sitting worriedly. Upmanyu tells them about Manvi being in trouble. They agree to help. Upmanyu tells them about the location and they all go together.

Manvi shouts for her Dada but there is no response. The goons surround her. meet us first and then we will make you meet your Baba. She asks them who they are. They laugh saying they are Bade Dada. Epi ends on Manvi’s panicked face.

Precap: Rahul speaks to Joy who finally gets to tell him everything. Rahul panics. Why dint you tell me? Joy replies that this is why he called but Rahul dint hear him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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