Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul, Manvi and Raj excuse themselves. Sonali can see Kajal’s reaction. I hope nothing is wrong with Manvi. Kajal says I felt so different after shaking hand with her. Such powerful energy! I have never experienced such energy before. It is so strong, so powerful. My hands are still shaking. There is something very special about her and her stars. I cannot exactly comment if it is positive for you all or not, I will take time. This girl can be good if she is good, but the effect will be very negative if she turns negative.

Rahul dances with Tushar Kapoor and Aftab. They promote their next film. Later, Rahul tells them that he had this much fun after a long time. They ask him what the problem he is facing is. You just got married. Plus it was a love marriage. Manvi walks away from there. They talk about the film.

Kajal cannot take her eyes off Manvi. What is about her that I cannot understand? I have never felt this before. What’s so special about her? Why can I not read her? I will solve this riddle anyhow!

Raj scolds Chotu for bringing a boring drink. Nisha advises Shaleen to get a drink for dad.

Rahul is surprised to see SHaleen make a drink for dad. I will make it. He drinks what I give him. Shaleen looks upset. Rahul gives Raj his drink. Raj instead takes it from Shaleen. Raj even compliments him. Taste changes with time just like people do! Rahul sadly leaves from there. Sonali knows Raj loves Rahul a lot. Raj nods. He is my pride. She points out that this fake anger is of no use if there is so much love. Raj replies that he has to understand I am his father. He cannot talk badly with me for a lower class girl. I can never bear it. She asks him to accept Manvi. She is Rahul’s choice and wife after all. Raj says she is only Upmanyu’s daughter for me. He has sent her to seek revenge from me. I will never let it happen. There have been only fights in the house since she has come here. She will have to leave our house!

Avanti pulls Rahul for a dance on her favourite song. He is uncomfortable but she holds him close. Manvi watches them intently. Dada ji wonders why Rahul left his wife alone and is dancing with Avanti. Dadi has a plan up her sleeve. She asks Manvi to stop Rahul. Join him on the floor. Manvi denies. I anyways don’t know how to dance. They are very good friends. Dadi does not hear any of it. She asks the DJ to put another romantic song. Avanti points out to Dadi that Manvi does not know how to dance. Dadi still asks her to come. Rahul will teach her dance. Avanti reluctantly goes with her. Manvi and Rahul dance on the romantic number. Avanti looks on angrily. Dadi tells her two lovers look good dancing together on a romantic song. Manvi asks Rahul to leave her. He asks her to trust him. She tries to go away but he again asks her to trust him. She is uncomfortable as everyone is watching them. He walks away while still back hugging her. She scolds him for touching her. Leave me, how dare you! She pulls herself away. You cannot do whatever you wish. He hugs her again. You are my wife. I cannot leave you even for a minute. She cannot believe he is trying to hug her on the pretext of the presence of the guests. He shows her the open dori of the blouse. She walks back closer to him. He ties it for her. I am not the frustrated types you think me to be. I always ran away from girls all my life. I don’t have to touch anyone. If you can take out some time from hating me then you might understand me a little! Stop making me a villain in your head. Clean up your mind so you can understand me!

Nikhil’s friends have all taken a peg. Nikhil refuses to drink so they tease him.

Manvi thinks why she went in such a party. They are not my cup of tea. How did the thread open!

Nikhil picks up the glass when his friends instigate him. Manvi pulls it away before he can gulp it down. She questions Nikhil what he was up to. He thinks what if he tells mom or dad. He calls out for them. She knows they wont support him in this. let them come here. Chotu asks Raj and Sonali to come. Manvi bhabhi is with him. He seems angry. Nikhil lies to his parents. Manvi is insulting me before my friends. I was drinking cold drink but she pulled the glass away. She even called me fatty. His friends have hidden the liquor by then. They second Nikhil. Raj asks Manvi to take as much money she wants and leave their house. I know this is what you came here for! Everyone in the house is only fighting since you have come here. Spare our life. Let us live in peace. I cannot bear you in this house anymore! Get out! Manvi is in tears. Sonali is shocked. She follows Raj outside.

Sonali notices Kajal all tensed. She had come to meet Manvi. Tell me honestly, was Raj saying the truth. Sonali denies. he is upset with Manvi as Raj wanted Rahul to marry Avanti. Kajal asks her if problems have come up since Manvi came here. Sonali says there have been tensions, but she is not to be blamed. Kajal wants to see Manvi’s kundli first. Her aura is very strange. Sonali agrees to send it to her. Why is she so worried?

Precap: Rahul asks his mom why she needs the kundli now. I am already married. She knows it too. But we can find a solution if there is some dosh in Manvi’s kundli. Rahul asks her to tell him everything clearly.

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