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Raj says I am sure Harsh is with the enemies but Manvi has full faith in Harsh. Raj demands to know why Harsh called Rahul at the place where the enemy was already waiting for him. I can bet on it. If Harsh wouldn’t have called Rahul then he would have been here safe. Not just harsh but you too are responsible for Rahul’s condition. Manvi understands his concern for Rahul but Dada dint do anything. Sonali seconds her. Guru ji too asked Rahul to come to the ghaat only. It can be a coincidence. Manvi is surprised to hear about Guru ji. Sonali says I will explain later. Manvi tells Raj to focus on freeing Rahul from the curse. We shouldn’t fight over it anymore. Raj points out that all this began since she set her foot in this house. Only you are responsible for this! He angrily walks away. Sonali tells Manvi not to pay heed to Raj’s words. He never realises what he says in anger. Manvi nods. that bull got a chance to attack Rahul today but it will never happen again. I hurt him with the trident. He must be writhing in pain.

Ambika nurses Agni’s wound while he screams in pain. She tells him to bear the pain. How did you lose to the tiger even after having so many powers? Did you get weak because of manvi? Agni says I did everything to kill the tiger. I was about to attack one last time when he emitted a bright dangerous red light. I couldn’t do anything then. Ambika realises that it is the sign of their doom. It will take their enmity to an altogether different level. We wont be able to bear it. Agni cannot understand anything but she says I will tell you at the right time.

Rahul wakes up and is in pain. Manvi rushes to him all concerned. Are you fine? Why did you go out alone last night? I was ill but you were not. You should have taken care of yourself. He tells her to be quiet. I have a headache. She says I am your shield. How could you not tell me anything? He agrees he is an idiot and she has to do a lot for that. But it was her duty to remind him about it. I couldn’t remember it now as earlier dad used to hold a puja on every Purnima night. I depend on you for all this. She asks him if she is to be blamed for it. He says I was leaving everyone when you told me to fight. You said you will become my shield. Where were you last night? She says sorry to him. I would have been with you if I recalled it was Purnima last night. He blames himself for it all. She thinks to end the matter or Rahul will continue to blame himself. I should leave him alone for some time.

Harsh comes to Sabharwal House. Manvi asks him if he is fine. He agrees. Raj comes there. How dare you come here? You hurt Rahul so much yet you are here? Harsh is confused. Raj shares what happened last night. He blames Harsh for it. Manvi says Dada cannot hurt Rahul. Harsh agrees. I called Rahul but I only wanted to clear all the misunderstandings. It wasn’t my but kabir’s idea. Raj does not believe him but Manvi is taken aback. Kabir comes there. Harsh tells him to tell everyone
Kabir thinks I will tell Manvi. She has hurt me so badly. I wont leave you! He accepts it that he only asked Harsh to meet Rahul separately to clear out all the misunderstandings. Raj takes it positively. It is their plan. They saw Rahul taking my side which dint go down well with them. They have taken after their Baba. Harsh warns him not to say anything against his Baba. He is way better than you. Manvi tries to calm her brother but in vain. Harsh asks Raj how they used Rahul. Did we take any money from you? Manvi tries to calm him down but Harsh keeps talking about Sabharwals. How can he pinpoint us? We are not cheaters but them! Raj raises his hand to slap Harsh but Harsh holds his hand. I have been insulted her enough but I wont take it this time. I will give you right back. Rahul comes there. How dare you touch my dad? Raj tells him to see how Manvi and Harsh are insulting them. Manvi tries to explain but he angrily tells her to shut up. You dint say anything when Harsh was talking. Now stay quiet. Harsh says uncle is at fault. Rahul says I saw everything from upstairs. You can leave now. Harsh remarks it was his mistake. I thought these people are worth talking to! He leaves. Rahul too heads upstairs.

Agni calls someone. He has left from here. You know what you have to do now.

Manvi asks Rahul why he dint hear anything and just stormed on Harsh. He reasons that he takes her family’s side all the time but he wont like it when someone will misbehave with his father. I am shocked as you dint say anything to Harsh when he was insulting dad. You stood there all quiet. Your father has spoken very rudely to me many times. He even raised his hand on me but I only kept quiet. Harsh too could have done the same. You are a family member for mom and Dadi. She asks him what she is for him. He says I don’t know what to say when you do something wrong. She calls it a small issue which upsets him all the more. You mean your brother did the right thing? Next time when your father loses his cool then I will also do what Harsh did. I will shout and insult him. You are giving me permission. I will shout, hold his hand and collar. She tells him to stop. I wont bear it anymore. He calls it double standard. I only spoke of it and you got angry. Think of my condition. It is easier said than done. Think of how I would have been feeling when I saw it all right before my eyes. You must have gotten you answer now as to who you are to me. She suggests not to talking to each other for a while as they will only end up fighting. You enjoy it, not me. Nisha is standing at the door. Manvi asks her what she is doing here. Nisha says don’t worry, I dint hear anything. I came to give you dad’s message. He is going to be awarded for his contribution in music. We have to pose for a family photograph as one happy family. It will be difficult for you two to pose as a happy couple after what happened today, right? Manvi says it would have been difficult if they had to try to be a happy couple which they areayd are. Small fights happen between every normal couple. Normal couples don’t dominate in relationship but you wont understand it. You are not a normal couple after all. Nisha thinks she said too much today. I will soon make her life hell though.

Whatever happened at Rahul’s place haunts Harsh. A few people attack him (saying he misbehaved with Raj). They beat him badly. Don’t dare to even look at Raj Sir after today or the consequences will not be good!

Shilpa tries Manvi’s number but it is switched off. She worries about Harsh’s reaction. He should have been back by now. I don’t know why I am feeling restless. A few people bring Harsh. Shilpa and Upmanyu panic seeing him all beaten up. The guys have not seen anyone or anything. They hastily leave saying we don’t know anything. Upmanyu sprinkles water on Harsh. Who hurt you? Harsh says Raj’s goons hit me. Upmanyu vows not to spare Raj today. Shilpa tells him to stop. Raj is Manvi’s FIL. Upmanyu refuses to stop today. I will teach him a lesson today. She pleads him to think about Manvi. Think about her before doing anything. Let Harsh gain conscious. We will do everything later. Upmanyu refuses to leave Raj later. A common man is most dangerous when he leaves his simplicity. If he is behind this then I will not spare him!

Precap: Manvi slaps Rahul. He tries to explain but she does not let him talk. I know your and papa’s truth now. Papa tried to kill Dada.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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