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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh is shocked to hear it. I was quiet till now as I thought Rahula actually loved Manvi, but I was wrong! His intentions are not right towards any one of us. Now I will tell media how he married Manvi. I will also tell that maybe he only is responsible for Baba’s coniditon. Manvi stops him. I only need your love. I wont bear that man’s tortures anymore now. I am quiet as I have no solid proof of Baba’s accident. if Sujoy made any mistake in identifying Rahul and Rahul did bring him here, then he saved my Baba. I cannot punish an innocent person. But if he has pushed Baba before the truck then I will put him in jail. Shilpa says we are normal people. We don’t have money like Sabharwals. Our respect is above everything for us. Don’t think of all this. Go to your house. Forget us. If they have a problem with us then we will stay away from you. Manvi reasons that she cannot stay away from her family because of someone else. No one can stop her from meeting them. I can bear my insult but I cannot hide anyone’s mistakes! I am only waiting for Baba to get well. I want to hear truth from his mouth. No one can stop Rahul from going to jail if he is to be blamed for Baba’s condition. I myself will send him to jail!

Raj tells NIsha to invite the guests for the party. Every newspaper should mention about the party. Get the best caterers. We should not fall short of anything. Nisha agrees. She notices Manvi coming home. Should she not help me in the party? Raj refuses. You can consult Manvi. This is not a Satya Narayan Katha. Keep her away from this. This is a new year’s party! I want class in my party. Nisha nods. Raj leaves from there. Nisha acts good before Manvi. I wanted to spend more time with you to make preps for party. Don’t take it to your heart. I am only trying to include you in the family but you know dad! Rest in your room. I will send a dress for you to wear in the party. He may accept you if you mix up with high class people. Manvi thanks her.

Raj compliments NIsha on the arrangements. Please make sure Manvi wears nice clothes. Nisha goes to check on Manvi.

Rahul asks manvi why she isn’t ready yet. They will be waiting for you. She retorts that his dad anyways feels bad seeing her. I don’t belong to rich people like you. I should not be a part of it. He tells her not to think like that. Just stay with me. No one will say anything to you. She retorts that he has not done anything nice for her because of which she should trust him. He gives up on her as she keeps taunting him all the time. It is your wish. You can be a part of the party if you want or not!

Nisha compliments Avanti. Avanti asks for Rahul. They notice Rahul coming downstairs all alone. They think to use the time to their benefit. Rahul joins them. Sonali asks Rahul about Manvi. Rahul lies that she is unwell. Her stress will increase if she comes in the party.

Sonali comes to meet Manvi. Rahul told me you will not come in the party. Manvi says I am not feeling well. Sonali asks her if she hides things from her mother too like this. I have rasised 3 kids. I catch them as soon as they lie. I could have read it on Rahul’s face if it was truth. Raj was wrong to talk to you like that in the morning. You are right in being upset with us for whatever happened with your family. no one knows if the fight between your father and Raj will ever end! Even Raj cannot deny though that you are a part of this house. I wish you both had married with everyone’s consent. I wish I had not taken out my anger on you like this. But they say, it is never too late. Can we start afresh like a family on this new year? Manvi asks her if she really thinks of her as a part of this family. Sonali nods. My son married you. You are the DIL of the house. You are right in being upset. Everyon makes mistakes. Raj was wrong in his behaviour towards you. I want you to be a part of this party being the elder DIL of the house. But you do deserve to stay upset! It is entirely up to you! She goes out.

Raj’s parents too wait for Manvi. Sonali thinks Manvi is more upset than she thought. My words could not help. Maybe she wont come down today. Everyone is pleasantly surprised to see Manvi coming downstairs just then. Avanti asks Nisha how it happened. Nisha is sure mom convinced Manvi. She is suddenly feeling too much for Manvi nowadays. Sonali is all smiles. Dadi tells Rahul to stop staring. She is your wife. Get her here. Rahul walks up to Manvi and extends his hand. Manvi notices the guests looking at them. She keeps her hand in Rahul’s. Avanti looks unhappy. Avanti tells Nisha they are behaving as if they did not have any argument.

Rahul introduces his friends to Manvi. They excuse themselves. Rahul is glad that Manvi may be changed her opinion towards his family. Manvi nods. I thought no one in this family thought good of me but I was wrong.

Avanti does not want to watch the lovers enjoy. Nisha assures her that the saree that she gave to Manvi will do the work. You should spend some time with Rahul. Dad has planned a special surprise too. Maybe it is something to do against Manvi only. You never know!

Nikhil and his friends go to Nikhil’s room to play on playstation.

Rahul says I am happy to see you getting involved in the party. Manvi replies that she felt safe coming here. What if someone blames me for a theft now!

A special guest (Kajal Raghuvanshi) of Sonali and Raj come. She is eager to meet Manvi. Sonali takes Rahul and Manvi to meet her. Sonali tells them that she can tell everything about a person by understanding her aura. Kajal compliments Manvi. I am the oldest friend of Manvi. She hugs Manvi but then breaks the hug sensing something weird.

Precap: Rahul dances with Tushar Kapoor and Aftab. They have come to promote their new film.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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