Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi gains conscious. The room is empty. She goes outside. Dadi asks her why she came outside. Where is Rahul? Manvi has no clue. Dadi says he sent us all outside and said he will take care of you. Sonali also comes there. She asks the same question. Servant shares that he went outside 5 minutes ago without saying anything. Manvi gets worried for him.

Rahul comes to the ghaat. Harsh called me here only but why isn’t he here? He calls out for Harsh. His number is also unreachable. Rahul wonders if he got in some problem as he was drunk. The spirit of tiger begins to take over him. He looks at the reflection of full moon in water. How did I not recall it is Purnima today? I have to go from here (jungle).

Manvi notices the change in weather. How come the weather is changing suddenly? She goes to close the window. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in her hair and breaks down. She is immediately worried. Is this a bad sign? She looks up at the moon and is shocked. It is Purnima today! Rahul would need me tonight. I am his shield. I should be with him! Downstairs, Sonali stops Manvi but she shares that it is Purnima tonight. Sonali offers to go along but Manvi denies. I have this Rudraksh which can save him. Your life will be in danger otherwise. Landline rings. Someone calls from the restaurant in which Harsh was drinking. He has become violent and is troubling everyone. She tells him to keep him there but the manager says he wants to leave to meet some Rahul. It is the last dialled number in his phone too. Manvi thinks Harsh will know where Rahul went then. She calls Upmanyu as she hurries outside.

Rahul tries to go but then he begins to turn into tiger.

The restaurant’s staff is having a tough time controlling Harsh. Upmanyu is angry with Harsh but manvi tells him to calm down for some time. Harsh tells Manvi not to worry about anything. I will talk to Rahul. I am no loser. Upmanyu taunts him. Harsh and Upmanyu argue. Manvi asks her Baba to be quiet for now. Dada is not in a good condition. She next asks Harsh if she knows where Rahul is. Harsh mutters that he only called Rahul to some place. Manvi asks the staff if they know something. They and Harsh say that Rahul will come to ghaat to meet him. Manvi asks her Baba to take her brother with him. You have my swear. Don’t raise your hand on Dada. I have to be with Rahul. Upmanyu is worried but she assures him she will manage. She leaves to find Rahul.

Tiger and bull come face to face in the jungle. Manvi comes to jungle and shouts Rahul’s name. She is shocked to see the tiger / Rahul and bull ready for a fight. She cries seeing the bull attacking tiger / Rahul. She prays for Rahul. The bull hurts Rahul.

Raj asks for Rahul. Servant shares he left without telling anyone. Manvi ji has gone after him only. Raj thinks if Rahul went to meet Guru ji. I should talk to Rahul on my own. He does not listen to me anyways. Save my son Lord. I feel something bad for the first time today. Hope nothing happens to him.

Manvi refuses to see Rahul dying before her eyes. I cannot just stand here. What should I do Mata Rani? She hears temple bells and runs up to the temple. She prays for Rahul. Ambika said I can help and save Rahul in this fight but what should I do. Should I pray or fight there against Rahul’s enemy? Pundit ji asks Manvi why she is crying. Manvi shares that her husband’s life is in danger. He says you are a married woman. You have the blessing to save your husband. She says her mangalsutra broke. He advises her to trust her relation more than the thread. You have come in temple of Mata Shakti. She must have called you here to give you Shakti. He hands her the trident. It will help you in fighting with your enemies. Manvi hits the bull with the trident which does not show much effect. Rahul emits something because of which the bull runs away.

Manvi rushes to Rahul. You have to live for me. I wont be able to live without you. Please wake up. Rahul gains conscious in the morning. He is badly hurt. She ties cloth on his wounds. She calls driver as he is still unconscious.

Raj blames Manvi for not telling him that all this is still not over. She has started to hide things about my son from me. Sonali says I knew everything. I hid it so you don’t get worried. Raj is shocked. Manvi takes all the blame on herself. I forgot that it is Purnima. I dint realise when Rahul left. Raj says Rahul stopped saying that long back. But how did you find out where he went? Manvi replies that Harsh called Rahul at the ghaat. Raj blames Manvi and her family yet again. We have to beat the result of their doings. What’s the point of calling Rahul at an isolated place at night? This must be Harsh’s plan to trap Rahul. Maybe he is with the enemies.

Precap: Harsh asks Raj how they used Rahul. Manvi tries to calm him down but Harsh keeps talking about Sabharwals. Raj raises his hand to slap Harsh but Harsh holds his hand. Rahul gets angry on Harsh for holding his father’s hand. Manvi tries to explain but he angrily tells her to shut up.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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