Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi comes to that house. She looks around the room using the torch when she notices the girl sitting behind a drawer. She asks the girl to come out but the girl stays put, all scared. Manvi turns to call out to Rahul when the girl runs away. Manvi goes after her. Rahul walks in with police. He asks for Manvi.

The girl pats at Manvi’s back. She screams seeing her. the girl walks up to her. Manvi tells her not to come near her. Suddenly some legs touch her hair. She screams in shock upon noticing someone sitting atop the almirah. Rahul rushes to the room. Inspector finds the kids in the almirah. He asks them questions but Rahul reasons that they don’t seem to be in a good condition. They wont be able to talk. Inspector agrees. The kids attack them instead but police catches them somehow. Manvi tells them to be careful. They are kids. Inspector tells her to let their team do their work. They are doing the right thing. the kids are taken away. Rahul assures Manvi police wont be rough on kids.

Manvi is worried for the kids. Rahul notices this. She requests him to allow her to go and check the kids once. Rahul gives in.

Manvi comes to the hospital. She meets Inspector there. How are the kids? Inspector tells manvi that the kids are behaving a little weird. They stand outside the door and see. A lady (doc) tries to talk to the kids but they only end up trying to eat everything. The kids begin pillow fighting with one another. Doc tells them to stop. I have tasty food for you. You have to answer some of my questions though. The kids charge at food. Manvi asks doc about the kids. Doc shares that they will take time in behaving normally. They have been there since 5-6 years. Inspctor feels maybe their mother left them behind. Doc wonders how the kids survived there for so long. What did they do when they ran out of resources? They would have begun to eat anything that they got after a while. Inspector agrees. We have found the dead bodies of pigeons and animals. doc says it is quite possible. They aren’t normal. They haven’t learnt any such traits. Manvi asks her when they will be fine. doc speaks of sending them to special orphanage where they will be taken care of. We will have to keep them amongst humans to make them one. Inspector speaks to doc. Manvi does not wish to leave the kids alone. I will have to be in touch with the doc regarding the same.

Rahul is in the studio. He gives some suggestion on the song they are recording. Manvi comes there looking all lost. He is happy to see her. Hear this loop. I worked on it entire night. Give me feedback. They play it but he notices her mind being somewhere else. She asks him if they can do it some other day. He agrees. He sends the guy outside. He also guesses that she is thinking about the kids. She says I tried not to but cannot help it. I worry for them. Rahul gets upset. I knew this and I hate this habit of yours. I sent you there so you could feel light but you only came back extra worried instead. Why do you have to worry for everyone? We haven’t worked since long. We have a career, future. We have to pay people their salary. We have to unite Dad and Baba too. I spent all night in this tune and you only care about the kids. Forget them. she is helpless. I just cannot. I saw them with my own eyes. they are sending the kids to orphanage. He explains that special kids are sent to special orphanage for special treatment. I warn you. you can meet them now but you wont be able to do so once they are adopted. Don’t get close to them. She agrees. I think I should focus on my life. He corrects her. our life. She nods. He tells her to hear the tune. I will bring the composer. She cannot stop thinking about the kids. You cannot understand Rahul. Everyone noticed their anger but no one saw the fear in their eyes till now.

Dadi is happy that Yamini and Kabir are no more. rahul says you could have atleast got chicken. Who will eat veg food? Nisha thinks don’t know why everyone is worried for superheroes. We have real superhero here who could not die by the hands of Yamini and Kabir. I trusted losers. I was wrong. Rahul asks his dad if he heard the latest recording. Raj wishes to hear the final song this time. Rahul agrees. He notices Manvi still lost. Manvi lies that she is tired. Sonali points out that this is why she told them to have some rest before resuming work but you guys don’t listen. Manvi says I will take rest now.

Manvi calls the doc to ask about the kids. Doc shares that there is no positive result but we will see. Manvi is worried about the whole orphanage thing. Doc tells her the name of the orphanage, also allowing her to meet the kids before they leave for the orphanage.

Manvi is ready to go. Sonali asks her if she is going somewhere. Manvi is hesitant but Sonali assures her she can talk to her. Manvi tells her about the kids. I don’t know why I worry for the kids. I want to meet them once and then visit the orphanage. Sonali allows her. I understand it. Which orphanage are they shifting the kids to? Manvi tells her the name which leaves SOnali shocked. It is orphanage for namesake but is no less than jail. Kids are locked in a room for hours. We are fighting against them. Manvi decides to not let the kids go there. Sonali advises her to talk to doc asap. The kids seem really attached. If they are separated then. Manvi refuses to let it happen. There must be a way. Sonali says there is only one way. It can be stopped if someone adopts them. manvi gets thinking.

Nurse comes to take the kids for bath. They smell foul and she begins to feel suffocated. She questions them. Have you come directly from gutter? The boy stares at her. He bites at her hand as she tries to make him forcibly stand. Manvi comes in just in time. She rebukes the nurse for misbehaving with the kids. Nurse calls them animals. She shows her hand to Manvi. This is what they did. Manvi is taken aback.

Precap: Rahul asks Manvi to tell him 5 qualities of him which differentiates him from others. Also, tell me why I am a good husband. She laughs. He asks her if she doubts it. She denies. you are a very good husband. He tells her to say it all to him in Punjabi. She goes speechless.

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