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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 31st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nisha calls Avanti. Earlier, it was only Rahul who was supporting Manvi. Now mom is also taking care of her. She has invited her mother and son home. Avanti smiles. It is such a good thing. You too should take care of Manvi. It is good for our plan only. She tells something to Nisha in mute.

Rahul has fallen asleep next to Manvi only. Nisha coughs to wake him up. You are so sweet. You should freshen up now. I will ask Chotu to get breakfast ready. He wants to wait till Manvi gets up. She yet again asks him to freshen up atleast. I will sit with Manvi. He agrees. Nisha sits down next to Manvi. Manvi opens her eyes just then. She is surprised to see Nisha there. When did you come? She notices the cold water strips kept nearby. Who did it? Nisha lies that she did it. Manvi says I felt it was someone else. She remembers her last convo last night before she fell asleep. Rahul was here, right? I said so much to him. Nisha asks him if there is some problem between her and Rahul. Manvi denies. Nisha fills her ears against Rahul. He should not leave his wife alone in such a state. You were all alone last night. He just came and went to take bath. He did not ask anything about you. I am glad you are feeling better. You will be happy when your mother and brother will come over. Manvi gets happy. nisha lies that she only suggests mom to call them here. I will get the breakfast ready.

Rahul asks Manvi how she is feeling now. I will check your temperature. She snatches the thermometer from him. I know how to take care of myself. You don’t have to do anything! She goes to change.

Shilpa advises Harsh to be quiet. We don’t have to tell anyone anything that happened in the wedding. Dadi meets them. How is Upmanyu? Manvi was really unwell. Did she tell you? Shilpa gets worried. Both daughter and son are alike. Dadi notices Raj. See who has come! Dadi tells Sonali about the old times. Raj and Shilpa used to talk nonstop years ago. Shilpa used to tie Rakhi at his hand too. Shilpa nods. Raj goes from there. Saloni offers to take them to Manvi’s room. Nisha brings juice for them but she sneezes. Shilpa drops the glass by mistake. Nisha takes her to her room. I will help you clean the stain. Shilpa and Harsh follow her to her room. Shilpa goes inside the washroom while Nisha goes to bring fresh towels. Harsh notices the jewellery boxes kept on the dressing table. He is about to touch them when Shilpa holds his hand. I was only looking to find out if it is real or not. It must be expensive if it is real. Who keep such things openly? Shilpa advises him not to touch anything. Clean your shirt. He goes inside the bathroom. Rahul touches SHilpa’s feet and greets Harsh when he comes back. I have to go to studio for some urgent work. Do meet Manvi. She is in her room. Shilpa nods.

Manvi happily hugs her mother and brother. Manvi notices her clothes. Shilpa tells her that the juice spill on her clothes. I went to Nisha’s room to clean up. I met Rahul there. What’s happening? Manvi lies that everyone here loves her a lot. Harsh refuses to buy it in Raj’s case. She agrees that he is upset with her but he never behaved badly with her. my MIL loves me a lot. She has kept me like her daughter. I have everything I need in this home. Sonali overhears it as well. She feels bad for misbehaving with Manvi. Shilpa says I cannot see the same thing in your eyes. Manvi says I miss you a lot. Shilpa wants to know if everything is fine between her and Rahul. Manvi denies. I am living my duty towards this family and house, just like you had asked me to! I cannot do anything with Rahul. I can never forgive him for what he has done with Baba! Shilpa says we don’t have a proof of it. Manvi stays put. I don’t want to discuss anything on this matter. It is time for hospital visiting hours. We should leave. She gives money to Manvi. You will need it if you want to go somewhere. I know you wont ask anyone. Manvi says I am very happy here. I don’t need anything. You should keep it for Baba’s treatment.

Avanti comes to Sabharwal House. She meets Manvi’s family too. The drama will start now. Sonali asks Manvi’s family to stay back for a little more time. Shaleen asks Nisha about the jewellery. How did the diamond bangles disappear just like that? Sonali tells Nisha to think again where she kept it. Nisha says I kept it on the table to give it for polishing. Let it be. They were my regular bangles. Shaleen remarks that it isn’t about bangles. Someone stole it in case they are not at the place where you kept it. Raj asks Nisha who went to her room other than her and Shaleen. Avanti too asks her to speak up. The theft happened in the house only, so the thief must be here itself. Nisha points out that Manvi’s mother and brother went to her room. They will not do it. Let it be. Shilpa says we did not touch anything. Raj announces that all the outsiders will be checked. No one will leave the house without getting checked. Sonali says they are not just our guests but Manvi’s family. how can you check them to look for Nisha’s bangles? Raj still calls them outsiders. I am not blaming them or calling them a thief. I don’t think they will mind it if they haven’t done it. His mother asks him how he will feel if someone calls him to his house and blames him like this. He tells her to let him do it. I know what I am doing. Shaleen and Nisha should check their room once again. Nisha worries as she hid the bangles in her room only. If they are found then everything will be finished. She agrees to check her room one more time.


Shilpa says this is what we feared. We did not want any drama. We did not take those bangles. You trust me, right? Manvi nods.

Sonali asks Nisha why she spoke about this matter before everyone. You could have waited till Manvi’s family left. Shaleen says sorry to her. I shouldn’t have spoken about the matter before dad. I did not expect him to react like this. Nisha is irked that mom is trusting Manvi’s family too much. She also says sorry to her. My Nani gave them to me. they are very close to me. Sonali says I did not mean that. Please say sorry to them once they are found. She goes to check in one corner but Nisha stops her. I have already checked here.

Harsh is angry that they are behaving this badly with them.

Shaleen goes to tell his dad they did not find it. Raj asks them to check the outsiders now.

Precap: Nisha checks Shilpa while Shaleen checks Harsh. Avanti tells Rahul to calm down. Why are you getting angry with mom? She very smartly drops the bangles in Rahul’s jacket’s pocket.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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