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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yamini giving statement to Police that she saw Harsh going to Protima’s room. Everyone is shocked. Manvi asks what you are saying? You might be having some misunderstanding. You must have seen someone else. Harsh is shocked. Yamini apologizes to Manvi and says I know you have brought me here, and I couldn’t return your favors, but I couldn’t be silent seeing that girl’s condition. She says I took Protima to room, and then saw Harsh going inside. I thought this happens in city. Inspector asks Constable to note down her statement, and says he needs Protima’s statement also. Yamini says I will take you to room. Inspector takes Protima’s statement. Yamini tells her that she will sit with Protima. She comes to room and asks Protima, how is she feeling? She says only you can feel what you have gone through. She closes the door by her powers and thinks now nobody can hear me except her. She says your baba is unwell, and was saved from heart attack. Protima insists to go.

Yamini tells that her parents would have to suffer so much because of Harsh. She says Harsh will be let free, but the finger is raised on girls only. She says Sabharwals will save Harsh being rich. She says it happened in her village and the girl committed suicide to protect her parents from hearing taunts and says it was good. Protima gets thinking about the suicide idea. Protima’s mum asks why did you leave her alone. Yamini says I came out to get water and says Protima is sleeping. Rahul asks Manvi, if she will tell that Sandhya is also lying. Manvi says my dada is innocent. Rahul says lets wait what court decides. Inspector tells Protima’s mum that they have taken her statement. Protima’s mum thinks to see Protima and go inside and sees her died. Everyone run inside and sees her dead.

Yamini thinks she is in deep sleep, and smirks. Inspector checks her and says Protima is dead. Rahul asks him to check again. Mr. Mukherji cries and grabs Harsh’s collar accusing him for her death. Inspector asks him to let law do the work. Harsh says I didn’t do anything. Inspector says law works on proofs and this girl is the proof for your crime. Manvi argues with Inspector and says Harsh was with her when the incident happened. She says I have proof also. Mr. Mukherji says she is lying and says this is a murder. Inspector says we have arrest warrant and arrests Yash. Manvi argues with Inspector. Harsh is shocked too. Yamini smirks and thinks media should know this.

Manvi asks Shilpa not to cry and says Harsh is innocent and will not be punished. Shilpa says but he is punished and Protima blamed him falsely. She says even Rahul accused him and apologizes to him if he is having personal differences with Harsh. Rahul says I am not taking any revenge. Your son will be punished for the crime. Manvi says Harsh didn’t do anything and asks why you are blaming him. She says something is missing which we couldn’t see and is wrong. Yamini thinks if Rahul accepts this then my plan will fail.

Rahul says do you know I never hope this from you. He says a girl had given her life here and you people care about Harsh. He says you all have not thought about Protima, Mr and Mrs. Mukherji. Manvi says it is enough and asks Rahul to how dare him raise finger on her family. She says you should be ashamed and couldn’t see anything beyond your stubbornness. Upmanyu says we don’t have the right to argue and asks Manvi to come to Police station with him. Yamini thinks Harsh couldn’t be saved now.

Harsh asks Inspector to believe him. Inspector says just because you are alive and Protima is dead as you tried to rape her. Harsh says I didn’t do anything and was not there. Inspector says may be your sister is lying to save you. They hear Manvi arguing with constables, insisting to meet her brother. Inspector says you can’t meet him right now as he is in police remand. Manvi says you are not understanding me. Inspector asks her not to waste his time. Lawyer comes and says you don’t have any concrete proofs against them. Inspector says we have Rahul statement. Lawyer says then you have Manvi’s statement also. Inspector lets Harsh come out. Manvi asks are you fine? She asks him not to worry. Harsh says these people have accused me. Lawyer says I will handle.

Upmanyu asks Manvi to come. Manvi says I will come and asks them to go. She comes to Kabir’s house and calls his name. Kabir comes out and asks what are you doing here? He says I saw you on news and you was looking beautiful as always. He says he did wrong..rape and all. Manvi asks him to stop nonsense and says I know you are behind this and says she won’t let him succeed.

Kabir says you looks beautiful even in anger, and says people are laughing on you and your family. He says Rahul has ruined you all. What did you get? He says you have put your life in danger for him, but what he did. Manvi says I am enough for you. Kabir says yes and asks her to leave Rahul and come to him. Manvi says it is better to die than to come to you. Kabir says okay, I can fulfill your wish. He says I can kill and bury you right here. He holds her neck and says you came to your death by yourself. He thinks if I kill her then Yamini might kill me being angry. He leaves Manvi with a warning. Manvi goes running.

Upmanyu pays money to taxi driver. Shilpa sees neighbors standing and gets worried. Upmanyu says they are our neighbors and must know about the happenings. The neighbors taunt and says they will kick Harsh out of their locality. Upmanyu asks him to mind his tongue. He says it is a rumor and a lie. Harsh looks on devastated. Upmanyu warns neighbors. Neighbor says we shall kick them out and is about to hit him.

Manvi comes and holds the stick. She warns everyone not to touch her family else she will get them arrested. She throws the stick on the neighbor and he falls. His face is revealed in the bike mirror, and he is Yamini. Manvi says I have trust on law. Court will decide his punishment if he is guilty. She says how can he be Ravan for you all, when he helped you all. Neighbor/Yamini says we have seen everything on news. She determines to bring the truth. She asks her family to come. They hold each other hands. Yamini thinks they are united even now and wonders why? She thinks Manvi can’t save them everytime.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. kya yaar yeh kya ho raha h. Rahul idiot thora dimaag lafao aur manvi ko support karo plse.:O 🙁

  2. Yes every time he just blame her .

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