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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj replies that they will find money only if it will be still in the house. The money has reached where Manvi had planned to send. She came in this house with this intention only. Sonali tells him to stop but he says I trusted Manvi upon your asking. He questions Manvi. She says why would I do so. He says you and your family has never seen this much money so you gave it to them. rahul tells his father not to blame his wife. Raj insists he isn’t lying. Manvi is in tears. I am not lying. Raj says ask her then where she kept the money. Dadi comes there as Manvi’s saviour. I have money. You only gave them to me. Raj taunts Manvi. She is so irresponsible. She kept money at some other place because of stress. Dadi handles it well. Rahul suggests going back downstairs as the kids must be waiting.

Nisha is anxious to know what’s happening behind the four walls of the room. Kabir tells her to relax. Such things cannot be hidden for long. They will come out. they see everyone coming downstairs. Rahul asks DJ to play a romantic song. Avanti is irked. I thought Rahul will throw Manvi out of the house but they are dancing happily. Everyone is calm too. Dadi gets a doubt on Kabir, Nisha and Avanti seeing all three of them together. Something about them feels wrong to me. nisha too tells Kabir to calm down. Dadi is looking at us only. Nisha gets thinking. I am sure there is some sad story behind it. what happened after all?

Manvi comes to talk to Dadi. When did I give you money? Dadi replies she dint. Can only you help us? She makes Manvi sit down. Why don’t you tell us any of your problems? You handle everything on your own. Tell me if there is something wrong. They share a hug. Manvi asks Dadi from where she got this much money. Dadi takes Rahul’s name. I don’t know how he knew but he sent money from office telling me to give money when Raj will ask about it.

Manvi comes to talk to Rahul about money. He thinks if Manvi still thinks he wont understand her problem. Will I stop her in helping her brother? She talks about money getting stolen but he says you could say the truth now. it is perfectly alright to help Harsh and your family. you could atleast tell me. she is shocked. I thought only papa does not trust me but you also don’t trust me. They both believe on their versions. He wonders why manvi is not accepting what the franchise guy told him. He drops the matter. Don’t lie to me again though. She is tensed. I don’t have any problem with papa. He trusted me for the first time. It broke because of my mistake but how can Rahul trust me. I supported you so much in all your problems yet you don’t trust me? Rahul tells her to stop thinking. Harsh is my brother too. She retorts she dint give money to anyone. money got stolen. He agrees for her sake. we slept in the room. You mean someone came in the room at night and stole money from the almirah? Agreed. Why dint you tell anyone? She shares how she has been calling him but could not talk to him or even to Sonali. I dint give money to anyone. it got stolen. He says agency guy called me. he could not reach you. he asked me to tell you that he got money. Harsh will get papers. She is in disbelief. He says it is perfectly fine to
Dadi says one minute. There is an outsider in the house.

Kabir asks Rahul if he really thinks he stole. Rahul says you wear shoes of that much amount. They are only looking for the money they lost. He says sorry to Kabir. It is really embarrassing. Kabir acts. I am an outsider so you doubt me. I am no thief. Dadi says we aren’t blaming you. it isn’t about you but Manvi. I will try to clear her name if anyone blames her so I am checking all the rooms. I will check Raj’s room after yours. Kabir agrees. He allows them to check. Outside, Kabir thinks Dadi is too smart but she will lose out to him. no one can do anything to me. What do you think of yourself Raj Sabharwal? You will shout at Manvi? I will take my revenge. Manvi has to go through something so she can find out how bad Rahul is. I am sorry Manvi but I will take revenge for everything later on.

Harsh wants to give papers to his Baba but Upmanyu says Manvi deserves the credit. Shilpa suggests calling her. Upmanyu says I tried calling her but the network is not good. Harsh suggests going there to wish Rahul. Shilpa tells them against it thinking about last time. Upmanyu assures her he wont do anything wrong. Rahul is my DIL.

Kabir asks Dadi and Manvi if they found anything. Dadi denies. where did the money go? She asks Manvi if she doubts anyone. manvi denies. I am sure someone stole them. raj hears them. did Ma cover up Manvi’s mistake? Nisha thinks Kabir was right. No wall can hold back such dramas. Kabir suggests leaving. It is your family matter. Raj is shocked to realise they doubted Kabir. Dadi says it is about 5 lacs. I will check every room. Raj says you can check every room. Kabir is our partner too. You don’t behave like this with a guest. He says sorry to Kabir on his mom’s behalf. Check at Manvi’s home. I am sure money is there only. Rahul tells him to end the matter. I will file an FIR. Let them investigate. Why are we fighting over 5 lacs? Raj points out that it is about trust here. I trusted your wife for the first time. Jewellery too would have been missing if there was indeed a theft.

Manvi’s family comes to Sabharwal House to wish Rahul. I wanted to wish Rahul personally and thank my daughter for what she did. Rahul fears Baba can tell everything to everyone. How to stop them? Upmanyu says maybe Manvi got signing amount for singing too. Nisha asks Upmanyu what Manvi did. Upmanyu says Manvi gave them 5 lacs to renew Harsh’s franchise’s license. Raj says this girl is stealing money and giving her beggar father. she is blaming our guest. Upmanyu tells him to mind her tongue. They both argue. Shilpa asks Manvi what the matter is. Manvi says I dint help Dada. I don’t know how he got money. Someone stole money from the room. I dint help Dada. Raj says it is all crystal clear now. Upmanyu is sure Raj must have done it all intentionally to frame his daughter. Harsh pushes Raj but Rahul intervenes. Your shop is running today because of this very man. Manvi steps in between. I dint help anyone. Harsh says you don’t trust your wife. Rahul warns Harsh not to say anything against his father but Harsh continues to blame Raj for everything. Rahul slaps him shocking Manvi and Upmanyu. Nisha smiles.

Precap: Sonali tells Manvi to rest. Kabir thinks Manvi cannot go out while Rahul cannot stay inside. Who will save rahul today?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. What’s this don’t create misunderstandings between Ravi and release agni’s identity

  2. I should say dadi zindabad nobody in this serial can understand anyone’s bad motives other than her

  3. What yar Kya Ravi alag to jayega I wish yeh na to only dadi can do something I wish dadi Is having some plan to throw this kabir , nisha and avnti out of house

  4. Not enjoying how the story line is going at the moment. Too much back stabbing and scheming from Nisha, avanti and co. Dadi is smart, please let her expose Kabir. Its nice to see Manvi and Rahul relationship developing closer. I have stopped watching this, only reading updates.

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