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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonali greets Avanti. She adds she has invited more people who wish to invest in your business. Raj thanks her for being so good to them after what all happened. Did you tell Manvi about the same? She is cooking food. Tell her to dress up nicely after her work is done. I don’t want her to come down wearing cheap clothes. Avanti agrees to check on Manvi.

Manvi has finished cooking. Avanti comes there. Avanti tells Manvi that she tried to make Rahul understand but he invited 50 more guests at the last minute. He said these people are important. It is your work to cook. Manvi thinks Rahul is only venting out his anger on her this way. How will you manage things at such a short notice? Manvi wonders how she will cook for 50 more people in such short time. What if I fail in doing so? Avanti knows it is difficult. Tell me if you need my help. She goes out to check on arrangements. Manvi is in tears. Chotu offers to help her but she denies. What to cook in this much time that everyone will like? She thinks of cook Bengali Khichdi. I am sure everyone will like it. He gets her a big utensil and veggies. Manvi is unwell. Everyone asks her to rest. She agrees to take rest once she is done with cooking.

Manvi goes to get ready. Nisha asks about the menu. She is shocked to know it is a complete Desi menu. The people are so high class. The servants praise the food. She tells them not to think. I will see what I have to do now.

Avanti asks Nisha what Manvi has cooked. Nisha tells her what Manvi has cooked. Avanti laughs hearing it. If we tell uncle now then he will order food from 5 star hotel. It will be fun if we stay quiet. Uncle’s important clients and friends will be served khichdi in Shabharwal’s party. It will be such an insult to Manvi! Nisha likes the idea too. Avanti goes to change.

The guests are waiting to meet Manvi. Raj asks Sonali about Manvi. Upmanyu has taught her to insult us. I wont take it though! Rahul’s friend compliments Rahul. You look happy. Where is Manvi? Rahul thinks if Manvi will be fine. She must be tired after all the cooking. What should I say to the guests? Manvi comes down just then. Everyone gets up. Rahul walks up to her. He asks for her hand. She finally keeps her hand in his. He introduces his wife to everyone. Nisha and Avanti talk about Manvi’s attitude. Avanti is sure everyone will show her her reality once she serves the food she has cooked. Shaleen is taken aback. Rahul thanks Manvi for coming in the party. She has to pose for photos with him. Avanti feels jealous.

Rahul asks Manvi if he should call a doc. You look unwell. She thanks him. You have done enough for me already. The guests meet Manvi one by one. Nisha advises Avanti to be a little more patient. Wait for the marriage to break down. Shaleen seconds her. They wont get support from anyone in the house. Avanti replies she wont let this marriage continue for long. I will get Manvi out of Rahul’s life anyhow! Nisha thinks poor Rahul is stuck between both the girls.

Raj takes Rahul aside to make him meet some important guests. Sonali’s friends want to meet Manvi. Manvi greets them. They ask Manvi about her love story. Rahul never used to hide anything from you (Sonali). Sonali says kids today do what they wish. They don’t let parents choose anymore. Manvi excuses herself. Sonali’s friends call it a rude gesture. Dadi says she must be feeling shy. She is new to this atmosphere. Sonali is irked.

Manvi wipes her tears. Sonali comes there. What did you do? What was that? My friends called you and tried to speak to you. You showed them attitude. We have to maintain our reputation. Behave yourself. I will not tolerate this anymore! She walks out even when Manvi calls out after her.

Sujoy comes to Sabharwal House. You (Rahul) had enough fun of my share. It is my turn now. You can do anything but I wont let Manvi become yours ever! The guard asks for his name. His name is not in the list. You cannot go inside. Sujoy tells the security guard that Manvi has personally invited him. I will make her and Rahul scold you. He pretends to dial Manvi’s number. The guards allow him inside. Sujoy thinks Manvi is benefitting him even after marrying Rahul. Your name is enough to get my work done.

Sujoy waves at Rahul. Rahul is irked to see him. What are you doing here? I told you to stay away from Manvi. I will kill you. Get out of here. Sujoy says is this the way to talk to guests. Let me just look around. I have just come. You cannot do anything to me before your guests and family? I will tell everyone the truth behind your marriage. I know your father does not know this truth. How will he feel if I tell him this? Rahul agrees he cannot hurt him before everyone. I can throw you out of the house though. Sujoy acts all begging him when he notices Manvi coming there. She tells him to stay here for as long as he wishes. No one will throw you out of here. How is everyone at home? Sujoy answers that everyone is worried for her. Papa had bought small things to gift you after your marriage. He keeps looking at it and worry about you. Shilpa aunty is also worried for you. Hope you dint find it wrong. I only though to check on you. She calls him her only guest from her side. You wont go anywhere. She turns to Rahul. I have agreed to everything that you and your family said. I hope you will respect my one wish. She asks Sujoy to come.

Sujoy asks Manvi if she is alright. She affirms. I apologize to you from Rahul’s behalf. How is everyone at home? Does Baba need anything? Sonali observes them. Sujoy says it wont look good if we talk for long. I am your ex fiancé after all. Manvi says don’t think about all this. Tell me about Baba. Is he ok? Sujoy replies that this all wouldn’t have happened had Rahul not pushed uncle before the tempo. She asks Sujoy if he is sure Rahul pushed her Baba before the tempo. He nods. I have seen him doing it with my own eyes. I agree I don’t have any proof to justify it but this is the truth! She wishes to get Rahul punished.

Precap: Sonali tells Raj Manvi cooked Khichdi for the dinner. He scolds Manvi for her for her upbringing.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Hmmm d episode has been updated fst….

  2. Nice epi !!! hope all guests lyk food cookd by maanvi!!!!

  3. God!!!!!! How long till sujoys truth cnt stand him!!!!!!

  4. I think evry1 might just like it, bengali khichdi is v.tasty. yumm! Had it as bhog during durga puja! 🙂

  5. My god! This Manvi is very very foolish. When Sujoy said he saw Rahul pushed her papa infront of vehicle she should have asked what was he doing knowing that, without helping papa he came to do marriage with her. She deserves only Sujoy.

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