Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul reaches the same room where she is! She is scared that he might recognize her. He thinks that he has finally found her. She begins to talk to him when a girl calls out for Rahul. Manvi heaves a sigh of relief. The girl tells Rahul that she wants to sing with him. I can do anything for that. I can even leave my husband for it. Rahul takes her with him. Manvi thinks that her Baba was right. So much wrong is happening in the name of auditions! A girl comes to tell Manvi that the final selected people will be called in.

Girls gossip about Rahul and the girl. Manvi refuses to be a part of something like this. Rahul asks the girl (Koel) to leave. We are looking for singing talent and not this kind of talent. My car will take you to your loved ones. You will not get anything if you behave like this. don’t try to do something like that with me after today. Manvi notices Rahul making Koel sit in his car. I am sorry Baba. I cannot fall in my eyes to fulfil your dream. I will never sing with Rahul Sabharwal!

Raj is listening to the final selected candidates. Manvi isn’t there. One of the guys (who previously attended the audition) plays Manvi’s song. Raj does not like her voice. We need a contemporary singer for my son. Rahul walks in. He is mesmerised by the voice. His father tells him otherwise. Her voice and singing style reminds me of someone who I never want to think about. Rahul is intrigued.

Manvi apologizes to her father. He is not upset with her. Harsh and her mother know that she did not give the audition. Manvi points out that Baba was right about them. Harsh too says sorry to his Baba for speaking rudely to him in the morning. He has brought sweets as it is his Baba’s birthday. The family enjoys together.

Twinkle stops Rahul when he is leaving. Did you find your perfect singer? He denies. But I heard her voice. It brought peace to my heart. I heard a lot many girls’ voice today but her voice is still echoing inside me. I felt like losing myself after hearing her voice. I have never heard a voice like that. It was as if something was pulling me to her, as if it is my destiny to reach her!

Mr. Chatterjee wants the shopkeeper to repair his stereo. His friend tells him to throw away the old stuff. They sit down to drink tea while the shopkeeper repairs the stereo. His friend (Dibakar) talks about the old days when all 4 friends used to enjoy together. only Raj could fulfil his dreams. Mr. Chatterjee sternly tells him not to take Raj’s name.

Shaleen is planning a party for Rahul’s success. A girl (Nisha) asks him to do something for himself. Raj is talking to pundit ji about the muhurat time. He asks Shaleen to handle all the preps tonight. Shaleen assures him that he will take care of everything. Raj taunts him. Today is a very big day for Rahul. He will meet the girl tonight who will change his life! Shaleen looks angry.

Manvi is speaking to the shopkeeper about the songs that she has planned to gift to her Baba. She needs to arrange 20k for the same. She calls Sunil. He runs an event company. Maybe I can help you. He gives her the task of being a host tonight at the party. He agrees to pay 10k in advance while he will pay the rest tomorrow.

Mr. Chatterjee and Dibakar come home. Dibakar talks about Manvi and Sujoy’s alliance. Mr. Chatterjee wants Manvi to achieve something in music first. His wife does not mind them meeting once. We never know what’s written in fate. We cannot stop it.

Rahul rehearses every morning at 5 am. He does not like late night parties. His father is surprised as he is the only rockstar of the world who never drinks, enjoys life or spends time with girls. Rahul does not want to do any of it. Raj points out that Rahul reminds him sometime of an old schoolmate of his. He was a mad fellow. I don’t want you to meet him ever. I will make you meet Talwar’s daughter tonight though. He drags Rahul to the party.

Media covers the party. Manvi reaches there as well. She gets to know that Rahul Sabharwal is going to come to the party. I would have never come here if I knew about him coming here! Fans go crazy when Rahul reaches the venue. A reporter asks Shaleen to shift a little. I want to capture two generations of superstars (Raj and Rahul) in one frame. Nisha walks away angrily.

Raj talks to his friend Mr. Talwar. They talk about Rahul’s alliance with Avanti Talwar. Pundit ji told me that Rahul will meet the

Nisha feels like an extra in the party. No one will even miss us even if we leave from here. There is not even one picture of you in any of the parties. Shaleen agrees to make it happen.

Rahul takes a glass of water. The fans run up to him. He spills the glass of water on Manvi by mistake as she is standing nearby. He cannot even see her as the fans don’t leave his side. Shaleen tries to gain Rahul’s attention but fails.

Manvi heads to a washroom to clean up.

Nisha overhears Raj talking to Mr. Talwar about how good Rahul is. Nisha gets a drink specially made for Rahul. Nisha makes him drink it as well. The effect of the drink can be easily seen on Rahul. Commissioner’s wife helps Rahul in going upstairs. Nisha is very happy to see them together.

Commissioner’s wife brings Rahul to the same room where Manvi is. She feels disgusted to see Rahul with Commissioner’s wife. She drops her purse by mistake. Commissioner’s wife notices her. Manvi leaves. Rahul looks at Manvi in a dizzy state. Rahul wakes up. He pushes Commissioner’s wife away. She is angry that he refused her. That girl saw me with him. What if she tells someone?

Manvi notices Commissioner’s wife coming downstairs. She leaves her purse behind when she goes to tell something to the waiter. Commissioner’s wife keeps money in her purse. She intentionally checks her purse. Someone stole my money. She makes a fake story. She blames Manvi for the same. You were there in that room! She calls for security. Check her purse. Sunil checks Manvi’s purse. He finds money in her purse. You needed money but why did you do it? Manvi tries to explain him that she dint steal the money. Commissioner’s wife continues to blame her. Manvi is stuck.

Precap: Manvi hits Rahul. He tells his mother not to take that girl’s name (Manvi). I will strangle her if I see her. She says she wasn’t that bad.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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