Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul tries to help his father but in vain. The spirit enters inside him instead. What do you think? You will be able to save him (Raj)? No one can save him or your husband afterwards. Do anything but I wont let him live. Manvi sprinkles holy water on Rahul. The spirit leaves him. Manvi tries to do the same but the spirit blocks her way. Everyone gathers there. Nisha tries to help Raj but the spirit stops her. Manvi questions the spirit as to why she is doing this to them. I brought your kids home. Why are you doing this? The spirit says I don’t care about anyone else. It is Raj who has to die. He is a devil in disguise. Manvi defends Raj but spirit says what you will call the person who tries to kill innocent kids for property?

Piya comes downstairs and wishes to hug her mother but Manvi holds her. Her mother asks Piya if Raj tried to kill her. Piya nods. Everyone is shocked. Piya’s mother says you might not believe me but the kids wont lie. NIsha says I have hurt people a lot intentionally or unintentionally a lot but killing kids is unbelievable, that too for property! Aditya comes as well. He requests his mother to leave the kids. MAnvi holds him. Don’t go there. Sonali greets everyone.

Sonali recognizes the spirit (Malvika). What’s happening here? The spirit says you still remember me. SOnali goes to Rahul. What’s happening here? Will anyone tell me? What are you (spirit) doing here? Malvika says Raj ruined my life. I have come to take revenge. I thought he will be warned to be away from kids after pushing you from the stairs but he tried killing kids. Sonali doesn’t believe her but Manvi seconds Malvika. Piya said that too. Sonali questions Raj. Malvika says he always kept quiet. What will he say today? I will tell you. He and my husband were friends some time back. They used to spend a lot of time together. he misbehaved with me when I was alone at house one day. He wanted me since long time. He wanted me to leave my husband and come to me. He filed a fake case on my husband. He spread the news everywhere. One day my husband sent me and our kids to my parents’ home and he committed suicide. I had to live for my kids but sadly, I met with an accident and died. It is all because of Raj only. My revenge will complete after killing him only! Sonali says you wont kill him. We will inform police and get him arrested. Raj panics. Sonali says I am ashamed to realise I have a relation with you. Manvi supports Sonali. Mummy ji is right. Rahul promises Malvika he will look after the kids. Don’t kill Dad. The kids hug Manvi. Malvika thanks the couple for giving her kids a new life and for loving them. Promise me you wont spare my kids alone ever. You will also punish Raj for his misdeeds. Rahul promises her. Malvika asks the kids not to forget her. Stay happy with your new mother. She disappears.

Manvi and Rahul hug the kids. Rahul goes to call police. Manvi tells the kids not to cry. Shilpa takes them to their room. Raj asks Manvi to stop Rahul. I cannot go to jail. Is he mad? What is he saying? Manvi replies that no one will stop him. Rahul is only doing his duty as a father. You wont understand! Raj reminds her he is her FIL. Manvi refuses to talk nicely to him as he tried to kill innocent kids just a while back. Raj turns to Sonali who too does not agree to help him. You wanted to be famous. Now you will be as there will be only you on the front page of newspaper every day. She cries. Raj requests his mother to save him but she slaps him. Don’t utter another word. I am ashamed that I gave birth to a son like you. If I had slapped you at the right time then I wouldn’t have to see this day. My son is dead for me from this very moment onwards. Accept your crimes if you still have humanity left in you.

Police comes just then. We were informed that a criminal is here. Who is it? Raj says it is me. Inspector is taken aback. Raj tells him to arrest him. I accept all my crimes. Maybe this is the only way. I might become worthwhile afterwards to meet my family. He leaves with police. Sonali is in tears and so is Dadi. Dadi apologizes on Raj’s behalf. Sonali tells her not to. All the ladies cry.

Rahul is in his room all sad. Manvi tells him about police arresting papa. He says he couldn’t see it. Manvi says sometimes some things are not in our control. He says I thought I will never be able to look him in the eye after getting him arrested but maybe you are right. It will only strengthen our relation. She nods. only good things will happen now. He calls her his strength. I don’t know what I would have done without you. I cannot imagine it without you. I can’t do without you. They say I love you to each other. She says I have seen everything in this short time since our marriage. I want to spend every moment of my life with you now. I love you too. She sits all shy as he closes in for a kiss. They consummate their marriage. In the morning, Manvi asks Rahul to let go as the kids must be up. He asks for a kiss but she denies. He says two kids are here already. Now we need to complete our cricket team. They sweetly discuss it.

Manvi is tensed but Dadi assures her that the kids are too smart. they will get through. Rahul walks in just then. You are right. The kids got admitted. Manvi is thrilled to know that the kids have got admission in school. Rahul asks her if she doubted him. Parents are questioned more in admission interviews. It is good I went alone. Dadi hugs the kids. Piya asks for their gift as promised. Dadi takes them upstairs to give them their gift. Sonali shares that Raj called. Seems like he has changed. He seems to regret it a lot. He is teaching his jail mates music. He feels it will be peaceful to spend time with music. He met a young kid there who got in jail because of helplessness. He wishes that our company gives some scholarship for such needy and deprived kids. He wants it to be named after Harsh. Manvi is touched. Rahul says sometimes you have to go through a bad phase to reach a good one. We will do as Dad wants. Manvi agrees. Aditya and Piya show their gifts to their parents. Dadi complains that the kids asked her to play cricket with them. Rahul reminds Manvi of their cricket team plan. She gets shy. Rahul plays with the kids. Manvi mentally thanks Durga Ma for giving her more than what she has always asked for. I got such a great family, a loving husband like Rahul. I am thankful to you for these kids. Please bless us always.

Aditya and Piya complain to their mom that papa isn’t giving bat to them. Manvi tickles him because of which the kids win. They click a family selfie.


Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Arey yaar it I jaldi?

  2. Oh its finished wanted more such a shame

  3. so ho gaya pura un logo ke wish Jo hamesha comment me likethe the ki plz end the show lo ab show khatam or diya jao Jake khushiya manao

  4. Tiger track then yamini then ghost where is music ?? N finally the show end is this the way of ending such a nice serial?? Disappointed…


    So sad…. show ended it was good show…. going to miss….

  6. do second season

    1. Yaah plz srt 2nd season… Will miss dem

    2. agreed and it should contain romance some much and don’t use such tracks in that season

  7. aap Sab plz comment mat karo aap logo ne kabhi toh comments kiye nhi thode kar dete toh shayad show chal jata only me and ooshi Akbar comment karte shame on u all.

    1. Soniya don’t say that and no one should say like that about others so as u and take care don’t know when we will meet next and where so take care yourself and your’s

    2. I know dp is changed but hope that u will recognize me y dp changed really don’t know

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    4. Soniya first cool down what ever they did r there deeds and the serial is finished now the things we can do is to be good with others and wish for 2nd season to start and don’t be angry/don’t give attention to the comments of those people who didn’t even deserve your attention on their opposite point of view about the serial than yours

  8. Ye ekta kapoor ka serial itni jaldi kaise end ho gaya
    Is baar 10-12 generation ki story nahi dikhai LOL 😀

    1. thanks for comment

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