Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

It is night time. Everyone waits for Upmanyu to return home. Dadi does not tell anyone anything even when they ask her about it. I am waiting for someone. Baba comes home with pundit ji just then. Dadi welcomes him inside. He takes a step further but then refuses to enter inside. There is something wrong here. Baba asks him about what he is saying. Pundit ji says I can sense her presence here. Get that spoiled food here. I will tell you then. Shilpa brings it. pundit ji shares that what’s happening in the house isn’t normal. there is a bad spirit here. Shilpa asks Dadi if she doubted it already. Manvi asks Pundit ji is he is sure about it. He nods. she is a dangerous and stubborn spirit. Baba reasons that there is nothing like that. Spirits aren’t there. Dadi speaks of Kabir. I felt weird already. Now my doubts are confirmed. Pundit ji asks Baba to make preps for puja. Baba leaves to get them while Shilpa goes to be with kids. Pundit ji says that spirit is here only. I can feel her presence. Pundit ji sprinkles some holy water around. She is here only, near us. Manvi asks about solution for forever. pundit ji suggests doing grah-shanti puja tomorrow morning. Dadi says what if that spirit does something tonight itself. Pundit ji makes Manvi bring puja thaal and vermilion. light goes off. Spirit appears behind them. pundit ji draws something with puja ingredients and vermilion. light comes on. I have sent that spirit away from here for now. Make sure no one erases these signs anyhow at any cost. If any of it gets erased then the spirit will become more powerful. That spirit has come here with a motive to hurt someone. Raj comes there. What’s happening here? Manvi lies that they wanted to hold a puja for mummy ji. pundit ji has come for that only. Pundit ji excuses himself.

Manvi gives clothes to kids to change. She thinks of all the recent incidents. Dadi and pundit ji cannot be wrong. I wonder what that spirit wants from us. She helps Piya change her dress.

Raj speaks to the property agent. I am taking care of those kids. I haven’t opened an orphanage here. I should actually be getting it for free. My son has adopted those kids. Broker tells him that he can get that property only when the kids turn 18. They should hand them over to you legally. Raj wants the property at any cost. Broker suggests him to kill the kids for that. You can get it then only. Raj agrees to think about it.

Nisha scolds Manvi for bringing those kids here. Have you sworn to bring all the problems home? Dadi scolds her but Nisha doesn’t care. She brought Kabir, Manvi and now the kids. A spirit is after them. Manvi tells her to meet the kids once atleast. They are pure hearted. Nisha refuses. I am tired because of travelling. She walks over the raksha-kavach drawn by pundit ji. Manvi tells her to step back. Pundit ji drew it to save us all but you actually stepped over it. Nisha says are you serious. I am really tired. I am going to sleep. She heads upstairs.

Manvi asks Piya what they did in park. Did you play much? Piya looks down sadly. Manvi asks her what happened. Did Dadi say anything to you? Did anything happen in hospital? Aditya comes there. Manvi asks him the same question. Manvi says you both look tensed since you are home. Is there some problem? Aditya denies. we were missing you. we don’t enjoy staying away from you. You too come with us next time. Manvi agrees. You were really happy when you left from here. What happened that you got so sad? You are hiding something from me, right? Aditya tells her she wont understand. We feel safe with you. Piya also likes you very much. I request you. Please come with us next time. Manvi assures them they don’t have to fear anyone. She hugs the kids telling them not to fear anyone till she is with them. Their mother’s spirit appears in the almirah. Kids back off a little seeing that. Manvi notices the fear on their faces and asks them if it is their mother who they are looking at. The kids stay mum. The door of the almirah closes on its own. Aditya stops Manvi from turning or cleaning the room. We are hungry. Give us food please. Manvi offers to bring it here but they want to go with her. She hugs them telling them not to fear anything. I wont leave you alone. We will go downstairs together. The kids happily go with them.

Raj is drinking. I want that house at any cost. I will do whatever I will have to do to get it! no one has ever said no to me! He wears gloves and picks up his gun.

Rahul tells Manvi that he could see the kids looking a little lost. Manvi relates that the kids look scared since they have returned from hospital. Did they see the spirit? Rahul declines. they would have seen some accident victim. There is nothing like spirits. Relax. They are fine, right? She nods. They decide to talk to kids tomorrow.

Raj comes to the kids’ room. I have waited for that house for years. I cannot let go of it because of these two kids! He points gun at Piya. I will have to end their story by taking them far from here. They anyways have a habit of running away. Everyone will feel the same way this time too. I will have to scare them so much that they don’t even utter a word while going out of the house. He closes the door of the room. He next extends his hand towards Piya when her mother’s spirit pushes him away. He falls down startled. Manvi hears the sound and gets alert. I hear something. It is coming from the kids’ room.

Kids wake up. Raj notices the spirit behind PIya’s bed.

Rahul dismisses it.

Raj asks the spirit who she is. He turns but finds no one. The kids sit up and are tensed. The spirit appears behind Raj who is really scared. Who are you? She says I am their mother. I have come to save them from devil like you. You will see what I will do tonight to whoever tries to harm them. Raj agrees not to do anything to the kids. She throws him.

Manvi insists that noise is indeed coming. They go to check.

Raj warns the spirit not to step forward or he will shoot. She isn’t bothered. Rahul and Manvi are outside. Manvi is highly worried for the kids. Rahul somehow manages to open the door. He finds Raj holding his neck trying to struggle for life. Rahul tries to help but gets pushed away. Manvi asks for the kids. I am sure it is that spirit’s work. What have we done to you? Where are my kids? Manvi opens the almirah. The kids come out and hug her tight. Aditya tells his mother to let him (Raj) go. Rahul and MAnvi ask the spirit why she is scaring the kids and harming Raj. Spirit appears there.

Precap: Raj requests his mother to save him. Dadi slaps him. don’t utter another word. I am ashamed that I gave birth to a son like you.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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