Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul shares everything with his mother. He even tells her about the blue blood. She says it is unbelievable. Maybe someone came there in the disguise of terrorist only to hurt you and Manvi. He says it might be. She tells him to eat fruits.

Next day, doc assures Sabharwal Family that Rahul is fine. it is all because of Manvi. She took out the bullet on time or the poison would have affected him badly.

Manvi is all lost in thoughts. Shilpa asks her if some news came in paper about the attack. Manvi absentmindedly answers her. Is Rahul fine? Shilpa acts before her, lying that Rahul is not well. Manvi panics. Shilpa calms her down. I only wanted to know if you still care for Rahul or not. Manvi wonders how to tell her that maybe Rahul is responsible for Harsh’s death. She does not tell her mother anything. I will not go anywhere.

Sonali tries to make Raj understand that Rahul needs her but he does not show much interest. She knows he will never understand her. I will talk to Shilpa who is equally keen on this idea of uniting Rahul and Manvi. She calls Shilpa. They plan to first make both the men (Raj and Upmanyu) understand how much the kids need each other. They zero in on Upmanyu first. Shilpa agrees to bring him out on some pretext so they can talk to him.

Yamini kind of hugs Rahul while trying to make him wear his shirt. He steps aside showing his discomfort but she thinks to use this chance to get Manvi out of his life and mind. He looks uncomfortable while she again comes close trying to fix the buttons on his shirt. You did a really brave thing by saving Manvi Bhabhi. I am impressed. Rahul says I only did my duty towards my wife. I will always do it. Nisha sees them thus. She will become useless for me if she too goes mad for Rahul like Avanti. Outside, Nisha asks Yamini if she too fell for Rahul. Yamini denies. I really liked the way he saved Manvi Bhabhi. Nisha is sure Yamini is falling for Rahul surely. I pity Rahul. He keeps falling for all the wrong women. He will be trapped. Yamini gets a call from Kabir which makes Nisha suspicious. Yamini goes aside to pick call. Nisha realises that she is certainly speaking to the same Kabir. I should have thought of this before.

Manvi is giving her statement in the police station. Rahul also comes there. Rahul thinks Manvi worries for him even after what he did that day. I know it. Ask me once. Two men in the lockup try peeking at Manvi while she gives her statement. Rahul gets angry and holds their collar. Inspector tells him to mind it but Rahul tells the same thing to him. Manvi thinks Rahul gets angry on anyone anytime. How do I forgive him? He never understands anything. They look at each other. Why are you coming close to me again and again? What do you want to prove? No, I cannot let it affect me.

Kabir asks Nisha why she called him here. She says I called you here to warn you. I know the game you are playing. He acts innocent but she knows he sent Sandhya to their house. He declines but she knows it already. I am helping Sandhya in that house. Kabir says she does not need anyone. She can do it all herself. Nisha shares that she feels Sandhya is falling for Rahul. I am watching her. Kabir ends up taking Yugant’s name. It cannot be. Nisha asks him about Yugant but he does not share anything. Keep me updated. She nods.

Dadi asks Sonali if Upamanyu was angry. Sonali says it was justified but he agreed to it that Manvi and Rahul are meant to be together. Dadi is happy to hear it. I understand Manvi’s anger but why is Rahul stuck. Sonali shares that Rahul feels Manvi has gone through so much because of him only. Dadi says I don’t know if he is right or wrong but we always begin to blame ourselves in between. They promote the new show “Tere Bin”. Dadi says if someone is not happy with his or her sacrifice then it isn’t right. How will you spend your life? Sonali seconds her. I wont support Rahul in any of his decisions now. I will bring them closer. Dadi smiles.

Inspector advises Rahul and Manvi to be careful as they flopped the terrorists’ plan. Rahul asks for security at Manvi’s place. Inspector agrees to get it. Manvi’s pallu blows in air because of wind. Rahul covers her back.

Precap: Sonali sees Yamini wiping the blue blood of her hands. It means my doubt was right!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. yes wow kya scene tha last me .and yes ab sonali ko shab pata chal jayega and as per naveen sir (raj) and I must say karan kitna hot lag raha tha as usual and saanvi also

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