Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shaleen tells his dad they did not find it. Raj asks them to check the outsiders. They would have to go. Sonali tells him to stop it. Raj insists that it will be not a problem if they haven’t done anything. They can leave after getting checked. Shilpa tearfully opens her bag. Money falls from her purse. Raj blames her for asking money from Manvi. She has come in our home 2 days ago only and you have already started asking her for money? Manvi denies. We don’t need your money. My mother brought it with her for me. Raj asks Nisha and Shaleen not to waste time. Nisha asks Shilpa to come with her. Raj says let them go if you don’t find anything with them even after checking them. If you do, then I am in the studio. Sonali apologizes to Manvi from the behalf of her family. Avanti says I cannot imagine what you are going through. I wouldn’t have let them behave with your parents like this if I was in your place. They came here for the first time. Rahul is not here. He would not have done anything anyways as he is helpless before his father. he couldn’t have helped you! Everything will be fine.

Nisha checks Shilpa while Shaleen checks Harsh. Shaleen asks Harsh to remove his shirt whereas Nisha removes Shilpa’s shawl. They both say in the end that they knew they wont find anything with them, but who can make dad understand. Shilpa silently cries. Harsh too feels very bad. They all gather in the hall once again. Nisha takes Avanti aside.

Manvi is about to say something but Harsh stops her. We should leave before we get insulted anymore. Shilpa tells Manvi they have to leave for hospital. It will be visiting hours in hospital. Harsh does not let her hug Manvi. Manvi is in tears.

Manvi asks herself how much more she will have to bear. What mistake did I do? The punishment is not ending! Why God! Sonali feels bad for her.

Sonali tells Raj nothing was found with Manvi’s parents. I told you already. They got insulted because of your doubts. Raj does not mind it. Upmanyu would have behaved in a worst manner. Did you forget the way he blamed Rahul that day for the accident? What is worst? The bangles were not found with them but there has been a theft! I wont accept it at all. Avanti thinks he made her plan A successful. Now it is time for my plan B. She calls Rahul.

Shilpa cannot stop thinking of what happened today at Sabharwal House. She finds a nurse rushing out of Upmanyu’s ward. She tells Shilpa that Upmanyu’s condition is worsening. We have been trying to get in touch with you but in vain.

Manvi looks at Rahul’s photo. You are responsible for whatever is happening in her life. You brought a storm in my life. I wouldn’t have come here if you had not married me stealthily. Everyone here thinks that I trapped you. They don’t know that it is you who trapped me. I will tell the truth to everyone. Why should I bear the punishment of your sins! She is about to go out when she receives Shilpa’s call. Please come here. Harsh is not here. I am feeling scared as the nurse said something went wrong with your Baba. Manvi agrees to come. She thinks to tell him.

Sujoy flirts with a girl on phone. He gets Manvi’s call. She tells him about Baba’s health worsening. I will take time in reaching there. Can you go there if you are nearby? He readily agrees. She thanks him. Sujoy thinks if a girl calls someone in her times of trouble then she thinks of that person to be closest. I am ahead Rahul! Just wait and watch what I do now Rahul!

Sujoy meets Shilpa in the hospital. She is surprised to see him there. He asks her about Upmanyu. What happened? She herself is clueless. She cries. He thinks Upmanyu’s story can end then. it is good for me only. No one will be able to know my truth. Nurse calls Shilpa inside as the doc wants to talk to her. Doc tells her that he has checked the reports. We found something weird. Manvi joins them. Doc tells Shilpa, Manvi and Sujoy that the patient is recovering fast. He may come out of coma today itself! Sujoy is shocked. He might wake up in a while! I was shocked as I have never seen any patient recovering like this. He is a real fighter. I will check him up once again. He leaves. Manvi tells her mother that once Baba wakes up, they will find out who is responsible for his condition. If it is Rahul then I will send him to jail! Sujoy wonders how Upmanyu survived such a big attack. I have to stop him from gaining conscious. I should do something. He excuses himself on the pretext of calling his father.

Outside, Sujoy decides to end Sujoy’s story on his own. He notices a man taking report to the doctor. Sujoy wears a doctor’s coat and mask. He overhears the doc giving instructions to the nurse. Doc advises the nurses to maintain the oxygen level of the patient. He can go back in coma otherwise. He leaves. Sujoy pretends to be talking on phone. He stands with his back to the doc. Once the doc is gone, Sujoy comes to Upmanyu’s room. Nurse mistakes him for Dr. Deshpande. He asks the nurses to bring the patient’s history. I want to check him personally. He tries to do something with the machine when he hears Manvi’s voice. He hides. Doc tells them that the patient is doing really well. He can gain conscious anytime. Manvi notices the movement in her father’s hands and eyes. Sujoy looks on shocked.

Precap: Rahul apologizes to manvi for what his dad did with her family today. I did not know he will take his anger to this level. He throws down his bag angrily. She notices the bangles. He regrets going to studio. This wouldn’t have happened otherwise! Manvi picks up the bangles in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Upmanyu should get consciousness even for some time to tell truth to manvi… least she should know the truth to stop believing sujoy…. N now love should start between the two….don’t make it like all the serials where evil wins all the time n truth remains hidden for years….

  2. I really agree with uuuu…. I want manvi to know d truth….. Dt rahul is a gd one……… I want dm to be frnds at least….

  3. i too want to see rahul n manvi together. what is next

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    I think upmanyu will not come out of coma this ssoon…. otherwise how will writers will make public irritated….
    And ab toh Manvi ko or sunnayegi or nafart kregi vo bangles dekh kr….

  5. Mad n irritating manvi

  6. kya show tha yar…i love it

  7. Ya riht hai kuch bhi bata rahe hai kam we kam ab tohnromance dalo yaar
    Boring serial kar rahe hai

  8. Don’t make the show boring,in the biggining it was Ossom. When I watch the show I feel very precious.pls clear all mis understandings

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