Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul jokes with Manvi over the situation. Seriously speaking, I would have shot you because of the way you were using that knife if you weren’t my wife. They hear someone coming in and hide. Yamini comes in holding a gun. Rahul and Manvi look on from their hiding place. Manvi suggests escaping from there seeing the kidnapper (Yamini) gone from there. Manvi asks Rahul if he thinks the kidnapper would have left my now. Yamini hits him with a stick because of which he falls unconscious. Manvi gets worried for him. Kidnapper tries hurting Manvi but she holds the stick. This is the last time you are hurting my husband. Yamini / kidnapper says you are right. This is the last time. Rahul will die now. She slaps Manvi and throws the stick away. Yamini looks at Rahul. Poor Manvi, Harsh atleast knew the reason behind his death. They will not know anything. They will die just like my Yugant did. Manvi asks Kidnapper / Yamini what they have done to him. Yamini points gun at Manvi. I am only fulfilling my promise to Yugant. Manvi pushes the cot towards Yamini. Rahul wakes up by now. Manvi asks him to save her. He sees the small temple in there. A trident is kept there. Rahul hits Yamini with the trident. She runs away. Manvi asks Rahul to come. We shouldn’t be staying here anymore. He agrees. Rahul notices blue coloured blood on the floor. How can it be?

Yamini comes to her original form. I cannot hide this wound as it is because of Mata’s trident.

Raj is at police station. He demands to have his son back safely.

Rahul is sure his father would have informed everyone by now. Everyone must be looking for me. We will get help soon. Manvi gets sad thinking of her Baba. He would have gone quiet. He has already lost his son and now me. Rahul feels bad. I will never leave you ever if you just give me a chance.

Upmanyu sits teary eyed. Why is God doing this to me? What do you want? You took my son in this old age and now my daughter. Kill me. It will be better than this. I wonder where my daughter would be right now. Raj notices his expressions. Don’t worry. I wont let anything happen to our kids. I will get them back safely. Upmanyu nods sadly.

Police finds Rahul and Manvi and make them sit in the car. Commissioner informs Raj about the same. Raj thanks him. Commissioner calls it their duty. They are headed to your home.

Sonali refuses to drink or eat anything till the kids are back. Dadi asks her to eat something for Shilpa’s sake. Sonali asks her if she would have eaten something if Raj was in problem. Nisha is irked. These women stop eating or drinking whenever something goes wrong with Rahul and Manvi. Mom has become middle class like Manvi’s mom by staying with her. Sonali assures Shilpa that kids will come back home safely. Nothing can happen to them till the time they are together. She gets Raj’s call. Everyone is happy to know that Rahul and Manvi are safe except Nisha. They escaped from terrorists too! Sonali asks for Sandhya / Yamini who comes just then. Sonali questions her on her whereabouts. Yamini is irked that Sonali has to ask everything. NIsha hopes she does not blame her this time. Yamini cooks a fake story which Sonali falls for. Sonali sends her to cook something nice for the couple. Yamini acts to be happy. Nisha thinks this woman (Yamini) has a book of excuses.

Manvi and Rahul are on their way home. She notices that he still is not fine. She makes him rest his head on her shoulder. She thinks of what all he did to save her. I know you care for me. I know you care a lot. I don’t understand. Why isn’t there trust amidst us when love is? You have risked your life to save me today. I wont forget it ever. There is something else too which I wont forget. You left me when I needed only you by my side.

Sonali thinks to tell Sandhya what is to be cooked. She notices drops of blue colour on the floor. She follows the blood trail (blue blood) which takes her to Sandhya / Yamini’s room. She is confused as to what it is.

Sandhya / Yamini covers her hand when Sonali knocks at the door. Sonali asks her about the blue colour on the floor. Yamini is tensed. I forgot to clean it. She calls it ink. I brought it to write letter to mom. Maybe the cap was open. I dint notice. I will just clean it. Sonali asks her to come to kitchen after winding this up. Yamini nods. she reprimands herself for making such mistakes. I will have to kill that person right away who figures out my truth.

Rahul and Manvi come home. everyone cares for Rahul and Manvi. Nisha thinks I had planned a party thinking of their death. Now I will have to cancel it. Sonali asks them what happened. Rahul says it is nothing but Manvi points out that he got a bullet shot. I took it out. Sonali asks Raj to call doc. Raj has already done it. He scolds Manvi for acting like a doc. Rahul reasons that it was important to save the poison from spreading in the body. I wouldn’t have been alive if she wouldn’t have done it. Dadi gives Prasad to everyone. Mata Rani heard my prayers. Yamini hears everything from far. She chants some mantras because of which Manvi coughs badly. Rahul and Shilpa pat at her back. They ask someone to bring water.

Doc comes. He asks Rahul to come to his room. I will check you there. Manvi tells Sonali to take Rahul with her. Sonali asks Manvi to be with Rahul as he needs her right now. Manvi says he has his entire family with him but my parents don’t have anyone with them at this moment. It is very important for me to be with them. Rahul stops his mother from saying anything. He thanks Manvi for saving his life. He goes to his room with his parents while Manvi heads towards the door with her parents.

Precap: Yamini kind of hugs Rahul while trying to make him wear his shirt. He looks uncomfortable while she fixes the buttons on his shirt. Nisha sees them thus. It will be a problem for me if she too goes mad for Rahul like Avanti.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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