Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba tells Manvi and Rahul that they dint take the right decision. Parents grow up when they have kids. I don’t think you are ready for it. Shilpa supports Manvi and Rahul instead. Where are the kids? Manvi calls out for Priya and Aditya. Priya goes and sits with Shilpa. Rahul tells Aditya to sit in the lap of the khadus uncle (Baba). Tell him you love music and want to learn too. Aditya happily does so. Baba melts down. You were right Shilpa. The kids are just like Manvi. He also agrees to teach Aditya music. Rahul and Manvi are happy to see everyone bonding so nicely together. Sonali watches them from upstairs. The spirit follows her and pushes her from the stairs. Everyone rushes to her side. Rahul calls doc.

Dadi asks Rahul and Manvi about Sonali. How is she? Where is Raj? Rahul replies that doc admitted mom. Dad is with her only. Manvi adds that she got hurt in the back which is why she has been asked to stay back in hospital. Rahul tells his Dadi not to worry. Everything is fine. they ask about the kids. Manvi is about to go get them but Baba offers to go.

Baba finds the kids shouting and pillow fighting. He tells them not to shout if they have to become singers. The kids end up throwing pillow at him. He acts serious but then plays with them. He gets tired and coughs. Kids get concerned. He says I am perfectly fine. Don’t worry. They decide to play catch and throw outside. Ball falls nears Ganpati idol while the kids are playing. They get tensed. Manvi too joins the kids. I will also play with both of you. Go and get the ball. They stand rooted to their places. you don’t want to play with me? The kids turn to look at Manvi and see their mother near the door. they rush to their room. Manvi is boggled but Baba says they maybe tired. Let them rest for a while.

Dadi is worried for Sonali. Shilpa tells her not to worry. She is fine. it is good she is in hospital. She will be well taken care of. Dadi nods. I am worried for Manvi too. They both used to handle home together. Manvi is alone now. How will she manage the home and kids now? They are new here. Shilpa says I too was thinking about the same. It would be good if there was someone who could support her. She offers to stay at Sabharwal House with Upmanyu for a few days till Sonali is back. Dadi is thrilled at the idea. She looks at Upmanyu who says it is our duty to support loved ones in troubled times. Don’t take tension. We are here. Manvi comes there. Dadi tells her about Manvi’s parents staying back at Sabharwal House till Sonali comes home. Manvi is happy. I too was thinking the same. Maybe Baba and papa will gel in this time.

Shilpa wants to go home to get their stuff from home. Manvi suggests sending driver. Shilpa wants to take the kids along. Manvi says they are too troublesome. They might get naughty. Shilpa doesn’t mind it. They wont be as naughty as you and Harsh were. Manvi smiles. I will ready them.

Rahul comes home. He gets to know that Manvi’s parents and kids have gone to Chatterjee House to get their stuff. Dadi tells him that she is going to hospital. I have given off to servants too. You will be alone with your wife. No one will come in for few hours. It is rainy season. Romance with your wife for some time too. Rahul asks her if he is a kid. Dadi says your mother only said so. She said that she has no problem but it is a problem that her son is still a kid. Take Manvi out on candlelight dinner. I have seen more that type of films with your Dada than you. Rahul is surprised. Really? She nods. Do something. Spend some time with your wife. He agrees. She leaves for hospital.

Rahul thinks mom and dadi are right. Just saying I love you wont do anything. Our marriage isn’t how I want it to be. I will make tonight the most romantic date. I should plan a surprise date. Manvi must be making dinner. He orders a bouquet for Manvi. I will make sure it’s all perfect and there is no mistake. He decorates the room with candles and rose petals. He covers Manvi’s eyes as soon as she enters inside the room. She smells perfume and burning smell. He says there is no fire in here. She panics hearing fire but he says it isn’t like that. She is pleasantly surprised to see the room all decorated when he unveils her eyes. You don’t think you added a little too many candles? He says you can never think good about things. It is romantic atmosphere. She sneezes and feels suffocated. He opens the windows. I did it all to surprise you. sorry I dint know. She tells him not to say sorry. Whatever you did for me is really special. He blows out all the candles sweetly. They sit down on the bed. He says I did all this to do what we couldn’t do after wedding. If I stop today then you will see.

Baba and Shilpa come home with the kids.

Rahul and Manvi look at each other romantically. They close in for a kiss when Manvi hears her parents’ voice. They are home. Rahul tells Manvi not to do this to him. She points out that the door is also closed. He does not want to let go. We will do something ever or if we will always adopt kids. How will we have our own kids? She asks him to let her go today atleast. Epi ends on Rahul’s sad face.

Precap: At night, Manvi asks the kids if they were speaking about their mother. Who is there? You were lying to me? Who is there? I don’t see anyone. The spirit appears behind Manvi and extends her hands to strangle her. The kids get scared seeing their mother behind Manvi. Manvi notices the panic and fear on their faces. Is someone behind me? Who is it? The kids point at the spirit. Manvi asks them if it is their mother. She turns.

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