Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manvi comes home. She tells her family members about her contract. Her parents are really proud of her. You always bring a solution to our problems. Shilpa misses Harsh. Manvi says I got this contract without the help of Sabharwal Surname. Nisha asks her if she means that. She taunts Manvi. How could you think someone will give you work without our surname? Manvi and her Baba get upset. Nisha says I only came to tell you that our family is getting insulted because of your actions. You really think you got this contract because of your talent? You got it because of Rahul. Chatterjee’s look shocked. Manvi denies. I got it on the basis of my talent. Nisha repeats that Rahul used his influence. You are still his wife. He does not want his wife to work for some low level company. Manvi refuses to believe her so Nisha calls Avinash directly. She puts the call on speaker. I wanted to thank you for giving the contract to Manvi. I know Rahul personally requested you for it. thanks for help. Avinash tells her not to say thanks. Rahul is my friend. There is no point thanking friends. He is about to praise Manvi when Nisha intentionally disconnects the call. Nisha yet again taunts Manvi. I came to tell you not to beg for job from our business rivals like this. you may not think of us to be your own but you are still a part of our family. it is affecting our reputation. Don’t take it down. Nisha walks out. It turns out to be Yamini. Why dint I think earlier to use Nisha’s avatar? I can insult Manvi using Nisha. SOnali has begun to trust me so she tells me all the personal stuff. I have to keep her trust on me to keep Manvi and Rahul away from each other.

Manvi comes to Sabharwal House. Sonali asks her to come in but Manvi denies. My Baba has asked me not to cross the line. I cannot disrespect his words. Rahul comes there. She throws some papers at him. They are the papers of the contract for which you used your influence. Why did you do it? You think I cannot do anything on my own? Am I not capable for anything? You could have atleast cared for my Baba. Dint you feel ashamed? You separated me from you. Remember that line that you drew. Stay away from me and my family from today. I don’t need your help. Leave me alone. She goes. Rahul is worried. How did Manvi come to know about the contract? Sonali too thinks of the same. I know Avinash. He wont do it. only Avniash, Rahul and I knew about it. She recalls telling Sandhya / Yamini.

Sonali thinks surely Sandhya / Yamini would have told Manvi. Did she think it will make Manvi happy? I had clearly told her against it. She calls out for Sandhya / Yamini and confronts her. Yamini thinks I should have killed her in place of Harsh actually. Sonali repeats her question which worries Yamini. I will have to speak carefully before her. She is too smart. Sonali says I wanted Manvi to come home. I trust Staff like my own people. Yamini touches her feet. I dint tell Manvi Bhabhi. It was Nisha Bhabhi. Sonali says it cant be. Yamini adds that Nisha heard everything when you told me. She followed me to kitchen, demanding to know everything. She threatened to throw me out of job. Where would I go then? You can ask Manvi Bhabhi. Sonali trusts her. I had told you to come to me in case NIsha tries to pressurise you. How did you make this mistake? Yamini apologizes to her. I dint know Nisha will do something like this. Sonali tells her to stop crying. I wont tolerate Nisha anymore. Yamini thinks poor Nisha, I would enjoy seeing her getting scolded now.

Manvi is back to her home. She sadly looks at her bag and thinks of her marriage. This marriage wasn’t destined to happen. Why am I feeling so much pain when it is breaking apart? Why are you giving me so much pain Rahul? We were together even when the entire world was against us. We never got away. you knew I am only your shield for namesake. You were my biggest strength. Upmanyu comes there with food. Baba asks her to have good but she denies. He says I want to feed my daughter with my hands. Will you not eat? She shakes her head while tears stream down her cheeks. He reminds her of her childhood. I used to run away you to make you eat. You were so naughty. She asks him if he sings badly. He says no. She wonders why Rahul doubted her talent then. Why did he do this to me? He tells her not to worry. No one can doubt your talent. You sing very well. Why do you think bad about you? Maybe Rahul had guilt conscious. Maybe something good was still left in you. She says why dint he hear me when Dada was alive. I kept telling him Dada is innocent. Where was his goodness then? He advises her not to think too much. He wonders why Rahul is doing all this. he pushed Manvi out of the house first and now is doing all this. Why isn’t she letting Manvi live peacefully?

Rahul thinks why this anger, stubbornness. She can take up a small job but not take my help. He hits his hand in drawer and shouts in pain. He gets a cut. Manvi enters just then and panics seeing his hand bleeding. You are still a kid! See all this blood. Can you not take care of yourself? Kids are better than you as they care about themselves. You don’t care about yourself. You haven’t done it till date. He smiles seeing her tying her hairs but then opens it. Romantic music plays in background. He pulls her to him while she is bandaging his wound. She gets shy. What if someone comes? He reminds her that she just called him a kid. She gets up to go. He asks her not to and accidentally touches his wound. He realises that he has been imagining. Manvi’s words echo in his head. you have always thought me wrong. You even snatched the chance to clear this misunderstanding. Sonali comes there. Are you missing her so much? He acts before her. I only wanted to help her. I am not her enemy. Why doesn’t she understand? I am not as big as she thinks me to be. She assures him everything will be fine. He says I hope so but she is sure it will. I have to do something fast but what!

Precap: Sonali tells Shilpa Manvi hasn’t come. Shilpa says she was going to come here directly with your medicines. She told the same to doc. In the hospital, some people speak about a terrorist.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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