Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

doc is attacked by the lady shadow. shadow tries to strangle her. doc some how manages to escape the grip and falls on ground. doc backs away towards the ganesha idol and shadow doesnt follow. doc understands that the idol is keeping the shadow away hence she holds on to the idol. doc falls alseep with small ganesha idol in her hands. rahul wakes up and sees maanvi sleeping next to him holding on to her pillow. he goes close to her and caresses her hairs. maanvi wakes up and screams seeing him so close.

**so cute and funny moment**
rahul backs off shocked by her reaction. maanvi realize and teases rahul. rahul in response makes up another excuse to tease her.

**more cute rahul maanvi moments**
rahul maanvi romancing and chotu stops by. chotu informs sonali wishes to talk to them. rahul maanvi small romance moment again.

they go to meet sonali who asks them to come on dinner party at an old friend’s place. rahul says not possible because he had scheduled major rehearsal / recording at studio. sonali tries to get them to agree. maanvi says we will try. rahul agrees half heartedly. nurse comes wake up the doc. nurse inquires why doc was sleeping on the floor. doc inquires about kids and nurse informs the kids are in their room and she just served them breakfast. doc is worried thinking about what has happened so far. rahul maanvi at the studio recording for their album.
**sings toota jo kabhi taara**
//so sweet romance with throwback

more recording moments
rahul informs maanvi of text from sonali. maanvi leaves to get ready asking rahul to reach at dinner party on time. rahul at their friend’s place. sonali comes and informs why they got late. rahul jokes but mostly his eyes are waiting for maanvi only. maanvi comes in and rahul is astonished to see his beautiful maanvi.

**more romance between rahul maanvi**
lady doc inquires nurse about kids. doc informs about kids being adopted by some rich family. lady doc tries to reason but he dont listen. lady doc is concerned about the family. friend’s place again. maanvi cuddles with the baby.

**rahul maanvi cute funny moments**
maanvi teases and rahul jokes and teases. friend teases and asks rahul maanvi about it good news.

some conversation over the friend adopting a baby girl.
friend chit-chats with maanvi about loving and caring adopted kids. maanvi thinks about those kids again.

episode ends.

rahul maanvi found the kids on their way. boy tells them the doc handed them to some family who mistreated them and beat them up. rahul maanvi feels what monstrous type of people they are who hurt these kids.

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