Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 10th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Harsh gaining conscious. He hears strange sounds. He picks up his phone and records Kabir turning into a bull. Outside, Rahul too smells the bull. I smelt it yesterday also. Maybe I am smelling too much. He notices the bull there and is shocked. Today is not Purnima. How will I face it today? Help me God. Bull cannot kill me like this today! Ambulance comes there just then because of which Kabir disappears. Rahul is relieved.

Harsh is in shock. How can it be? It cannot be! Kabir? How can it be true? He looks at the video in his phone and recalls his last convo with Kabir at the bar. I will have to do something. I will have to tell everyone.

Rahul calls out for Manvi. Mom sent food. Where are mom and dad? She says they are here only. Thank mummy ji for sending food. He advises her to come home once. We must sort this misunderstanding. She refuses to talk to him ever. Don’t come back again. They both wonder (in mind) why they don’t understand each other. Rahul stops manvi. Can we not forget out differences and speak to each other? How is Harsh? She says he is fine. Don’t act to be concerned. He says I really am concerned. She again tells him to leave. He says I shouldn’t waste time. I will meet him. She tells him against it but he firmly tells her she wont decide it. He heads to Harsh’s ward.

Shilpa tells manvi to talk patiently to Rahul once. Manvi denies. There is nothing left between us to talk.

Rahul comes to the ward and calls out for Harsh. Did I come in the wrong ward? He notices Harsh hiding behind the sofa? He calls out for everyone. Harsh is shaking badly and is very much scared. Rahul calls doc while Manvi, Baba and Ma join Harsh. Doc checks Harsh. They give him an injection. Manvi asks Harsh what happened. Harsh mumbles he saw the scary! Kabir comes there just then. Harsh gets scared. Kabir asks him what happened. Is everything fine? the injection begins to show effect on Harsh. He sleeps. The family members are worried but doc sends everyone out.

Kabir and Rahul talk about Harsh. Rahul thanks Kabir for taking care of manvi. I dint know the situation is this serious. You go home. I will handle things here. Kabir denies. Rahul says I will manage it here. It is my responsibility. Manvi seconds Kabir. You should go home Rahul. Rahul asks her if she is serious. I had no idea what is going on here. Please behave. This is a misunderstanding. She says I don’t want it to continue. Kabir has been here since the beginning. I want him to stay back only. I wont take any help from Rahul if he stays here. Rahul is unhappy. Kabir offers to leave. Don’t fight because of me. Rahul and manvi argue. Kabir takes Rahul aside. She wont hear anything as she is angry. Trust me. Rahul agrees. He is thankful to Kabir. I got a really good friend in you. They hug.

Harsh gains conscious. I must tell this to someone. He calls Prithvi. I want to meet you right away. I am in hospital. Please come over. Prtihvi refuses but Harsh insists. I want to tell you something about Kabir. You wont trust me. I have recorded it in my phone. I have seen kabir turning into a bull. Prithvi calls it rubbish. Harsh says I understand no one will believe it but I have proof. Please come over. Prithvi agrees. Harsh thinks to try to forward the clip once. Kabir has heard his convo. You made a very big mistake Harsh. You would have escaped if you had taken enmity from humans. There will be no forgiveness now as I am a bull. You will have to die! He asks Harsh if he called Inspector. He snatches Harsh’s phone and deletes the video. You saw it yet dint realise how dangerous I can be, especially for humans? He sits down next to Harsh. You can take new shots of me now. I promise it will be different and new every time. I will kill your Baba, Ma and Manvi and then you! Someone should see them screaming and begging for their life. You only will record it after all. You got scared of hearing it? think what will I do to you if I come in my real avatar. Keep your mouth shut. If you tell anything to anyone then you wont be able to regret it even. Harsh sits there shocked.

Kabir tells everything to his mom. She is worried what fi Harsh says anything to anyone or Manvi. Kabis is sure it wont happen. I have threatened him badly. I am keeping an eye on Manvi continuously. She agrees to handle Harsh. Maybe he wont be able to speak after today. I have also thought something for Inspector Prithvi. Don’t worry about him now.

A few men block Prithvi’s way. He asks them to move aside. I am not going to be scared of goons like you. I am a policeman. Move aside. They surround him from all the sides. Prithvi is shocked to see them turning into bull right before his eyes. They hit him badly. Prithvi loses conscious and is badly bruised.

Harsh thinks he made a very big mistake. I shouldn’t have called Inspector here. What if Kabir harms any of my family members? Kabir comes there. Are you waiting for someone? There is no point though. Your Inspector has been killed. There is no point asking for help from anyone as no one will help you. I am warning you for the last time. You very well know what I do to people. This is my last warning or you wont be able to even think what I will do to you and your family. Don’t invite trouble or! Manvi asks him what will happen then. Say it. Kabir diverts the topic. Harsh is speaking nonsense. He said he has become a burden on family while talking about expenses. I was trying to make him understand. Manvi tells Harsh kabir is right. Don’t think like that. I only want you to get well soon and come home. She thanks Kabir. He tells her not to say so. I think of you people as mine which is why I am doing so much. She leaves. Kabir warns Harsh again. Keep quiet so your sister can live.

Precap: Manvi asks Rahul what happened to papa. I will come with you. He tells her not to show fake concern. Dad’s condition is because of your brother’s fake complaint.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Oh., toooo… Much dragging..

  2. Very well done ? they have their turns first he cares and she misunderstands him secondly she cares and he misunderstands him harsh and prithvi both knows the reality but will any of them be able to tell the truth to others

  3. I have stopped watching this show because I find the storyline so far, very frustrating. Any impacts and suspension has been ruined because it is being dragged out far too long and any interest is gone! I have so far just read updates. Lets hope Rahul and Manvi reunite, after all she is his shield.

  4. What Crap!!Rahul has lost all his tiger powers, earlier he could sense danger now he just can’t do anything. I think the writer forgets what was written and shown earlier… Husband and Wife’s relation is so weak? Stick to written updates… Not worth wasting 30 mins of your time.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

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