Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 25th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Happy ending for Rastogis

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Palki getting ready. Brij comes and compliments her. He prays that she doesn’t catch anyone’s bad sight. She gets Sudha’s call. Sudha asks her to come home and meet her. Palki says Sudha called me home immediately. Brij says don’t worry. Palki says I feel Krish told her everything. He says she would be busy. She says if she accepts Krish and my relation, then it will be good. He says yes, I will give the good news to Anju. He calls Anju.

Palki comes home and wishes Sudha happy birthday. Sudha shouts and asks what’s going on between Krish and you. Diya asks when did you come Palki. Armaan asks what happened. Sudha asks him to see the pics, maybe he knows it already. Krish asks how did you get these pics. Sudha asks what are you doing, you lied to me, how did you think that I will agree for this relation. She asks Diya why did she not tell her. She says Palki, you won’t become this house’s bahu. Armaan says Krish and Palki are adults, mature, they know what’s right and wrong for them, let them do what they want. Sudha asks what about my happiness, everyone stopped thinking about me. She gets angry on them and cries. Armaan asks her to have water. She refuses and throws the glass. He asks her to calm down. She says you all are right, just I m wrong, Krish can marry Palki and then make me leave, its better that I leave this house, I have no respect in my house, my children don’t listen to me. Armaan says I promised you, I will listen to you. She says fine, you and Krish will listen to me without asking me anything, just go to Jammu with Saloni, just you three, no one else.

Armaan asks what are you saying. Sudha says no questions, just go now, else I will leave this house. Bhavna cries and says I didn’t know matter will go so long. Madhu says yes. Sudha asks will you pack your bags or shall I do, I got your answer in your silence, I understood my value in the house, I m leaving this house forever. Armaan asks her to stop.

She goes to her room and cries. she packs the bag. Diya breaks a glass by her hand, and opens the window. She enters the room, and goes to open the door. Sudha gets dizzy. She falls down on the floor. Diya asks her to open her eyes. Armaan takes Sudha outside. Diya’s hand bleeds. Armaan ties a kerchief to Diya’s hand. Diya cares for Sudha. She feeds the lemon juice to Sudha. Sudha gets conscious. Diya asks are you fine. Armaan, Krish and Bhavna hug her. Armaan says we will go to Jammu, your health is imp. Diya says no one will go anywhere. Sudha says I knew it. Diya says I m respecting your work, you all don’t need to leave the house, Palki and I will leave the house. Armaan says I can’t stay without you. Diya says don’t stop me, for my sake. She apologizes. She says I will go from here if this relieves your tension. She says I know Madhu has own reasons to dislike me, I have really liked Madhu’s mirror, I thought Madhu will give me that mirror one day as a blessing and accept me, but… She takes her blessings. She says forgive me if I made any mistake.

Diya says I never differentiated between Bhavna and Palki, but I couldn’t make an elder sister’s place in your heart, take care. Diya asks Armaan not to stop her. She asks Krish to take care. She says I couldn’t give you happiness of becoming a grandma but I pray for your happiness. She takes Sudha’s blessings. Sudha takes her feet back. Diya asks Palki to come with her. Palki sees Krish. They leave. Armaan cries and says please stop Diya, I can’t live without her. Saloni says yes, stop Diya, no one can take her place in Armaan’s life. Krish and Bhavna ask Sudha to stop Diya. Madhu says I also made a mistake in knowing her, she is a selfless girl, stop her. Saloni says she didn’t think of her life and saved you. Madhu and everyone ask Sudha to please stop Diya. Sudha sits still.

Sudha thinks what am I doing, will I stay happy by ruining my children’s house. She says stop. Diya and Palki stop. Sudha asks them not to step out of the house. She opens arms and asks Diya to come. She says no one will go anywhere, you are my bahu. Diya happily goes to Sudha and hugs. She apologizes to Diya. Diya says don’t apologize. Sudha goes to Palki and says I got blind in anger, I always liked you, I was refusing to make you my bahu, Krish can’t get a better girl than you. She gives her hand to Krish. They smile. She blesses them. Sudha gives Kanha idol to Diya, and says you were right, Kanha was born to Devki, but he was raised by Yashoda, you both adopt a child like Kanha. She hugs Diya and Armaan. She says Palki will have double relations with the baby. Madhu asks Palki to click their nice pic. Palki takes their selfie. Everyone smiles.

The show ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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