Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update: Diya feels helpless seeing Brij

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 23rd May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna getting the food. Madhu and Krish like it. Armaan comes. She asks him to have food. Madhu likes the food. Krish says wow, I m impressed. He asks Armaan to try. Armaan says I have to go to office. Madhu asks him to have the food. Bhavna insists Armaan to have food. Armaan sits. Madhu and Krish compliment Bhavna for the food. The delivery guy comes. Bhavna says we didn’t order the food, just go. The man says I already delivered it, give the five star rating. Krish laughs. Madhu says you fed us the hotel food. Krish says Bhavna does good acting. Bhavna asks the guy to leave. Armaan says try to change Bhavna. He goes.

The man says Brij is fired from the job. Diya is shocked. She meets an old peon. She asks for Brij. He says he was fired from the job, it happened wrong. She says he said he is going for work, where is he. Anju is at home. She calls Brij. He is working at some shop. She says its break time, did you have food. Brij says it was good. The man says you won’t get money if you waste time on phone calls. Brij asks Anju to talk later, she is fasting. She asks him to have medicines. He ends the call. He coughs and goes to have water. Diya comes. The man scolds Brij. Diya comes there and scolds the man for talking so badly. She says he is my dad, he is a school teacher, students respect him. The man says he begged me for job, take him home and do his aarti. Diya asks Brij to come with her, no need to do any job. Brij does the work. He meets Dayal. He lies that he came to buy something. The man asks them to sit and gossip, and take salary for free. Brij says actually, school has removed me, so I took this job to fulfill my responsibilities, don’t tell my family, I have to work, its imp. Dayal says I won’t tell anyone, I wish I could help you. He goes.

Diya recalls Brij surprising her with the scooty. She sees Brij working and coughing. She cries. She goes there holding an umbrella and gives him water. Brij says thanks for the water, your parents gave you good values, they would be proud of you, thanks. Diya cries and leaves. Armaan calls her. Diya doesn’t see the call. She sees a man with his little daughter. She says all fathers are same, they kill their own wish to fulfil the kids’ wishes, they always stand as a strong tree, so that their kids stay well, I will help you without hurting your esteem, you did a lot for us, you never thought of your health, its my time now, I didn’t become an outsider after marriage, I will keep my duty. Bhavna washes the utensils. Madhu says you work less and make more noise. Bhavna drops the utensils. Bhavna says I m having a body ache now. Madhu says its not so easy, do some work. Bhavna says I can understand, I miss Ramkali. Madhu says you have to see the dinner arrangements. Bhavna says you were always my fav, you loved me a lot, please free me from this duty, I have done a lot of work. She requests Madhu and hugs her. Madhu says fine. Bhavna hugs her and asks how will you do this. Madhu goes saying I have to do something.

Precap: Anju gets Brij’s reports and is shocked. She reads about cancer. Diya calls her and asks about the reports. Anju doesn’t tell her. Diya gets some courier and checks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Diya had very dull dark skin at start of tjis show but now colour seems to be getting lighter and fresh looking ????
    Married life seems to be the solution ??? Or a miracle has happened !!

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