Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani-Abhigya,Arya,Rosid,Raglak,Gohem SS Part9

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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: This Youth is Crazy Part 9
Dedicated to Piyali who wants AR as an end couple.Dedicated to coolhi1988 who wants a scene on Gopi bringing lunch to Ahem’s office and heir romantic outing.

Armaan:Sorry,I can’t marry Maya.

All were shocked while Siddhanth Roli were relieved.Maya and Arjun too felt relieved.
Jhanvi:How can you say that you can’t marry Maya on the wedding mandap?How will my daughter Maya bear this?
Maya:Maa..relax…I am not sad.
Jhanvi:You keep quiet Maya.Tell me Armaan.Why can’t you marry Maya in the last moment?
Armaan:Because I can’t love her.
Jhanvi:In the last moment you are saying that you can’t love Maya?What is Maya lacking?
Armaan’s dad shook him:Why did you embarrass us in public?
Arm:Sorry dad.

Armaan’s mom:You made an innocent girl cry beta.
Abhi slapped Armaan:If you were not interested in Maya then why did you agree to marry Maya?
Praya:Abhi…don’t get violent.
Siddhanth:Abhi…Roli and I only told Armaan to not marry Maya.
All were shocked.

Jhanvi:My daughter respects you so much Sir.You are her favourite teacher.Then also you…? are misunderstanding us.We did it for Maya’s better future.
Armaan:They are right.If I marry Maya that would be like spoiling Maya’s life.I love another girl.
All were shocked.
Armaan:Due to misunderstandings we got separated and I decided to get married to the girl chosen by my parents.But now I realized that she was innocent.

Sid:Maya will never be happy if she marries Armaan who loves someone else.
Arjun:Siddhanth Sir is right.Maya should marry someone who loves her very much.
Jhanvi:When a girl’s marriage gets cancelled public will blame the girl only.It’s your fault Armaan…but people will blame only Maya.So who will marry Maya?
Jhanvi burst into tears.

Suddenly Arjun said:I will marry Maya.
All were stunned.Maya looked at Arjun in disbelief.
Maya:Arjun!You are feel towards me you are marrying me?No need of marrying me out of pity.
Arj:No Maya.I am not marrying you out of pity.I am marrying you as I love you.
Maya could’nt believe it.

Laksh:Maya..Arjun is right.He loved you always.It’s just that he got late in realizing his love and expressing it.

Maya was surprised.
Arj:Maya..tell me.You also love me.Right?
Maya was quiet.
Abhi:Maya..why don’t you tell him openly that you love him since our school days?
Jhanvi was stunned.
Jhanvi:Maya..if you love Arjun please tell beta.I will be only happy if you marry the person you love.

Arj:Maya..look at my eyes and say whether you love me or not.
Maya smiled tearfully:I love you Arjun.
They embraced each other.All of them clapped hands happily.
Arjun married Maya.

He looked at A written on her palm and smiled.They shared a sweet eye lock. are lucky that Arjun’s name starts with A.So though the mehendi lady wrote A on your palm thinking of Armaan it became right in your life.
Maya smiled:Yes I am lucky that i got Arjun was my dream come true.While the lady wrote A on palm I was thinking of my Arjun only.
Arjun Maya smiled at each other.

Armaan smiled seeing Arjun Maya together.
Arjun:Thank you Armaan for not marrying Maya.Because of you I got my Maya.
Maya:Because of you I got my Arjun.God will bless you to have a blissful life with your beloved.

Armaan smiled:I am happy that my mistake united you both.
Siddhanth:You took the right decision.
Roli:Thankyou for listening to me.
Armaan:Thanks to you both Siddhanthji and Roliji to make me understand what is right.
Sid:Now go to your lady love.
Armaan smiled.

Armaan rushed to Riddhima.She was sitting and crying in the garden.
She looked at him unbelievingly:Armaan!

Kaisa hai khumar
Kaisa nasha
Duniya lage nayi
Naya sama
Sapna hai mera
Tu hi armaan

Arm:I have come back to you Riddhima.

Saason ne dhun chedi
Pooche mujhse bata yeh kaise

Riddhima could’nt believe it:Then Maya?
Armaan told her everything.She was relieved.
Armaan cupped her face in his hands:God is with us.No one can separate us now.

(Dill Mill Gayye
Dill… Mill… Gayye
Dill Mill Gayye)- 2

They both smiled and shared an emotional eye lock.

Kitna tha pyasa
Kitna tanha
Man bhuja bhuja, suna jahan
Khali khali har ek lamha

Mili tum Rang mile
Jhoome zindagi yeh aise jaise

They embraced each other emotionally.

(Dill Mill Gayye
Dill… Mill… Gayye
Dill Mill Gayye)- 2

Ahem was working hard in his office.
A:I am so tired.Feeling hungry.Unfortunately I forgot to take lunch box from home.Will order something from the hotel.
Suddenly Gopi entered his cabin.Ahem was surprised. forgot to take the lunch box.So I thought I will bring it here.
Ahem don’t know what a nice thing you did.I hate hotel food and I was thinking how to bear hotel food to get rid of my hunger.

Janeman tujhko jo paya, pyar me jina sikhaya jina sikhaya
Dhadkan me too rehne laga, dil yeh meraa kehne laga
Too meraa pyar hai – (2)

Gopi smiled:Don’t worry Ahemji when I’m here you will get to eat your favourite food.

Janeman tujhko jo paya, pyar me jina sikhaya jina sikhaya

Ahem smiled.
Gopi served him lunch.
A:All my staffs are nosy pokers.Otherwise I would have asked you to feed me.

Tujhko najar me basa lu, aaja gale se laga lu – (2)

Gopi blushed.

Kuchh hosh pehle aane laga, behkhudee me jane toh do
Yeh bekhudee na jane kya kare

A:Did you have lunch?
G:No Ahemji.I will have it after reaching home.
A:Now we can share the lunch Gopi.You too eat with me.

Janeman tujhko jo paya,

She smiled.

pyar me jina sikhaya jina sikhaya

They eat lunch from the same plate.

Pake mujhe na khona too, dil se juda na hona too – (2)
Ahem got a phone call.He attended the call.
A:Gopi…my meeting got cancelled.So shall we go out together?
Gopi smiled:Sure Ahemji..I am very happy to spend time with you.

Kismat me kya hai kisko khabar, too sath dena ay humsafar

Ahem Gopi went for a long drive in the car exchanging romantic glances.

Tere bina mai jee nahee sakunga
Gopi:Ahemji…concentrate on driving.
Ahem:When you are near me I’m losing my concentration Gopi.
She became shy.

Janeman tujhko jo paya, pyar me jina sikhaya jina sikhaya
They reached a beach.They look at the waves.
Gopi:Ahemji..let’s move towards the water.

They held hands together and wet their legs in the waves.

Dhadkan me too rehne laga,
Then both splash sea water at each other.

dil yeh meraa kehne laga
They sat down and wrote holding hands together “Ahem and Gopi=GoHem”.

Too meraa pyar hai

They smiled at each other romantically.

Too meraa pyar hai(‘Khwahish’).

Roli took bath and came.
She saw Siddhanth sitting.She went behind him and shook her hair purposefully to make the water drops to fall on him from her hair.Sid smiled:Naughty Roli..trying to seduce Vishwamitra as Menka?

Roli smiled holding onto him more tightly:Who told you that you are Vishwamitra?You are so naughty and romantic that I don’t need to seduce you.

Sid:Really..?If you say that I am naughty I am going to be more naughty with you.

Sid pulled her closer and leaned towards her cheeks romantically.She blushed.

Roli held his hand:Siddhanthji…I used to be very sad when you were avoiding me when I was trying to woo me.But you fulfilled my dream by showering love more than I expected.Now I am very happy.Thank you so much Siddhanthji.
Sid:Thanks to you too Roli for loving me so much that I could’nt resist falling in love with you.Otherwise I would have missed a gem like you.
She smiled:Love ou Siddhanthji..
Sid:Love you too Roli.
They smiled drowning in each other’s love.

Arjun Maya’s reception party…

Ragini was going to the hall.Suddenly somebody pulled her from back.She screamed.Suddenly he closed her mouth with his hand.
He:It’s me.
She looked at him.It was Laksh.She was relieved.She bit his hand.
He took off his hand from her.
R:What is this Laksh?Attacking me like a goon. dear model..I was’nt attacking you,I was taking you to an isolated area where no one sees us.
Ragini smiled.
R:You are mad.

But why?Why you don’t want anyone to see us?
He caressed her face sensually with fingers.She closed his eyes feeling his love.
Lak:Seeing you so beautiful I felt like romancing you.That’s why I did it.Sorry dear.
Ragini opened her eyes giggling.She tried to run away.But Laksh held his hand and brought her closer to him.He embraced her from back.She blushed.Slowly she pushed him and ran to the party hall and Laksh too went there smiling.

Arjun Maya,Abhi Pragya,Laksh Ragini,Siddhanth Roli danced.

Yeah.. O what a look
What a grace

Tennu hi karaan main chase
What a naksh

What a nain
Dil tera toh kar gaya pain

What a smile
What a style

Looking in to the file
Kabhi soft
Kabhi rude
Killer tera attitude..

Tere liye hi toh signal todh-tadh ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chodh-chadh ke
Ho tere liye hi toh signal todh-tadh ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chodh-chadh ke

Ho teri ankh da ishaara mujhe taunt lagey
Tu toh majnu awaara by god lagey
Ho kasme waade khaake
Apni pocket money bachaake
Aaya tere liye paise vaise jodh-jadh ke

Ghar waalon ko bhi bye shye bhol-bhal ke
Aaya dilli wali girlfriend chodh-chadh ke

Tere liye hi toh signal todh-tadh ke
Aaya dilli waali girlfriend chodh-chadh ke

Teri galli mein bhi aana start kar diya
Ik tera naam apna heart kar diya

Karne laga aankh mattaka
Ab toh aashiq ban gaya pakka
Aaj yahan bhi maine tera boycott kar diya

Teri saari harkatien main toh note karoon
Tujhe thaane mein le jaake main report karoon
Jhanvi too danced.Maya Arjun too joined her.

Tu na kar aise fight
Tera mood karoon main light

Tujhe scene main dikhake film golmaal ke

Naam tera hi likhaya maine wedding card pe
Aaya dilliwaali girlfriend chodh-chadh ke

Tere liye hi toh signal todh-tadh ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chodh-chadh…
Yeh toh ishq mein dekho badtameez ho gaya
Bina baat ke hi mujhpe yeh freeze ho gaya
Refuse kiya sau baari Phir bhi kar na jaaye yaari
Fashion tere liye mera increase ho gaya
Tuhi mere lage mujhe meri night lage
Mujhe future mera tere sang bright lage

Tujhse bhi zyada sona
Koi handsome munda honna
O leke jaaye ga sone mein tol taal ke… Oye..
Tujhe le jaaunga main toh yahaan jhande gaad ke..
Aaya dilliwaali girlfriend chodh chaadh ke..

Chal jhootha mere liye signal todh-tadh ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chodh-chadh ke
Ho ghar waalon ko bhi bye shye bhol-bhal ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chodh-chadh ke
Tere liye hi toh signal todh-tadh ke
Aaya dilliwali girlfriend chodh-chadh ke-Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

While dancing somebody entered the hall.
Pragya was surprised to see him.Maya went and hugged him.
M:Finally you came Prem.
P:Yes Maya baby.I came.Sorry for not attending the wedding.You know that we doctors very rarely get time to spare for themselves.
Maya:At least you could come for the reception party.I am happy.
Prem and Pragya saw each other and Prem was surprised.
Prem hugged Pragya.
Abhi got irritated. come you are here?
Prag:Maya is my dear friend.I am here to celebrate her wedding functions.And how come you are here?

Prem:I am Maya’s cousin.
Pragya was surprised:Really?
Maya:Yes.He is my dear brother.
Prem patted Maya:She is my dear sister.
Everyone smiled.
Maya:You both know each other?
Prem:Yes..we are colleagues.We work in the same hospital.
Maya:That’s a surprise.

Prem Pragya were chatting a lot.They ate food together.

Abhi was really irritated.

At night …
Pragya sat in the garden after the party.
Abhi went near her:Pragya…
Pra:Hi Abhi..

Abhi:why are you sitting here?Not going to sleep?
Pra:Yes…going to sleep now.I was just relaxing here breathing fresh air.Ok Abhi.Good night.

Pragya got up and was about to go.Suddenly Abhi held her hand.
Abhi:I came here to be with you.But you are going away.
Pra:It’s really night.So…
Abhi:Pragya…you have no time for me.But you have time for Dr.Prem.
Pra:Nothing like that Abhi.You simply feel like that.Why are you talking like this?
Abhi:It’s like that Pragya.You hardly speak to me now.But you were chatting with Prem a lot.Why?

Abhi:You talked as if you are single.Right?But Prem..tell me Prem is your boy friend.Right?
Prag:Oh are thinking too much.Prem is not my boy friend.We are just good friends.And for your kind information Prem is married to Dr,Heer who works in our hospital.Heer is having an important surgery,So could’nt come .Tomorrow Heer will arrive and you can meet her.
Abhi was embarrassed:Sorry..I over reacted.But why do I feel that you are ignoring me?I want you to spend more time with me.I love it.But when you spend your time with others avoiding me I feel hurt.

Pragya turned back.He held her:Please Pragya…stay with me here.
Pra:Leave my hand.I can’t stay with you.
Abhi:But why?
Pra:If I spend more time with you I will fall in love with you again.
Abhi was stunned.Pragya realized what she said and sweated.
Abhi went closer to her.
Abhi:What do you mean Pragya?
Pragya became emotional:Abhi…
Abhi:You need to answer me now.I won’t leave you without answering my question.
Pragya was nervous.


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