Yeh Jawaani 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku’s class ends. Everyone leaves. He sits there and thinks today it’s last day of his past life. Tomorrow his brothers are giving him party and new Aditya (his real name) will born. He video chats with Kimaya. She calls him Cheeku and he says he only likes to hear that from her. She’s sitting in her room and tells him that he showed his world to him, so she will show her room. She tells him that she has to go for dinner. She goes on a side and changes her dress. And then asks Cheeku how she’s looking. Cheeku asks if dinner is with her family, but she says Rohan, her friend. Seeing Cheeku’s face, she asks if that top is not suiting her. Cheeku wants to say her to change as it’s too short, but is not able to. She’s getting late so she leaves. But before that she wishes Cheeku in advance for his birthday. Cheeku says whether anyone remembers or no, she remembers his birthday. He wonders who Rohan is.

Dodo is inviting Radhika for the party. She says she wants to come, but dad won’t give permission. Dodo says but he can get it. He goes to her dad and tries to trick him, but fails. Radhika’s dad tells her to stay away from him. Other hand, Sid tries to invite Devika saying he’s inviting his close friends only, but she says no too. He asks her to come to a class, he wants to talk privately. She says no, but he challenges her and she agrees. Sid has drew invitation card on the board, she points out mistakes in it. She writes NO! on the board and puts chalk in his hand. She leaves. Sid is happy as she at least touched him.

Cheeku checks his messages, but Kimaya has left no message after dinner. He says finally someone will wish him at midnight because he has a friend now. It’s midnight and he curiously waits for Kimaya’s message, but no message. He wonders if her dinner date went that good. He starts getting thoughts that he will go to USA in Kimaya’s marriage and her husband would be giving speech how he liked her in their first date, and Kimaya will thank Cheeku for selecting the dress. His phone rings and he picks it up excitedly. It turns out to be Hansraj. He wishes him a happy birthday. He talks about the party, but Cheeku says he’s waiting for an important call and hangs. He continues waiting for Kimaya’s call and then thinks she might have got confused due to time difference.

He comes to Dodo and Sid to remind his birthday is started. Dodo is planning with Sid. Cheeku asks how many friends he can invite. Dodo asks if he has any friends. Sid says there won’t be any party as Devika is not coming. Dodo tells Sid to relax, he will make sure Devika comes. Dodo asks Cheeku to go away, why he’s disturbing them. Cheeku says in his mind, what kind of brothers he have.

Dodo is thinking how to invite Radhika. Just then his neighbor comes to him and tells him her plans of coming to the party. He says she is not even invited. Whom he’s inviting don’t want to come, and whom he is not inviting is dying to come. It’s impossible to understand girls. She says it’s easy, and gives him an idea that girls like Devika and Radhika like to go to popular parties, where everyone goes. Dodo thanks her for the idea and leaves.

Cheeku gets off an auto and finds that his wallet is empty as his brothers took all his money for the party. He starts telling his sad story to the driver, and the driver lets him go.

Hansraj joins Cheeku in college and wishes him a happy birthday again. He gives him some drink. Cheeku drinks little, and Hansraj drinks the rest. Hansraj asks him if he talked to Sid. Cheeku says he said only one person is allowed from Cheeku’s side. Hansraj says so that’s him, right. Cheeku says no, that’s Cheeku himself. Hansraj gets sad. Cheeku says there won’t be party if Devika doesn’t come. Devika comes there. Cheeku tries to invite her for party, as if she will come, then others will. He asks her to come for just 5 mins, if she comes, then Sid will like and he has worked very hard. Devika says she will think about it. Cheeku wonders if party will happen or no, if Kimaya will come or no, if he will ever become Aditya from Cheeku or no.

Precap: Party is finally happening. Both brothers ignore Cheeku as they are busy in their own stuff.

Update Credit to: Tina

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