Yeh Jawaani 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Jawaani 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gattu and Dodo meet Kimaya and wish her, but she looks sad and leaves saying she’s getting late for college. Gattu understands Cheeku didn’t wish her yet.

Kimaya comes to the cafe and Armaan is waiting there for her. She gets surprised seeing him. He says she doesn’t have too many friends here, so he thought to come himself. He brings in cake and few guitarist. He sings happy birthday and other students join in. Kimaya is very happy. She cuts the cake and give first piece to Armaan. Cheeku sees it and gets angry. He throws his coffee cup. All look at him. Cheeku packs his stuff to leave. Armaan stops him and brings him to Kimaya. He asks him if he won’t wish her. Cheeku tells Kimaya to have fun. Armaan says that’s such a dry wish and says give her a hug at least. Cheeku handshakes with her and then suddenly moves his hand back and says he needs to go. Kimaya stops him to wish the best for his exam. He doesn’t say anything and leaves.

Sid is very sleepy in his class. Devika passes a paper to him asking to go out tonight, but he’s too tired to be interested in anything. Teacher sees him sleeping and yells at him and asks him to leave the class.

Kimaya is sitting alone in a classroom. She recalls cold behaviour of Cheeku and cries asking why this happens to her all the time. Devika sees her and asks if she’s okay. Kimaya says she’s fine and asks her to carry on. Devika leaves.

Cheeku is writing his exam. In middle, he gets lost in Kimaya’s thoughts and can’t finish his exam.

He returns home and sees Sid sleeping on Devika’s shoulder. Devika asks him about the exam. Cheeku says he couldn’t finish it. Sid sees him and tells him not to worry. Cheeku thinks Sid cares so much for him and he was after his girlfriend. He looks at Devika and Sid in guilt. Devika notices it. Later, she goes him and says she understood everything from his behaviour. Cheeku accepts it after she tells him to share his feelings with her, he’ll feel good. He is very guilty. Devika tells him this happens, but the important thing is lesson that you take from it. She further says he will always remain a special friend to her. He thanks her and feels better now.

Sid’s boss doesn’t like how Sid attends a complaint from a customer and yells at him for dragging his boss into it. He asks him if that is what they trained you. Sid says the truth that no one trained him and assigned receiving call duty straight away. His boss says now he will blame them? and gives him a last warning, one more complaint and he will be fired.

Cheeku is upset. Gattu and Dodo come to him. They tell him not to worry about things that have already passed, think about what he can still do. There’s still 4 hours to go in Kimaya’s birthday. He remembers Armaan’s surprise and asks what he can do? Play guitar in front of Kimaya? Gattu gives him a phone and the gift that he bought for Kimaya before proposing her. Cheeku takes it and looks at the gift.

Precap: Cheeku and Kimaya are paired up for a class project which is on representing Shakuntala-Dushyant story in modern style.

Update Credit to: Pri

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