Yeh Jawaani 2nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 2nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku sees Trophy and tells he is preapared he will get the trophy at any cost…Gattu tells Dodo that she have seen Arya near proff iyer office..Dodo asks what..Gattu goes near iyer office door..Dodo pushes the door..Gattu and Dodo goes inside and sees a peon hiding something..Peon askd them what they are doing…Dodo tells he came to take book from Proff iyer Peon asks they are school students and Proff teaches College students..Gattu tells her brother is studying soo she came..Peon tells to go..Gattu and Dodo goes…..Gattu tells Dodo something is wrong because Peon was tensed..
Gattu and Dodo follows peon..The peon gives a pendrive to Arya..Arya gives him money and takes the pendrive..while Gattu and Dodo sees that….Sid show the pics to his Sir …He says that he want some creativity..wanted to see something mindblowing..Dodo and Gattu goes to proff iyer…to say the truth..but the Proff tells them to get out ….Dodo and Gattu are kicked out of gate..Dodo tells Gattu to call kimaya…As the compedition starts kimaya is sitting..the host tells that Arya agnihotri is on the top position..Gattu calls Kimaya but she is unable to hear…Kimaya cuts the call saying she will talk later…
As the Compedition starts The First question is who was the first man on moon?? Arya answers the question saying Neil armstrong..Next question Cheeku answers…As the first round is finished Arya is on first position and Cheeku on Second..During interval Cheeku sits near steps..and preapares for exam ….kimaya comes and encourages him..tells that be deserves to be win as has done hardwork alot…Cheeku gets shocked..tells that he is surprised because she is supporting him not Arya..Kimaya tells she will always support him..Arya comes..and tells .that he is feeling hungry tells kimaya to come along with her..Kimaya goes saying Cheeku to preapare..Later Cheeku goes to washroom Arya locks the door from outside..
As the competidion starts Proff iyer tells the rules first it was quiz but now it is treasure hunt…There will be 4 questions who answered correctly wil get a map…and with the help of map have to to find out the hidden treasure…Proff iyer calls the names of finalist Arya agnihotri..and veer subrimanyam..and Aditya ghosla…Arya comes..and a gal comes ..and stands..Cheeku comes.. Arya gets shocked to see Cheeku..Proff iyer tells as the .map are revealed then only contestants have to answer the questions..And traps are arranged in between..And camera are following each students…According to college rule the one who is leading will be asked the first question..Professor Iyer asks the question from Arya..
Where is kanyakumari??Arya answers equator north…Proff tells it right Arya can take the map and go…Arya goes water falls from upside..All audience sees and laughs….
Q2)Ravi Shastri played for.??Arya press the buzzer but answer wrong..A gal press the buzzer and answrrs the question…
3q)what is ozone hole??aditya press the button and answers Startosphere thickness are low…Proff iyer tells its the correct answer..Aditya can go further…Aditya goes in campus takes the map and search the place..Aditya gets in trap and falls down..
.All audience sees and laughs…Cheeku gets up..Professor asks the question..And tells that who answers the question will go but all contestants will go..Cheeku answers the question correctly..takes the map and goes to library..He remembers what proff iyer says that one should trust brain..Cheeku gets the clue..goes on proff iyer office and gets the final envelope of SOTY..Cheeku smiles..and becomes happy…while Kimaya and Devika gets happy…

Precap::Sid and Dodo comes and congrats Cheeku and picks him.up..Peon comes and asks for money…

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