Yeh Jawaani 28th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 28th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku’s mam asks him for garden’s report. Had she not passed from there, then she wouldn’t know he planted rare flowers. Cheeku gets surprised as he was expecting her to scold him. She praises him and asks to give her his pictures with flowers. Cheeku comes out excitedly and says he must tell this to Kimaya, but before that he needs to make 2 new friends.

Back home, he asks Dodo how to make friends. Dodo asks him what kind of friends he wants. Cheeku says just normal ones and asks him how he makes friends. Dodo says he doesn’t need to make friends, people come to him. Sid comes there. Cheeku asks him whether he’ll take his picture with his plants. Sid says his camera will break. He leaves. Cheeku goes back to Dodo, but Dodo says he doesn’t have time. Cheeku asks if he can hang out with him. Dodo says what has happened to his standard, first Gattu and now Cheeku wants to hang out with him. Cheeku makes him agree to take his photo with plant as well.

Later, Dodo gives tips to Cheeku to make friends. Just hold any girl’s hand and pretends as if you don’t know her and then apologize. She will also tell her name and then you’re friends. Cheeku says it’s that easy? Dodo says yes and he shows a demo to him. He goes to a girl and grabs her from back. That girl says he did that before as well. Dodo says he’s gone, but Gattu comes and saves him on last moment. She says he thought it’s her. The girl tells Gattu to control her Dodo. Dodo asks her why she had to get close to him in front of the girls. What she would think of his status. He leaves. Cheeku tells Gattu it’s very bad, she helped him, and he didn’t even thank her and he didn’t do his other work either. Gattu says she will take the photos, in end what friends are useful for.

They come to garden and she takes his photos with his plants. At the end, she takes their selfie as well. She tells him it was good to talk to him. He says same and asks her to email him the photos. She leaves. One of the flowers is missing in Cheeku’s plant. He wonders where it went.

Sid gives a flower to Devika and she loves it. Sid says he brought it from a dangerous jungle. Cheeku comes there to ask about flower as gardener told him that Sid took it. Sid understands and stops him in middle. He gestures him to leave. Devika understands and asks Cheeku if that is the flower. Cheeku says yes. He then strikes that is why Sid was trying to send him away, but it’s too late. Sid asks her about her photoshoot, but she leaves. Sid and Cheeku follow.

They come to Cheeku’s garden and Devika praises Cheeku. She asks Sid to take her photos right there. Cheeku goes behind Sid. He asks him what he’s looking at. Devika calls Cheeku and asks him to stand with her. They stand close and Sid doesn’t like it, but he has to take their photographs. Devika then asks Sid to leave. She tells Cheeku she came here to teach a lesson to Sid, but she’s really impressed with his garden work. Cheeku wonders what’s happening. Everyone’s praising his garden today.

Hansraj shows Cheeku’s garden article to him. Both are happy. Hansraj then says he saw him taking photos with Devika. Cheeku realizes that he got photos with 2 new friends and thanks Hansraj. Cheeku then goes to meet his mam. He shows article to his mam and gives her all the credits. She says it’s because of his passion and hardwork. Cheeku then talks about environmental profession, organic farming, etc, but his mam says it’s just good for hobby, you can’t run house with earning from that. She suggests him biotech engineering instead.

Cheeku video chats with Kimaya and shows her his photos with Gattu and Devika. Kimaya is impressed. Cheeku says but he’s not happy as his mam, from whom he got inspired, is telling him that there is no future in organic farming. Kimaya tells him, before there was no acting academy either, but there were cricketers. Every profession starts at some point and if there is no facility for such profession in India, then he can explore other options. Cheeku says he can’t take shower anywhere else beside his bathroom and she’s telling him to look for other options. She insists him to come out of his comfort zone, who knows he meets special people, his life may become adventuress. Cheeku says he sees his future clearly now. Kimaya says good and informs him that she won’t be able to come online for next 2 days. He asks her if she’s busy or anything. She says she will tell him after coming back. He says he will research his options in the mean time and let her know about it. She wishes him all the best. After video call, he recalls her words that he may meet special people and wonders what she meant.

Cheeku wonders if she was talking about herself, and if so, does that mean she likes him? misses him? else why would she tell him to come abroad. He’s lost in thoughts while brushing his teeth. Gattu calls him and tells him it’s Dodo’s brush. He asks her how she knows about his brush. She says when you’re in love, you know about every single thing about that person. Don’t you also know what Kimaya says, what she does? He looks out with Dodo’s binocular and asks her how she knows about Kimaya. She asks him to stop questioning. She has seen that he’s also in same situation as hers and that is why he’s using Dodo’s brush. He throws Dodo’s brush away. Gattu says it’s love, and even you know it. She hangs. Cheeku wonders if he really loves Kimaya, but what about her? He then says she only asked him to study abroad and America comes in abroad where she stays. She meant him to come to her and that means she also loves him? He smiles and is full of excitement.

Precap: Dodo says he’s in love. Cheeku asks him what he knows about love. Gattu continues making Cheeku realize that he’s in love. Sid and Devika’s love story also progresses somewhat. Cheeku imagines Kimaya being in his class and telling him that he’s in love. Gattu tries to give signal to Dodo saying he might have a girlfriend already. Cheeku imagines him spending time with Kimaya.

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