Yeh Jawaani 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku wakes up and Sid reminds about talking to Pranati for breakup. Cheeku argues, but Sid dons him around and asks to listen in one time else he will take away his laptop. Dodo asks them to stay quiet as he’s getting disturbed in watching girls. Cheeku takes his laptop and runs to bathroom. He tells Kimaya that his jaan (love) is also at risk now. She laughs and says he’s so cute. Kimaya convinces Cheeku to do their breakup as he will be helping Pranati to get over with one sided relationship. Cheeku says in his mind, she said so clearly that came in her mind. He wishes he could say it like that as well.

Dodo gets surprised as he gets unexpected signals from a neighbor girl. She is also watching back at him in binocular. He wonders if she’s playing a game.

Cheeku is going to the cafe. He says he’s going there to meet a girl for the first time, and that too is for break up. Cheeku’s new friend is being bullied by other students, Billu and his gang. Cheeku wishes he had super powers, but for now he decides to quietly leave from there. His friend spots him and takes his name. Billu calls Cheeku there. Cheeku’s friend says he reserved table for him. Cheeku tells Billu that he always sits on this table, but he can sit anywhere he wants with his friends. Billu pulls Cheeku’s hand and plays knife-finger. He then lets Cheeku go saying he won’t go away from his life that easily.

Cheeku is wondering if he should share what happened to him just now with Kimaya. But then he says, why spoil his own image? Pranati comes to Cheeku and says Sid told her that he wanted to talk about something. Cheeku is planting. Pranati tells him that Sid says it right, Cheeku is mental type. Cheeku gets shocked. Sid finds Devika on stairs and tries to impress her, but he fails. Cheeku tries to tell Pranati about the breakup, but can’t do it. He instead praises both Sid and Pranati and how good pair they make. Pranati says wrong. Sid is just a good guy, but he doesn’t remember her birthday or anniversary. He just cares about himself. Cheeku tries to calm her and says Sid is not like that, but she asks him wait and watch what she does with Sid.

Sid is in his class. He continues trying to impress Devika. Pranati’s friend notices it. Pranati calls her friend and her friend puts phone on speaker. Pranati insults Sid and breaks up with him. All students laugh at Sid. Professor asks Pranati’s friend to leave the class and tells Sid to leave his personal matters outside. Devika throws paper back at Sid and says that she doesn’t like boys, she likes macho type men, and those who are not humiliated in public. Sid is happy as she talked at least.

Kimaya shows her cheer-leading trial to Cheeku and then they talk about Sid’s breakup. Cheeku says, he’s not liking it. Kimaya says that she already told him that one sided love is no good. When Cheeku gets a girlfriend, that girl will be very secure that he won’t leave her. He’s too nice. Cheeku says in his mind, breakup will happen when there is a hook up first. He tells her how he’s going to get a girlfriend when he’s having hard time in finding friends. Just then he gets a message which says, I just saw you once, but your face doesn’t go away from my mind. Kimaya teases him. He wishes her best for her cheer-leading trial.

Cheeku is sleeping, hugging his laptop. He wakes up and thinks about Kimaya’s words. He wonders whether he’s feeling bad for Pranati because he’s also in same situation? He says to himself that Kimaya is just friend and tries to sleep.

Cheeku is gardening outside with a gardener. He tells him to feed water to a plant. Someone has mixed something in water. Billu and his hang come there. The gardener leaves. Cheeku tells him to leave the plants, they are too delicate. Billu laughs and breaks the plant. Billu then tells Cheeku that it was him who sent him the message last night, he will keep coming to this garden everyday and bother Cheeku in day and make him stay awake in night. Cheeku just stands still scared. Billu and his gang leave.

Precap: Cheeku’s friend tells him that there’s a surprise for him. Cheeku is bullied yet again by Billu and his gang. The three brothers plan to save Cheeku from Billu.
Kimaya asks Cheeku what he’s doing on 23rd. He asks her whether she knows what’s on 23rd.
Dodo gets some idea. Cheeku asks, my birthday party?

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