Yeh Jawaani 23rd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 23rd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku and Kimaya video chat again. She calls him Cheeks and he loves it. He tells her he was waiting for her only, she was going to say something. She says, they are so far from each other, but now they are getting to know each other, so she wants to see his world through laptop. He is not sure what to answer. He asks what she wants to see. She says anything. He says, you saw classroom already. He was sitting there alone. He now shows her his favorite place, botany lab. She says that’s so interesting. He says, she speaks so positive every time, and here his brothers don’t like his passion. She asks him whether he won’t introduce her to his brothers. He gets quiet. He gets a call from Sid. Kimaya tells her they can chat later and reminds him to introduce her to his friends.

Cheeku comes to library where Sid is hiding from his girlfrield, Pranati. Sid makes Cheeku talk to her and makes him lie that he forgot his phone. After the call, Cheeku gets a message from Kimaya and he smiles. Sid asks him what happened. He doesn’t say anything and leaves.

Sid is waiting for a girl, but it’s Pranati who comes there with her friend. Sid is giving excuses for not picking up her call. Cheeku comes and he makes him lie again. Pranati tells Sid to hold her hand and take her to her class like always. They leave. Cheeku remembers about Kimaya asking him for his friends again. He goes to cafe.

Cheeku is offering food to all students and asking for friendship, but fails. He doesn’t know what to do. He sees Dodo who is giving tips to some boys about girls. He goes to him and says there’s a problem.

Sid is stuck with his girlfriend. Pranati and her friend are reading a magazine. Sid stares at photo of a girl, Devika. Pranati tells him not even to think about her. Just then Devika comes there and calls Sid a peon. Sid keeps glaring at her. Pranati tells her that he’s her boyfriend. Devika says it’s good, they make a perfect pair. Sid doesn’t like it.

Cheeku tells his food, no one will make him his friend and no one will eat food. Just then a fat boy turns around and says he will eat it. Cheeku recognizes him. He’s his neighbor. He calls him with his name. The boy asks how he knows his name. Cheeku says he heard his mum calling him few days back. The boy gets emotional saying no one calls him like this with his name. Cheeku gives food to him and he eats it all. Sid comes there and asks who’s he. He says he’s Cheeku’s new friend. Sid orders a sandwich for him and makes Cheeku pay for it. Cheeku gets mad and says Kimaya wants to see his life that is lifeless, he doesn’t have anyone except his brothers. Sid is thinking of Devika, but says he’s stuck with Pranati. Cheeku asks him to break sandwich neatly from center as he’s hungry. Sid strikes to break up with Pranati. He tells Cheeku he gives great ideas some times.

Kimaya and cheeku are video chatting again. She’s laughing and asks him whether they are his real brothers. Cheeku says he also doubted and matched DNA. She says may be he came to this family for a reason. Sid and Dodo come there. Cheeku closes his laptop. Sid blames Cheeku for all that’s happening. Dodo tells Cheeku that Sid is breaking up with Pranati. Cheeku asks when did he say to breakup. Sid shares with them that he tried to break up with Pranati, but she laughed and said he’s so funny and cute, she can’t let him go that easily.

Sid says, a girl like Devika deserves to be with him, but that Pranati is standing between them. Cheeku tells Sid he won’t be able to do it. Sid says he’s best. Cheeku says yes, but in matters like this, Dodo is master. Dodo takes money from Sid to do his work. Sid gives some and says rest Cheeku will. Sid and Dodo leave.

Cheeku starts video chatting again. He tells Kimaya that Sid failed to break up with Pranati, now Dodo will try. Kimaya laughs and she hopes Dodo succeeds. She thinks there should be a film on Sid.

Dodo meets up Pranati, but before he talks anything with her, Pranati’s cousin joins them. Dodo gets interested in her. She says, but in their culture, they have to marry with person with whom they have relationship. She asks Dodo about Sid and Pranati’s marriage first and Dodo says yes.

Sid and Dono return home. Sid is beating Dodo saying he went for breakup, and fixed his alliance instead. Dodo says what he could do and suggests him to get married. Sid’s Saali will be Dodo’s gharwali. Dodo leaves. Sid sees himself babysitting with Pranati and wants to get rid off her. He tells Cheeku that he will do his breakup now. Cheeku asks how that’s possible. Sid doesn’t listen and says he will have to. He leaves. Cheeku shares it with Kimaya. Kimaya is confident that he will be able to do it. He says he has no friends and now he will do the breakup. She says she will find friends for him and along with her, she will also make them his friends. He smiles looking at her.

Precap: Cheeku’s new friend asks him to save him from the goons. The goons call Cheeku. He doesn’t want to go, but they take him with them and play finger-knife with his hand. Sid is trying to impress Devika. Pranati tells Cheeku that Sid says it right, he (Cheeku) is mental type.

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