Yeh Jawaani 22nd August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 22nd August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kimaya sees Cheeku and Babusha hugging each other and she gets mad. Both Cheeku and Babusha see her, but she leaves from there in frustration. She bumps into Dodo. Dodo follows her and tells her that Cheeku just says he moved on, but he didn’t. He still misses her a lot, but she doesn’t listen to him and leaves in an auto.

Someone keeps calling and messaging Kimaya while she’s going home. At her home, she writes about her frustrations in her diary, but tears the page from diary as well. She gets a call from her ex-boyfriend, Armaan, and asks her to meet up, but she’s not interested.

Babusha is set to leave. Dodo and Sid get sad. She tells Cheeku that he’s just trying to show he has moved on, but in real he didn’t. She suggests him to talk to Kimaya once. Cheeku goes to drop her.

Cheeku comes back and Sid and Dodo tell him they couldn’t do anything, but he got hug from Babusha. Sid gets message from Devika and she asks to take a break in their relationship. Sid is disappointed as nothing happened with Babusha and he lost Devika too. Cheeku praises Devika that she at least doesn’t lie like Kimaya. She honestly liked Sid. Dodo thinks he will have to do something to divert Cheeku’s mind from Kimaya.

Sid meets Devika and he gives her flowers and all. She says he won’t stop with his one liners. She tells him her point of view that her exams and all are coming up, and she needs someone who can help her along. Sid tells her his plan and she agrees.

Devika with her friends come to Cheeku’s house to take help from him. Cheeku first says no, but in end he gets convinced. Gattu understands Dodo’s plan and asks him he did all that for Cheeku, right? Cheeku gives lessons to the girls. Devika’s car has broken down. Cheeku says he will drop her.

Kimaya gets a call from Armaan and asks her for 5 minutes. He calls her on a busstop. Kimaya reaches there and finds ‘only you are for me’ written there. She asks him what’s all that? He gets down on his knees and proposes to be his girlfriend, once again. Cheeku and Devika see it. Cheeku anxiously awaits to see whether Kimaya accepts Armaan’s proposal or no.

Precap: Armaan and Kimaya are in a cafe. He gifts her a locket chain. Cheeku refuses to take money for giving the lessons. Devika gets closer to Cheeku, but he feels awkward as she’s Sid’s girlfriend.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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