Yeh Jawaani 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku sits and thinks about Kimaya having butterfly in hand…how he ignored her..Sid and Dodo comes…Sid feels pity on cheeku..Dodo tell butterfly flied away …Sid tells for that talent should be present…he tells because of both of them his love story ended….Sid calls Cheeku “chomu”…Dodo and sid teases Cheeku snatches the butterfly…Cheeku please them to give…Dodo tells Sid to give butterfly..Cheeku tells them to stop their acting tells hes life will not stop because of kimaya…tells that he will prove by anyone and goes…Dodo”s mom comes and tells to fold the clothes and keep in almira as guest came at home…
In next scene a girl standinng and doin yoga..Cheeku comes out and tells he should prove now…Sid and Dodo comes and gets happy…Both of them goes to the gal and introduces themselves…Cheeku stands mum…She calls and asks his name…He tells “Cheeku” means Aditya ghosla…girl says soo cute and she will call her Cheeku…..Cheeku”s mother comes and tells she is babusha mr mukarjee”s daughter came for advance yoga for only one week..Dodo and Sid fights to give her room…Sid tells Dodo leave Babusha for him…Cheeku comes and tells he will impress Babusha ….Dodo and Sid laughs…Cheeku tells he will impress and show them…
NExt day in the morning…Cheeku do yoga with Babusha…Cheeku helps Babusha for stretching…Dodo and Sid comes gets shocked to see Cheeku…Sid jumps and tells that his childhood dream to learn yoga..3 of them do Yoga…Cheeku imagines Kimaya ..while Sid recieves message of Devika to come to park for jogging..Cheeku helps Babusha in Stretching,,,Babusha gets happy then thinks,,how Cheeku knew….Sid say may be CHeeku is stalking heer,,CHeeku says he is just checking her updates…Cheeku says he gone online and researched about the excercise..Babusha gets happy takes a selfie with Cheeku and goes…Dodo ans Sid is shocked..Cheeku comes and tell that honesty and truth is old fashion but now also works,,He tells that he is doing just his project,,which he passed..
In next scene Cheeku sits and tells all bad is happening with him,,,as he impressed Babusha…Sid do shaving and tells this all doing for BAbusha….Cheeku comes and sits for lunch…BAbusha tells that she thought that Cheeku stomach was full doing yoga…Cheeku smiles…Door bell rings,,,DEvika comes…Sid”s mother opens the door and asks Sid whos is she…Sid replies she is just his friend,,,,She invites Devika for lunch…Devika comes and says hi to everyone…Devika shakehands with Babusha…Devika asks Sid she dint tell that Her cousin sister came…Sid replies BAbusha is her neighbour…Dodo tells BAbusha is staying in Sid”S room,,,Devika gets Angry…and goes….Sid goes and stops her..Devika tells she is annoyed because Sid ignored her because of BAbusha …Both of them fight…Devika tells she is done and goes…
GAttu and kimaya sits ina cafe and talks about CHeeku,,,KImaya tells GAttu that she is trying to move on….GAttu tells that Cheeku just acting to move on…..Kimaya says ok she will meet Cheeku,,,,
BAbusha comes and tells Cheeku not to worry as everthing will be fine…while Dodo and Sid comes from back…BAbusha asks what they are doing there…DOdo tells they came to help her…Babusha says Dodo to bring a pain killer for her and tells Sid to drop her heavy bag at home..She tell that Cheeku and She will enjoy at cafe…Cheeku and Babusha sits at cafe…she asks what haappened why he is upset…CHeeku tells about kimaya.while kimaya comes to meet cheeku at the cafe tells that it is the last time she is coming to meet for her love…BAbusha tells Cheeku not to worry as everthing will be fine..and hugs…while KImaya sees and gets shocked…

Precap:Babusha tells CHeeku go and get kimaya back

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. wowwww aawesome epsiode……….go and get kimaya cheeku

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