Yeh Jawaani 17th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 17th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The girl asks Cheeku if he was scaring her. He says, no, I am so sorry. He hides his face behind a magazine. The girl tells him, he’s hot, he should try modeling. He signs no. She says if he will come in front of her or no. He finally moves the magazine and is amazed to see her. She tells him, she thought to surprise him a little, but he completely shocked her. He tells her not to think he is a strange guy, he didn’t do this purposely, it just happened. She says obviously, she is meeting him for the first time and he’s meeting her like this. This is normal. He asks her if she’s making fun of him. She says of course. She tells her name to him, Kimaya. He says such a pretty name. She says her mum kept it and it means divine. He says her mum kept perfect name for her. He gets lost into thoughts. She asks him to give his introduction now. He was going to give, but she stops him and says she can give his introduction as well. “Hi, I am Aditya Khosla. People call me Cheeku with love. I am a little shy person, but I am cute. And my favorite hobby is to sit in disguise in bathroom and scare beautiful girls”. He asks if she called him cute? She says, she called herself beautiful as well. He says, she is indeed beautiful and funny as well. She says, thank you, you’re funny too and your red underwear too. He asks her how much fun she will make! She says just a little bit more. She laughs and tells him that she didn’t like when he told her that Sid and Dodo make fun of him, but now she understands that they lovingly make fun of him, on his cute acts. He says in his mind, whether they like me or no, I am being liked by you, that’s enough. He tells her may be she’s right. Dodo knocks the door and asks him, how long in bathroom? He asks him to come out. Cheeku asks Kimaya if she knows now why he’s in bathroom. She says yes and tells him to go, she will come later. He asks her sure? She says, she caught him after months, she is not going to leave him that easily. Video call ends.

Cheeku comes out. Dodo is shocked to see him like that. He asks Dodo why he was knocking door like that. What did he want? Dodo says he wants his feelings, romance. In morning, he left after writing 2 lines which will not impress Aditi. Cheeku says he doesn’t know what he’s expecting with the poem. Sid comes and shares his problem that his girlfriend mentioned on her profile about their 3 and half months anniversary. Dodo suggests to hack her account, but that will cost. Sid says what he will do with his brothers. Cheeku thinks once they leave him alone, then he can go to Kimaya. He is now called out by his parents. They ask him to turn on “hi-fi”. He says it’s wi-fi and he had told them not to keep modem under sofa. He asks them to move. His mum takes out some wire. He says, oh no.

Dodo meets Aditi and tells her that he got her chmistry question papers. She asks him how he knew she is weak at chmistry. He says all hot girls are weak in that subject. He says her dad has gone out so he will go to her house and give her in night. She asks why night and not now? He says he doesn’t hang around with stuff like that. He also tells her about the poems. She thanks him saying she needed a poem as well. He asks she won’t give anything else? and forwards his cheek. She says, oh I heard you take money for all this. She asks how much for question paper and poem. He tells her he will see her in night. She says ok and leaves. Dodo is excited.

Cheeku and Kimaya video chat again. She tells him, he looks cute in clean look as well. She shows her dress to him and asks how she’s looking. He says beautiful. She says she’s going to party. He says she lives in US, and it must be morning there. She says, very smart, I actually wore this dress to impress you. He says, no one has ever tried to impress him before. He says he likes one thing best about her. She asks her haircut? He says no. She goes close on camera and asks if her earrings. He says her style of talking openly. She has no fear, only freedom. She says she has never got such a “hatke” (unique) compliment. She has never met a guy like him. He has a very unique personality. She asks him about his brothers. He says, don’t talk about them, they have their personal crisis. One is behind a girl next building, Aditi, and he wants him to write a poem. She asks him to write it then. He says he can’t write it in pressure and that too for someone whom he doesn’t even know. She asks him to write a poem thinking its her as he knows her. He says, knowing you, slowly slowly. Both look at each other. Kimaya says, she forgot that her husband and kid should be coming shortly. Cheeku gets shocked. She laughs and asks him to look at his face. He’s relieved now. He accepts that he believed her and asks if Dodo and Sid were less that now she is also pulling his leg. Sid comes in and tells him that his idea worked, his girlfriend removed her status right away. Cheeku is hiding laptop. He tells Sid to find a permanent solution to this. Sid asks him why he’s hugging laptop, in morning too. He tells him not to do anything by which he will have to be ashamed. Kimaya is laughing hearing all that. Sid leaves.

Kimaya tells him that they all three brothers are funny. She asks him why he scares so much and tells him to say whatever comes in his mind, be open. He nods his head. She says from opening up, she remembered she had to show him something, but it’s a bit sexy. She moves her hand to her top. He says no, he is not that type of guy, frank and open. She says, but she is that type of person. Cheeku doesn’t know what to do. Kimaya stops and says, some other time. Cheeku has a relief. Dodo comes in now. He hides his laptop again. Dodo tries to look at it. He tells him he is going to Aditi’s place and tonight he will do something for sure, but it all depends on his poem. He asks him to message him the poem. Cheeku says he is busy. Dodo says, no, you will get busy when you start writing the poem. He leaves.

Kimaya tells him she has an idea. They can write the poem together. Cheeku takes out pen and paper. She asks him to start. They together write a nice poem.

Dodo is saying that poem to Aditi. She thanks him for the idea that their parents are not at home, so she called up her boyfriend. Dodo gets shocked and asks if that is what her parents taught her. He tells her to take papers from him too. He stops and says, just in case, if she wants to call him after her boyfriend leaves, then she can. She calls him weirdo and leaves.

Video call continues. Cheeku asks her why she didn’t meet him earlier. She says they met now. She again says she wanted to show him something. He says that’s alright. He will see it tomorrow. She tells him that he’s a girl. Had she told some other guy, he would be waiting impatiently. He’s ready now. She moves her hand on her top again. Cheeku is watching her. She turns back and shows him a tattoo. He says it’s nice, but why butterfly? She says like how everyone calls him Cheeku, her mum calls her Titli. She asks him why he got so awkward. If he doesn’t like tattoos. He says, no, it’s not that. She then says she wanted to say him something, if he doesn’t mind. Call gets disconnected. Cheeku tries to look what happened. Just then his mum calls him out to see what happened to wi-fi. He asks her why she keeps messing with it. He fixes it fast and comes back to his room. Kimaya is gone. He says, in 18 years, for the first time, he was feeling so good talking to someone, but that got spoiled too. He says, he’s responsible himself for this and wonders if she will talk to him again or no. He gets an email from Kimaya in which she says, he’s very unique and she enjoyed talking to him. Chat connection broke, but they got connected and she will see him tomorrow. She missed saying one thing which she will say tomorrow. Cheeku is happy.

In night, Cheeku is getting a dream that his brothers have tied him up and are making fun of him. Kimaya’s voice says no one will do anything to Cheeku, she is his friend. Both brothers laugh. Cheeku wakes up and says, thank God, it was a dream, but what if she finds out that I have no friends? I don’t want to be a loser in front of Kimaya.

Precap: In his college, Cheeku offers lunch to other students and tries to be friends with them, but fails. He then tries to be friend with a peon, but even that doesn’t work. He looks at the food and says, no one will become my friend and no one will eat you. Just then a fat boy comes to him and says he will eat it. He’s eating. Cheeku asks him not to finish it all. Sid comes and asks who’s him?

Update Credit to: tina

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