Yeh Jawaani 14th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Cheeku loses his balance and all get worried. Sid and Dodo catch him, but cake falls down. Dodo asks Cheeku if he’s okay. Cheeku says he’s perfect. Dodo adjusts his shirt, Dodo’s neighbor watches him. Sid tells all guests party is over. Dodo’s friends don’t give him money for losing the bet about Cheeku will jump down or no. Dodo’s neighbor tells him that she’s impressed with him, not sure whether it’s because seeing how he took care of Cheeku or knowing even in this situation, Dodo wanted money.

Cheeku says he can never become Aditya. He receives a call from Kimaya. She says thank God he didn’t jump. He asks how she knew about it. She tells him that his laptop is doing rounds and asks him to meet her on chat right now. Cheeku searches his laptop. He bumps into Devika. She smiles at him. Sid asks him to walk with open eyes. Devika asks him to shut and tells Cheeku it was a very good party. She hugs him and kisses on cheek again. Sid doesn’t like it. Devika leaves. Sid follows her. Kimaya again calls Cheeku and asks if he found. He asks what? She asks him if he’s drunk. He tries to lie, but she catches his lie. She says it’s his birthday, so it’s okay today, but otherwise he shouldn’t have drunk it. Cheeku says he knows and will never drink again. Cheeku continues searching his laptop and he sees Hansraj taking a nap on it. He moves him and takes out his laptop. Laptop is out of charge. He goes to his room.

Dodo stops Radhika saying after party is left, but her dad comes there and takes her with him. Dodo’s neighbor laughs. Dodo says whole party wasted, he didn’t get any kiss from Radhika, nor money from winning the bet. Only thing he got is photos. His neighbor gets an idea.

Sid asks Devika if he should drop her. She says not required, she has a car and a driver as well. Sid tries to take number from Devika to send her the photos. Devika tells him to take her driver’s number and tell him if anything and send photos to him as well and he will forward her, if good. She leaves.

Cheeku realizes that he’s really drunk now, what if he says anything silly to Kimaya or what if he said something already. She will think he’s alcoholic person. He video chats with her. She wishes him a happy birthday and brings a cake for him. Finally someone has written Aditya on it and Cheeku is happy. He finds the cake very cute. He blows the candle on computer screen. Kimaya sings birthday song for him. They also cut the cake on their screens and celebrate Cheeku’s birthday. Cheeku smiles looking at her.

There are some inappropriate photos of some couples. Dodo and his neighbor plan to blackmail those people and make money. Dodo is impressed with her ideas. She’s leaving. Dodo stops her and finally becomes friends with her. She gets happy and then leaves.

Cheeku and Kimaya are sitting together. She gives him the cake and both share close and happy moments. They have an intense eyelock. Cheeku realizes it was his dream when Kimaya makes noise. She asks him where he got lost. Cheeku says it was his best birthday and it’s all thanks to her. She’s the best. She says he is also very cute and asks if she can call him Aditya Khosla, AK, from today. He tells her to call him Cheeku as he likes to hear that from her. Kimaya says okay and says she heard what he told Hansraj. Cheeku tries to remember what he said. She asks him to relax, she liked hearing it. It’s good to say good about someone. Cheeku is relieved as she didn’t get upset. She asks him if all okay. He says he wanted to say something. She says go ahead. He tries to tell her that he loves her, but he hesitates. He says in his mind that his new life has started from today and encourages himself to say it. He gives it another shot, but still can’t say it. She asks if he will say or should she log out. He stops her.

Precap: Cheeku continues trying to express his feelings to Kimaya.
Hansraj asks him whether he’s in love with her.
Cheeku is shocked when he hears Kimaya telling one of her friends that he saw her one top and fell for her. He’s so dhakkan. He’s hurt as he thinks Kimaya is referring him.

Update Credit to: Tina

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