Yeh Jawaani 11th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Jawaani 11th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sid in office talks to tanisha.Sid”s boss sees and comes scolds him tells that he is spoiling tanisha..Tells that he will cut his Salary..Sid asks one chance to tells..Boss says no…Tanisha tells its not sid mistake…Boss tells not to interfere..
In the class the class MAm explains about love story of shakuntala and dushyant..Kimaya and Cheeku are sitting in first bench In next row Kimaya is sitting…. She asks how many people believes that Shakuntala and Dushyant is not real…Some students raises hands..She gives student project to write a representation on Shakuntala and Dushyant the love story.tells every student have too read about the story clearly and understand the character..And preapare the plot..MAm .And makes pair of students .who do the best will add the marks in the Final exams..She tells the name adtiya-kimaya…rahul-dipali.ravi-neha..akshat-soniya,,Rahul-depali.and soo on…Madam tells students to work hard on this assignment.In next scene.In next scene DOdo fools a girls that Yoyo is his school friend and flirts in the classroom Gattu comes and interupts and says yes many celebraties is his friend Dodo tells he is junior of yoyo….The girl asks the school…Dodo replies St peter’s school….Girl calls him lier and tells that he known the school of YOYo that he studied in sardar vallabbhai patel….DOdo says that only…girl says shut up..Dodo tells to be chill and says to eat chips..Dodo opens the packet air blows on girls..The girl throw the chips on Dodo and goes…Gattu shows the packet of Bingo and tells that no air is filled and 50% of chips…says Bingo triangles…
Dodo and gattu comes…Cheeku is sad…Gattu asks what happened…Cheeku says that Mam said to do a project with girl…Dodo asks who is the girl…Cheeku tells Kimaya…Dodo laughs…Gattu tells kimaya is in his destiny…Gattu and Dodo tells devika….Devika tells soo sad and wanted to see Cheeku and kimaya together..Devika tells she will do any possible to bring together….Devika tells lets imagine Cheeku as dushant three of them laughs…
Kimaya comes and asks if anyone know where is cheeku Gattu asks why…Dodo tells may be because of the play…Kimaya tells ok she will search Cheeku and goes…Devika tells just imagine Cheeku and kimaya as Dushyant and Shakuntala…And laughs…Dodo and gattu also laughs..
Devika calls Sid and asks what is the plan for night…Sid tells sorry he will make the report and send it…Devika asks what happeend to him….Sid tells he is already office boss shouted and at home his parents..Sid tells stop it and keeps the phone….Devika tells what is the problem with him…Dodo asks what happened Devika say nothing….Devika goes..
Kimaya comes to library and says hi to Cheeku…asks what about the play…Cheeku tells he want to preapare a skid…Cheeku tells..have to prepare dialougues…costumes. .alot of things are required….Kimaya replies chill…will do slowly slowlty…Cheeku brings books…Kimaya tells lets go to classroom for the practise…Cheeku replies no…Cheeku tells he wanted to go cafe…Kimaya says no as because of crowd they cannot practise…
At the house Cheeku writes dialouges says how Shakuntala have reacted when Dushant didnt identified hee..Kimaya too sits and tries to write dialouges thinks the same…How shakuntala would have been reacted…Kimaya tells she have to go inside the character…Cheeku at his house also goes in his character Dushant..
Kimaya is wearing yellow saree is Shakunta while Cheeku is wearing Blue dhoti…Kimaya comes and asks if he dint identified her…Cheeku(Dushant) replies no…Kimaya(Shakuntala) tells he dont remeber the love…The time he spent with her….Cheeku tells yes he remember..but love is based on trust…Tells that kimaya broked his trust..and hurted him..Have already a boyfriend name Armaan…Kimaya shouts..that Armaan was his exboyfriend…Cheeku comes and apoligises to Kimaya says sorry…Kimaya asks Cheeku to tells her truth if he really have feelings for her…Cheeks says no….Kimaya tells that she thought Cheeku Sensitive but he is not…

precap: Cheeku tells Kimaya he dont have feelings for her…Kimaya tell she was expecting the same…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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