Yeh Jawaani 10th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 10th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the kabaddi by one players from Cheeku”s and Arya”s team go one by one…As one boy from
Arya”s team comes in Cheeku’s Area..and falls didnt reaches till line..but also umpire didnt give points…All player”s of Cheeku”S team protest..BUt Cheeku stops them as game may be spoiled..Arya goes in Cheeku”s Area saying kabbadi..slaps a player and comes back…Arya sees umpire and both exchange smile…It mean Arya bribe Umpire..
Cheeku goes in Arya”s area saying kabaddi….Cheeku falls Arya catches and pulls him..Cheeku puts his hand in finishing line…Host was about to declare the winner but Principal calls Cheeku and Arya…tells that they had breaked may rules..he is very disappointed but is giving one chance..Principal calls Peon and tells to play CD…Peon plays…The video shows Arya giving money to peon and taking pendrive….Arya tells he didnt anythng…Principal tells that Security people gave him the CD
..Arya tells that he was giving money to Peon as he was poor…Principal tells whatever it must be he did cheating…tell Now the kabaddi match is dropped and tommorrow Race will conduct of 200mtrs….Cheeku and Arya goes…At home..Cheeku tells all this to Gattu and Dodo..Dodo gets shocked listening about the race…Gattu tells that it is good because Arya did cheating in quiz by buying the papers and umpire was also with him..Gattu tells it mean Arya is not confident on himself..But Cheeku is confident…Gattu tells to forget his all weakness…gather courage and wins..Cheeku tells yes…Cheeku”s father drops him college tells Cheeku all the best and says he know that Cheeku will win…Cheeku gets happy and tells that much he trust him..His father says yes..Kimaya goes near classroom but a boy stops saying him that only players can enter..Kimaya argues…Cheeku comes and ask what happened..Kimaya shows a envelope and tells that she wanted to give this to him..Cheeku asks what inside that..Kimaya takes out a blue band and tells good luck friendship band..As she decided to keep in locker-room But didnt..
As the compedition ia going go start In the ground Veer comes and tells Cheeku that all friends circle is with him..Principal tells that whoever cross the line first will win.and any physical fightening or abused will be disqualified….Kimaya tells that she is happy that Cheeku wore the band…Cheeku and Arya are about to start…Arya’s taunts Cheeku tells that girl’s wishes are different..The Race starts Arya and Cheeku runs…Cheeku is ahead..while Arya is back..Cheeku falls suddenly Everyone ia shocked…Devika and Gattu is shocked….Cheeku is sitting on ground thinks about his father and kimaya…how Arya said about kimaya…Cheeku runs fast and crosses the line first…Dodo tells holds Cheeku…Arya comes and beats Cheeku..tells what is his standard…and he is a loser…calls him “Chaumou”…tells Cheeku is Chaumou and always remain Chaumo…hides besides girl skirt…and even whole college know that he is a loser..And a very frightened person…Cheeku shouts enough tells that he was a loser…but now he(arya) is loser as he lost the race…and whole college knows…Cheeku tells he feels pity as he dont even respect women…Arya is quiet…epsiode ends…

Precap::Cheeku gets the student years trophy…Everyone is happy.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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