Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka to GO OFF AIR in February

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And here comes one more. Yes, we have been reporting and you have been reading the news of shows going off air almost every other day. There are many shows which are getting shelved due to one reason or the other and this time it’s the turn of Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka.

The show Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka starring Vikram Singh Chauhan and Aditi Sharma will go off-air next year. The show was launched just last month will be taken off air after just four months. The show was a finite series from the very beginning and was given a specific time frame to wrap up.

The show is doing great on the charts of TRPs too but today producer Gul Khan confirmed it to a leading entertainment portal that the show will go off air on Februrary 28th 2020. Apart from this show, there are news of shows like Divya Drishti, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and Namah going off-air by the end of this year.
Were you a fan of Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka?

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  1. Noooo…..just 4.5 months.The finite series like ek hasina thi, yjhjk are interesting,up to the point without dragging…..may be due to this only they attract viewership and praises but 4.5 months is toooo short.This was a shock.I want this to be infinite one but then they drag it to the extent that it feels better shut the show.Mixed emotions……but I will definitely miss the show,Vikram Singh Chauhan and the most – bgm theme music and song.

    1. I love the story line. Only hope that the site chosen for the movie should be accordingly too… Eg Kaala jungle there was power supply tower and all that and the jungle looked very well kept

  2. Even though, it has so many similarites to Nazar😌😌😌, I feel this is a gr8 show in supernatural genre which shows very natural realistic things in SUPERNATURAL MANNER😏😏😏, i think this show should also be a given a chance like Nazar to continue atleast for one yearπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….
    It already has gr8 trps, it will always remain in the top 20’s if it has different storyline to NAzar executed well!!!!✌✌✌
    Moreover the chemistry betw ROSHAN is so high on demand😍😍😍, so the fans will surely regret if the show is wrapped so fast.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. this is sooo sad….hope there will be season 2 or more. so in love with ROSHAN ..

  4. No, it is impossible. Gulmam Maine roshan ki chemistry bhahut pasanth karthi Hi. I love this serial, good story. Vikram or aditi good. Maine pure episode TV par deka hi. I love this serial. Mam fans ko roshan ki chemistry achi lakthi Hi.

  5. What is this.This so bad for us.please do somthing please😒

  6. Shesha485

    Oh, thats why YJHJK has not been promoted well by Star Plus. But it is in TOP 10 by BARC ratings.
    I think, shutting down is a good decision. As a magical show, it cannot be played more than these months. Further creations leads to excessive draggings. Without damaging the storyline, Gul Khan has planned to end it. Well done.

    1. I love to watch this show. When I heard it will go off air I was wondering why. Any ways nice to see them back😍😍😘😘

  7. Ya good don’t drag it like the other serial

  8. Aleyamma

    Absolutely not Sadna and Shesha,
    I agree the story should not not be dragged on bad negative messages like kkb, kd, yrkkh, yhm, neither drag too much just for the sake of fans like they did for sasural simar, saathiya etc.
    On the contrary even though I guess the other show Nazar has been lengthened, I feel there is a new msg in every new story which is brought in with a sci-fc theme
    Same way, Yeh jaadu hai jinn ka, based on a supernatural theme even though having so many similarities with an earlier show NAZAR as supposed by many commentators, is giving positivity to its viewers by showing that the GOOD WILL ALWAYS WIN OVER THE EVIL.
    Moreover I genuinely feel are putting in their max efforts to bring the best in them, not only them I think the whole crew is putting in so much of HARD WORK, otherwise the show would never have come in the top of the trp list in the very first few weeks, so shuttiing down the show is a INSULT to all their HARDWORK.
    However what is the USE in shutting down the show, Star plus might give the contract to another show maybe some useless saas-bahu drama and if that fails, then the ALL THE HARDWORK which the YEH JAADU HAI JINN KA crew members had put would have been for NOTHING.
    No matter the show becomes a success or not, there a lot of people who survive on it, and when the show is already a success, then shutting it down would only mean DISRESPECTING THE HARDWORK of its actors, screenplaywriters, costume director, director etc.
    I’m not saying to drag the show but atleast it should be given a chance like maybe a DIFFERENT STORYLINE, which may make its viewers happy and at the same garner as much success for the show, maintaining its position in the trp charts.
    I was so disappointed to hear this news just when i started writing a ff on it, because i just started watching it right now, but I did like the efforts put into the show. I really don’t know much about NAZAR, because I never have watched it, but I did go through the news articles, whcih mentioned that NAZAR got permission for over a year after around two months.
    So GULLU MAAM, please don’t take a decsion so fast to shut down this show so fast, I think it is a REALLY BAD IDEA.

  9. I love this show… Please dont off air it.

  10. MaddieDaddie9966

    No, No, No…
    YJHJK is one of the few shows that I like a lot…The chemistry of the leads, Aman-Roshni is just lit 😍😍😍….
    If this show goes off air, then I am gonna be just disappointed…
    Absolutely agree with Aleyamma… There are people who dislike the show and there are also people who point out that YJHJK is similar to Nazar…But, I haven’t watched Nazar and for me, YJHJK is very interesting as well as amazing in its own style… The bgm of this show is just beyond the heights…The fact is that the show needs time to be set up…As a new show, YJHJK is getting good reports and great TRPs too..I don’t want the show to be dragged…So I guess its not a good idea to off air the show by Feb..Maybe we can keep the show running atleast for half or a full year ( Thats what I want)…But airing the show for just 4-5 months is too short…
    There are plenty of other age running serials that need to be off aired…Why YJHJK???
    If this show is going to be off aired, then I will miss it definitely….Especially the leads and the show’s title track and bgm…
    If its to be off aired, then atleast come up with a season 2 of this show…Please…😒😒

  11. Swikriti

    Maybe the makers will plan a sequel owing to the show’s humongous fan following.

    1. Aleyamma

      I don’t think that is gonna work Swikriti because usual sequels, second season, new generations usally don’t work well in Indian television except for very few shows.
      And I don’t rreally understand why do the makers have to such a stupid thing of new season or sequel later which will double the expenses of the production house. The show is already well, if they shut down maybe another will come out with not as much sucess, and the efforts put in for this show to bring in such a success in the very first week will go all go wasted.
      I think GULLU MAAM should really rethink over her decision.

      1. MaddieDaddie9966

        But if Vikram and Aditi (the lead actor and actress) are roped to play the lead characters in the 2nd part of the show then i guess the show will become a great success as they have a large fan following. And if they are planning to make a second part, then I guess they should make it like a redux or a spinoff of YJHJK. They can maybe make it like a retelling of the story of YJHJK with Vikram and Aditi playing the lead roles instead of making a sequel which involves the new generation of the lead couple. (In Ishqbaaz, a redux was brought with the same actors and actresses playing the same roles with slight changes but on a different storyline. The show went well even when the redux was introduced as the lead pair never changed. The show ultimately lost its charm as the lead pair was changed when the leap was brought in, involving the new generation of the leads.)
        But still, I prefer with the option of continuing the show rather than bringing a second part. Maybe continuing the show would be a good option. I want Gul ma’am to seriously rethink over her decision.

  12. Aleyamma

    But what about the production house expenses, Gullu Maam herself being a producer would know what would be the outcome of expenses if a show which already has great trp and success is shut and then retaken.
    And a show is not just run with two actors , ther are so amny other people who help to bring out a show into sucess:” the director, the screplay writer, the the costume director, the sound track manager…..” What about all their hardwork???? I will all go into waste, even if the show is shut down now, and later retaken with the same cast as lead or as a redux/sequel. So personally I feel shutting this show down just in 4.5 months will affect a lot of people working for the success of this show other than the fans.
    So the BEST idea acc to me is that even if the show has to become redux or sequel, let it continue with what is happening and go on in future, than by shutting it down in Feb and later retaking it.

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