Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Roshni suspects Aliya

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aliya making Aman rest. He falls asleep. Roshni takes the antidote and says I hope Aman also took the antidote, where is he. Aliya smiles and says destiny brought us together for some reason, its night, its you and me. She finds him sleeping. Parveen comes. Aliya opens the door. Parveen says I thought baby is crying. Aliya says no, baby is sleeping. Parveen sees the water jug empty and thinks how is Aliya awake if she drank the water. Its morning, Aman wakes up and says what am I doing in Aliya’s room. Roshni wakes up and says Aman didn’t come. Aman comes and says I don’t know when did I fall asleep. Roshni says Tabeezi said we will get sleep after taking the antidote, but where did you sleep. Aliya comes and says maybe this fell down from your pocket at night, I got this at bedside, so I thought I should return it. Roshni cries and goes. Aliya smiles. Aman goes after Roshni.

She asks why do you lie and insult me, why did you go to Aliya’s room. He says there is nothing between us, I went to Aliya’s room, someone sent her threatening letter, I was talking to her, I fell asleep. Roshni says you slept in her bed, you aren’t a small kid, you went there. He says don’t know how I fell asleep. She says you went to the secret spot with her. He says trust me. She says you didn’t take the antidote, I would have trusted you if you took that, you didn’t end the effect of poison and ended our trust. Aman holds her and gets touch. She doesn’t get hurt. He feels the pain and still holds her. He cries and hugs her. Roshni realizes the touch. She says leave me, you didn’t take the antidote, leave me. He says I m sorry. He starts bleeding. She moves him away and says you are hurting yourself, please. He falls down. He says I have hurt you, I m sorry. Roshni cries.

She takes care of Aman. She says you really think nothing happened between you and Aliya. Aman says I don’t remember anything, I just drank water and fainted, I will find the truth, I won’t let anything come between us. She sees the letter. Tabeezi says the Sifriti would be knowing that the ring is free, its a chance. Parveen’s hair start burning. Dadi calls her out and enters her room. Parveen acts sick and says I m going to doctor. Dadi says I will come along. Parveen says I m going. She goes.

Roshni sees Baazigar and asks him not to cry, come back in 10 mins. She frees him. He dances and flies. Aliya gets milk for baby. Dadi asks her to name him. Aliya says I didn’t get the right name and right time. Dadi says baby is with his family, its right time. Roshni receives the courier. She acts and I have pain in my hand. Dadi says I will sign. Aliya says I will do it, baby looks happy with Dadi. She signs and takes the parcel. Roshni stops the man and says maybe I wrote the wrong date. She clicks pic of Aliya’s handwriting and goes back. She checks the note. She goes to Aliya’s room and checks the glass. She says it means Aliya added something in water and did this with Aman, I will not leave her. The snake is lying around. Aliya smiles.

Parveen goes to Tabeezi’s house to get the ring. She throws the bowl. She gets stuck there. She says I think I got trapped in Tabeezi’s plan, what shall I do now. She sees Tabeezi coming. Roshni goes to Aman and says I had a doubt before, now I got the proof, Aliya is after you, so she is doing a drama. He asks what drama. Aliya shouts Aman….Everyone runs to her. She says baby isn’t here, I knew I will get punished, whatever happened between us last night. Dadi asks what happened. Aliya says we both did a big sin and crossed all limits, where did my baby go. Aman says nothing happened between us, don’t panic, I will call the private investigator. Roshni thinks why is Aliya looking that side. She goes to see. She shouts to Aman. They all get shocked.

Roshni says Aliya gave the drugs to Aman and fainted him, she is a liar. She shows the glass. Aman looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Roshini should collect proofs before exposing alia becoz she will turn everything in her favour… Aman is stupid for not realising truth… i hope Tabeezi see real face of parveen

  2. Nothing much to say about today’s episode. All I have to say is that this episode is surely full of melodrama and boring.🥱😐🥱😐.
    I hope in the next episode roshni will not act dumb to expose aliyah in front of the family without any solid proof.😤😤 and once again I hope this track will soon end,because it getting boring and boring and frustrating.

  3. What is the crrct tym of posting the episode I always wait frm 11am pls wat is the crrct tym

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