Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman and Roshni’s misunderstanding

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Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 27th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aliya saying I m finding a story book for the baby. Roshni tries to help. Aliya keeps the album for her. Roshni doesn’t see see. She gets Tabeezi’s call and goes out. Tabeezi says this is the antidote, you both have to drink this tonight, you will get a deep sleep, then the poison affect will end. Roshni smiles. She looks for Aman. Everyone is talking. Aman and Aliya come home with the baby. Aman says baby wasn’t sleeping, so we took him for a walk. Aliya says he went on you, I used to sleep, unlike you, who stayed awake. Roshni gets angry. Aliya says Roshni and I were looking for fairy tales today. Roshni goes and gets a book. She says baby will like this Ayana book. Aliya drops the snake from her hair. The snake pushes them album down. Roshni picks it and gets shocked seeing Aman and Aliya’s pics.

She gets the album and throws it in front of Aman. Aman asks what’s this. Roshni says your fairy tale. She cries. Roshni goes. Aman follows her. She says I m not upset that you had a past, who is here with a baby now, I m upset as you lied to me, I m very jealous, but I keep it hidden, whatever you did today, I won’t hide the anger, you and Aliya got the pics clicked at the secret spot, say the truth, give me some respect, I don’t care where you go, you shouldn’t lie. He says why would I lie, I swear I didn’t take Aliya to the secret spot. Roshni asks how did those pics come then. She thinks did Aliya do this, I had seen the pics. Aliya says I m surprised, good peoples are so dumb, Roshni accepted that Aman and I have a relation, Aman also accepted that you are his son, you are his twin brother’s son, you are Kabir’s son, Kabir was a reason to reach Aman, now you will call Aman your dad. Aman says I m not lying, please trust me. Roshni says you are talkative and made me forget everything, Tabeezi gave this antidote for the poison, she asked us to drink this. He says once this poison gets away, everything will get normal between us.

Roshni says I had seen Aliya in library, I trust you, if you are saying you didn’t go to the secret spot with Aliya, then its true, it means Aliya did this so that I see the pics. He says she is a simple girl, we shouldn’t doubt her. She asks why can’t I trust you, when I m trusting me, Aliya wants to make us away. He says Aliya has no magical powers, she can’t do this. She says it means you have gone there with her. They argue. He goes. She sits crying. Parveen says don’t know how does Aliya reach always when I try to get the baby. She gets some liquid and says Aliya will get sleep after drinking this. Aman is in the lawn. Aliya sees him and thinks I won’t let them patch up. Aman says I should go to Roshni. He sees Aliya and goes to her. She cries. He asks why are you crying.

She gives a letter. He reads the threatening letter. She says no one can stop them, where shall I take the baby. He says don’t worry, none can come here, its my house. She hugs him. Roshni sees the clock. She says we have to drink that antidote, where did Aman go. Aliya thanks Aman. He says its not your mistake, this baby and you are my responsibility. Roshni doesn’t see them coming inside the house. Parveen goes to Aliya’s room and adds the liquid in the water jug. Aliya comes. Parveen hides and goes. Aliya tries to attract Aman. She asks him to stay for some time, she will feel good. He says its late, we will talk later. She says I have to show something. He thinks I have to drink the antidote. She shows the perfume he gifted her. She says I wish our break up didn’t happen. He says I know, but this is pointless now, take rest. He coughs. She gives him the water. He says Roshni is waiting for me. She says sit, you are getting a cough, relax. He falls on the bed.

Aman says I don’t know when did I sleep. Aliya says Aman, this dropped from your pocket, I got this from bedside. Roshni cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now makers are dragging this show like other Saas bahu drama..where some ex create differences between husband and wife..but roshni is using her sense Aman is so weird..why he thinks as Aliya innocent and simple girl…he already faced Kabir who wanted to separate them so atleast he can doubt Aliya..but he is behaving as if no magic exists and he is also a normal human being..
    One thing is good that baby is kabir’s child..might Kabir will be back..but this track is really nonsense..

    1. @seema
      You are right they are dragging the show and day by day as the story progress they all started to act dumb and the story become boring.
      I don’t know if it’s true or not but yesterday I heard that the show got an extension,I think this is the main reason why they are dragging it

      1. @Petal
        Yes it is because of extension…and I think it is not necessary to drag is not bad to be a finite series…the show should end on happy note..finite series are always good in’s Hindi serials problem they want to run the show for long years and showing stupid tracks..

      2. @Seema
        Well yeah you are right, it’s Indian serial makers problem to run the show for long years,because their show are doing great in trp charts.
        And if the serial is finite series and doing great in trp charts then the makers extend the show ,which is not right I also think ,because if they kept dragging the show then it is not far that the show going to lost its charm.

  2. I don’t have words to describe ,how boring and frustrating this episode was.😑🥱😑🥱
    Finally we came to know about that it was kabir’s child.One thing aliya said was right that they both are so dumb that roshni thinks that aman and aliya had a relation and aman thinks that the baby are his son.
    This ex gf track are so boring ,frustrating and totally ridiculous .I hope this track are soon end

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Though concept is getting boring but its much far better tham many other dragging stupid shows…
    I am enjoying Roshini jealousy but hope parveen truth is out soon

  4. Wow, when it wa Kabir😅😅😅, he was already married or in RELATIONSHIP with Alia but fell in LOVE with Roshni, and tried to separated ROSHAN🤣🤣🤣
    Now Alia who is Kabir’s and Aman’s ex, with Kabir’s child is trying to separate ROSHAN!!!🤭🤭🤭
    Stupid creation love triangles in the STORY!!!!💔👎😡

  5. What happened to roshni finding her real parents. I’d rather that track then this 1.

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