Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kabir returns for revenge

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 25th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aman roaming around with the paper stapled to his tie. The staff smiles and tries to say. Imran sees some britishers. He also acts on the call. Aman asks what are you doing, its 2 am in LA. Imran says don’t know why Mark is awake at night, that paper is stuck on the tie. Aman sees everyone looking at him. He removes the paper. Roshni says I will call the electrician once the I give this file to Aman, chandelier will get fine. She hears a cat sound and turns to see. She doesn’t see the cat and says there was a cat here. The lady says no. The cat turns into smoke and goes to the chandelier.

Aman gets busy on a call. Roshni sees the chandelier moving and getting down. She shouts Mr. Khan and runs to Aman. She pushes him and saves his life. The chandelier falls. He looks at her. They get up. He sees the chandelier broken to pieces. He looks at his staff. He scolds them. He says not that the chandelier, but the hotel reputation also fell down, whose responsibility was it. Roshni says mine. He scolds her. Chotu goes over the stairs. He has to find the secret passage to find the lamp. Aman asks Roshni to pick the glass pieces by her hands and clean the place, until then she won’t leave. Roshni cleans the glass pieces. Chotu sees some light and runs. He falls down. He sees the shining lamp.

Roshni gets hurt by the glass piece. She cries and recalls Aman. Kahani hamari….plays… She gets a call from the hospital. Doctor says there is 80% chances that you can become the donor for Parveen, you have to get more tests done, come to the hospital. Roshni smiles. Aman gets doctor’s call and says thanks a lot. Doctor says we will be knowing about the donor. Aman stops Roshni and asks did you finish the work. She says no, I need to go for mum. He scolds her. She gets a call from the hospital. Aman calls Khanna and says go and check how is Roshni’s mum. She says I have to go for Roshni. The fairy says this misunderstanding will get clear when I come out, Chotu please do it. Chotu keeps the lamp back. Aman steps on the glass piece. He sees someone else doing the work. He asks where is Roshni. The lady says she did the work and then left. He asks what are you doing here.

Khanna calls him and says Salma is fine. Aman asks is Roshni with her. Khanna says no. Roshni comes and recalls nurse saying they will tell about the test reports in 3-4 days to know if she is perfect match. Aman looks at her. She recalls Aman shouting on her and punishing her. He asks her to deliver the catering at the farmhouse. She cries and drives to the farmhouse. She delivers the food. The men stare at her and tease. The guy says its my marriage, you can stay back in my bachelor party. The cat is around Parveen. Aman comes. The cat disappears. Aman says I spoke to the doctor, you will get the donor soon, we will not lose courage and make you fine. He goes. Parveen cries. The cat appears again and comes to Kabir’s avatar.

He recalls Parveen taking his heart. He says you cried for Aman, it hurts me, when you open eyes, you will get news of Aman’s death, he is Jinnat King, but he has to die today, this poison won’t let him see the sunrise tomorrow, brother’s love makes one do a lot. He disappears. Roshni asks the men to stay away. They catch her. She shouts. Aman is on the way. Khanna updates Aman. He says bachelor party is happening at the farm house, marriage is tomorrow. Aman asks what, did Roshni come back. Khanna says not yet. Aman worries. He comes there by the magical door. He sees Roshni fallen down and runs to her. He hugs her. The guy asks him to leave. Aman beats the men. Aman takes Roshni with him. Kabir appears there.

Kabir attacks Aman. Tabeezi says Roshni, just you can save Aman, you have to go back home. Roshni comes home and recalls Aman’s words.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. It was said that only ayaana can kill jinnat ka badshah….. then how can kabir kill aman…. anyway happy to see kabir back…. i like him eventhough he is villain

  2. finally kabir is back????
    so the track goes sum interesting
    i think aman and roshini’s reunite and praveen gets fine
    iam waiting for tommorrow epi because kabir is going to fight with jinnat king ???
    iam more exeiting to watch?????? pari also introduce

  3. When will this misunderstanding get clear between roshan?

  4. Kabir is back. Was missing him so much. But stil I dint get how can he come alive. Though it’s super natural. Anything can possible. But stil reason shud b logical abt his return. ?How did he get his heart back? Can’t Aman do Kiya mifa instead of fighting. It’s not action based serial.

  5. Well I stop watching yjhjk because of unnecessary dragging,but today when I checking for ff,I read the title of today’s episode. I am so happy,finally kabir was alive and back in the show??.thx to amena’s written update I came to know that kabir is alive.
    This is the first time that I am happy to have a villain comeback??,but yeah I don’t know how kabir came back to life,but still I am very.
    Thx Amena for this update.

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    yess y’all.. even I was missing the other brother 🙂

    1. Aatma guy’s kabir KO aatma

  7. Kabir was killed with his heart removed. How did he come back to life. It does not make any sense

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