Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Aman and Roshni’s awkward meet

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aman coming home. He says I m not hungry. Dadi says you have made your state bad. He asks her not to worry, he isn’t a kid. She says I wish you were a kid, you would have shared your sorrow with me. He says I have no sorrow. Saima says you didn’t smile since a year. Dadi says after Roshni left… Aman says don’t take her name, everyone in in same state, because of mum’s condition, don’t say this again, go to sleep. Tabeezi meets Salma. She says Aman isn’t like before, he is refusing to know the pain, he pretends that he doesn’t care with Roshni’s leaving, he is broken within, after Roshni left, darkness got over him.

Salma says you know that Aman is a Jinn, and any jinn will go towards darkness. Tabeezi says Aman misses Roshni a lot, he doesn’t say this truth, he is seen with some new girl every day, he is hiding his sorrow. Roshni comes and looks on. Salma says I told Roshni… They see Roshni. Roshni says Salma is ill, did Aman ask about our state. Tabeezi says Aman has changed. Roshni says I have also changed, its just his problems, not mine. Aman and Roshni stay sad. The danger comes close to Aman. Baazigar comes to Aman. The cat goes. Aman will need Roshni once again to fight the danger.

Aman comes to some hotel. He gets down the car. Roshni comes to the same place. She doesn’t see Aman. Aman says Phupi and even her son have a habit to forget. He hugs his cousin. Roshni delivers the cookies. He asks why did he check in a hotel, everyone is waiting at home. The man says I was on time, my flight delayed. Roshni talks to Salma on call and laughs. Aman hears her. He gets doctor’s call. He says my manager Khanna will help you. Salma says your loan passed, now you can open your bakery. Roshni smiles. Aman asks is mum fine. Doctor says no, both the kidney have failed, we have to find a solution soon. Aman is shocked. Roshni says I m so happy. Salma says I m also happy. Aman runs out of the hotel to his car. He leaves.

They get into the same lift. They get shocked seeing each other. They recall their words. They cry and stand silent, not facing each other. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. The lift gets stuck. He hits on the lift wall. Roshni cries seeing him hurt. The lift opens. He leaves. She sits crying. He gets sad and walks away. She also leaves. He goes and washes his face. He gets a call. Salma says your dream is completing today, its a nice day, the loan is passed. She asks Roshni why aren’t you happy. Roshni says I m very happy. Farah says we will celebrate happiness, I will eat Naankhatai instead samosa. Aman says doctor, I m coming to the hospital. He leaves.

Aman asks doctor how is Parveen. Doctor says your Ammi…. Aman gets shocked. Dadi asks Aman how is Parveen. Roshni looks from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Verma4

    Aman, class is not in ones self but in your f**ked head you dick head. Roshni is better of without the wanker. what an a*sh*le.

  2. I don’t understand this strange fury of putting a temporary jump in almost all the stories that then systematically ruin the story!

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