Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Aman loses Roshni

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 16th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aman crying for Roshni. Kahani hamari….plays…. She touches his face and kisses. She falls dead. He hugs her and says nothing will happen to you. He lifts her and takes her home. He shouts to everyone. He asks everyone to call a doctor. Dadi asks what happened to Roshni. Aman says Sifriti Jinn attacked me, Roshni came in between and got shot. He goes to call doctor. Dadi checks Roshni’s pulse and cries. Dadi goes to Aman and says doctor can’t go anything, Roshni left, listen to me. Aman says she is Ayana, who made Sifriti Jinn lose 8000 years ago, nothing can happen to her. Dadi says she got the red moon arrow, even Ayana can’t get saved from it. He says I will save her. He runs to his room and checks the drawers, cupboards….. two birds bring Roshni’s letters to Aman. Aman sees the letters falling down. Roshni writes her emotions. She writes…. I like Aman a lot, I hate you because I can’t hate you, I couldn’t see you doing the third task, you know about it. He recalls her words.

Aman reads the letters and cries. Mar ke bhi na vada…..plays…. Aman picks the letters. He comes downstairs to Roshni. He says I just used to hate her, she used to love me, Roshni has to read these letters for me, get up. He talks to her. Everyone cries. Aman says you didn’t tell me the third thing, you told me about two things, I will do it. He holds ears and says sorry Roshni, you are the world’s most beautiful girl, what was the third one, tell me, wake up Roshni, don’t force me to call Baazigar and do my magic. Dadi calms him down. Aman says she has to wake up, she has to get up and fight with me. He shouts Roshni, wake up. Dadi slaps him and says Roshni is dead.

Aman says I never believed Roshni, connection happened when the connection broke, Roshni you gave your life and killed me also. Kahani hamari…plays… Roshni’s funeral is seen. Aman sees her and recalls their moments. He says I will fulfill that third thing, Roshni I love you…. The buds on the tree blossom. Dadi and everyone see the blossoming tree. The birds bring a straw crown and put over Roshni’s hair. Everyone cries for Roshni.

Tabeezi says Jinn’s spirit is over on Aman, he could have become complete Jinn or complete human yesterday, but he has become a complete human because of Roshni, no story and magic now. Salma cries and apologizes to Roshni. She says I lied so much, you have hidden even my cheat, she fell in Aman’s eyes, and even then she didn’t take my name. She cries. Aman says and I fell in my sight, Roshni was an angel, I couldn’t become a human, Roshni gave her life to save me, Lord made her heart of an angel and forgot to put a heart in me. He sees Roshni.

Parveen gets possessed by Jinn/Kabir. Aman comes to her. She turns normal.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. The only thing I liked in today’s episode is Salma’s confession and Aman grief stricken reactions???, only those seemed to be TRUE???.
    Roshni loved Salma like her own mother but Salma always betrayed her???, she really needed fall on Roshni’s legs when she was alive???.
    And Aman’s grief was so touching,???
    Other than that the episode was TOO MUCH OF OVEREXAGERATED EMOTIONS OF “ROSHNI’S MAHAANTA”???,
    a bit too annoying!!!???

    1. MaddieDaddie9966

      Well, I don’t think so the episode was exaggerated with the so called ‘DEVI-SACRIFICES’ coz such sacrifices was seen during the time of blackmailing…And those sacrifices were freaking ANNOYING because Roshni was literally DUMB during that time..
      But today’s episode was more of Aman’s heartbroken state, his attempts to revive Roshni and his MUCH AWAITED CONFESSION OF LOVE TO ROSHNI…Only if I wish Roshni could be alive to hear his confession…???

    2. I agree that is y I said, Aman and Salma’s emotions were ABSOLUTELY true???,
      but other than that the letters, and how Aman kept saying Roshni loved me all the time, while I hated her, then the family members taling abt Rsohni were ACTUALLY EXAGGERATED.???

      Even I want to see THE CONESSION BETWEEN THE TWO???, I think Roshi will soon come back???, but yeah AS YOU HAVE ASKED, since Aman has become complete HUMAN, y would Jinn be behind him.???
      Jinn surely can’t be behind AYAANA, coz SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE AN ANGELIC POWER, while him DARK, both are supposed to be OPPOSITES!!???
      And yeah I think the same way like u on PARVEEN’S POSSESSION???, the precap is filled with thrill and makes me feel of an intresting plot to come!!!! ???

    3. MaddieDaddie9966

      Yeah, as u said, maybe Jinn can’t be after Ayaana..But I have this weird thought that Parveen is somehow related to Jinn…Maybe she is already a Jinn unknown to others…She must have kept her powers hidden…Then the Jinn would be after her…
      Oh yeah, if that is so, then I hope that Parveen will be taken away by Jinn…I don’t want to see her again taunting and scolding Roshni once Roshni comes back to life…
      And yeah, Even I feel that Tabeezi is Aman’s real mom….And not Parveen…

    4. Superb ?? even I want the same to happen to Parveen???,
      But yeah, not tabeezi but Parveen is only Aman’s mother ???coz Junaid married tabeezi after he got all the money for sacrificing AMAN to Jinn???, so Aman was already born b4 tabeezi and Junaid’s marriage.???

    5. MaddieDaddie9966

      But what if Tabeezi and Junaid were engaged in a relationship before their marriage which must have resulted in Tabeezi giving birth to Aman? And to hide the relation, Junaid must have swapped Aman with his and Parveen’s first child…Maybe his and Parveen’s first child must have died in birth and in order to not let Parveen go into a trauma bcoz of their child’s death, he must have swapped in Aman as their first child….
      Well, these are just my guesses and I have just got an option to keep making guesses until the truth comes out???

  2. MaddieDaddie9966

    Today’s episode was so heartbreaking for me…Loved it to the core…One of the best episodes of all times…
    Vikram is a great actor…He stole today’s episode with his emotions…The expressions that he gave during his efforts to wake up Roshni was fantastic….
    But, I wished that Roshni could come back to life and hear his confession…
    Well, I am sure Roshni would come back very soon for her Khan Baba…,Maybe she would wake up when Aman gives his goodbye kiss to her…Just like how Snow White woke up when the Prince kissed her…In fact, Roshni reminded me of Snow White..particularly at the time when the birds made a crown for her…
    But, how will the story move forward, as Aman has turned to a full human?? What will the Jinn do as Aman turned to a full human?? For whose life will Jinn ask for?? Will it be for Roshni’s life who is an Ayaana??
    Where is Baazigar? Is he alive? Will Baazigar and his magic still reside with Aman or will he lose them too as he has become a full human? (I don’t want Baazigar’s character to be eliminated from the show..He is soo cute and one of my fav characters…)
    So many unanswered questions..
    Parveen getting possessed!!?? Least surprised about it, coz she was behaving with Roshni as if she was already possessed long time before…
    Interesting plot with twists coming up in YJHJK this week..Waiting for tomorrow’s episode..

  3. Awesome performance by Vikram..he is too good..I think roshni will come in different avatar now (same Aditi Sharma). Hope she will be back soon.
    Perhaps Parveen has a secret related to jinn. But I want baazigar and Kiya mifa back. Aman should regain his powers otherwise it would be boring.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Painful episode??????

  5. Well, r u also a part of YJHJK writing team????
    Coz ur guesses r logical, ???
    But till now it was shown and said, tat Junaid started AN AFFAIR ???during his 1st marriage, as a result of his pride of richness???, tat was also the reason he killed Roshni’s parents and abandoned her in a river.???
    And when tabeezi’s truth was out, Anjum supported her saying that she fell in love with Junaid without knowing he was married and having kids???.
    So I don’t think Tabeezi is Aman’s mother???.
    However I should say your guesses are GOOD with creative imagination ???

    1. The previous message is @Maddie

    2. MaddieDaddie9966

      Well A new guess has popped in my mind:
      I was thinking that Junaid must have got into a relation with Tabeezi during his 1st marriage (with Parveen)…Tabeezi fell in love with Junaid without knowing that he was already married… and maybe Tabeezi must given birth to Aman during the time Parveen gave birth to their first child…Aman’s birth and the first child’s death must have happened at the same time..Junaid must have manipulated Tabeezi to believe that her child Aman died during childbirth and at the same time he must have led Parveen to believe that Aman was her first child…
      I am no person involved in the writing team of YJHJK…I just love making wild guesses and I love twists to happen in every story that I come across…Thanks for your feedback regarding my guess..But I feel that my guesses are MORE CONFUSING rather than GOOD WITH IMAGINATION…???

    3. No it is not at all???,
      rather the real story of YJHJK right now is very confusing to me.???

  6. If roshini is dead then the aman life

  7. I loved tonight’s episode. I think Roshni will come back as a woman seeking her parents murderer. She will have no memory of Amman or his family.kind of role reversal. Again she won’t know she is Ayanna maybe she will save parveens life this time. Not sure how the story will go but can’t wait for next episode.?

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